the age of 18, she was a healthy and bright image, and her sexy appearance was always the focus of media attention, and on December 12, 2012, she officially bid farewell to her single, and she was registered as a husband and wife in the United States.In the past year or so, the small number of people disappeared in front of the silver screen. Each time they came out, they were always used by the media to make an article. They said that she was "pregnant," and that she had to speculate on "pregnancy", so that small children would have a lot of pressure to hide behind the sweet smile.However, after being a wife, she has a good mind, and she has been overprotective by the brokers in the past. Even one person doesn't dare to go out."But starting this year, I've adjusted myself to the best state, and my mind has become healthier, and now a person goes to the supermarket to buy food, or to go out for dinner, for me, is a good change."And the reason why she changed is her husband's support, " and he will always encourage me, I'm fat or ugly, and he wants to be healthy and happy

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When young and young, I

had a warm and warm chat when I was a little bit cold, and had been fascinated by her laughter, or by the media.But female stars, who don't love beauty, always focus on their appearance, but when they look back at the age of 20, she says, " I've always had deep anxiety and insecurity about work at the age of 20.So I would care very much about the appearance, whether the eyelashes are good, whether the makeup is good, and only the makeup artist who knows it. If the details are not arranged well, then I will affect my mood. At that time, I was very unhappy.

18th day of the age of 18, the young man said, " At that time, I had to work every day when I opened my eyes.Even people may panic, dare not take to the streets, don't dare to eat alone, just want to go home. " At that time, I might feel very good, so that everyone would look at me."Little Haha laughs a few times, and it's easy to drill with her, because after she got married late last year, her husband's attitude toward her life and her lifestyle also contracted her," she says, " I changed this year.I put aside the stubborn appearance of the appearance, not buying name brands, not dressing up, and not sticking to the eyelashes.I started to feel safe, and I had a feeling of security.

Now small, self-described as being in the most balanced state of the body, with the method of moving and healthy eating to lose 12 kilograms, says:

"I feel that I love myself, that I have the ability to love people."Similarly, to love your own body is to be adjusted in the most balanced state, so that you can have a long stream of water and have positive energy." "

Thank you very much.

Many people consider marrying a handsome player as a good-looking player. In the past, because of the relationship between Ho and her younger sister, the love affair is to be seen to be dead.However, when he was aware of the small tech, he changed his way into hiding. When he was playing at the National Games, he took the refueling board to cheer, and the last two were positive. In connection with this, he said:

I've always used a candid, sincere attitude to confront him.I think that tenderness may be a girl for a girl, but at the outset let the other person know what a person is like, and it's better than ever to perform a whole life."

What is surprising is that the time of my life, when I met him, was just the most fat period of my life, nearly 63 kilograms.She said, "I don't know what he's in love with me, ha ha."Maybe we have a lot of life styles.I don't like drinking, I don't like the night life, I like it simple." "

Actors who are filming with small-savvy people often see that they are driving her to the scene, and even willing to wait several hours to drive in the city, just waiting for the small-to-be -----------------------------------------------------------"If he calls and cares about me, or is willing to drive after work, I will tell him directly," I thank you very much for the effort, and I feel a lot of love.

Zoom out of yourself and zoom in on each other. This is a three-year-old loving sister. There's no problem with getting along.Little sweet, sweet, says, " is very easy to be a couple, but little action can heat up emotions slowly , so he has to make him feel that he has something to pay for his love."If you go home, you can first get the air conditioning first, and if you are ready to brush your teeth first, or when you brush your teeth, you can also help him squeeze the toothpaste," he said. " This kind of fine action is a kind of subtle action.

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Another half-heart support

The little talk of romance has been high profile, but now it has become rather low-key, and she has a very traditional view of her.

I am a woman who will work for the family, the child and the victim.I even plan to have a baby. I wanted to be a full-time mother until I was three years old.

was a woman performer, and I knew how I felt, and I hated myself, and I hated myself, and I was so annoying myself, so I felt like I couldn't get my body out of my body."

But he didn't think so much, but he was three years younger than small, but at this point he showed his manness, and he kept telling the little pits for two years: 'We must be of the slimming', and it's just that it hasn't been so fast, so it has to have confidence in itself."The girls' temptations are also very tempting," says the "little joke". "Maybe I am more fortunate and have a relatively simple experience.""Because of the pressure from the outside world, let's keep the small-tech encouragement from the defensive," I understand what true love is!

In the past two years, the personality and ideas of the young and the young have changed many. "In fact, I didn't have a good impression of the players before, and I was very happy with them.""But after we know what to do, the small days of the day work, and what I hear most often is what's going on," says Ho. " It's hard work!This sentence." I didn't hear that before I was working, and because of that, it was like opening up my radar, starting to let me learn to understand each other and understand each other's hard work.Although a newly married couple has a great deal of emphasis on the quality of getting along, she says:

Each other must respect each other and give some care. In fact, this is enough."

Don't be a spoiled woman

I've been chatting about an hour, a little bit of laughter, and always talking about the relationship between husband and wife. It's like a chat with a sister, a very good idea, and repeat: "Don't put yourself too high.""

Little Sister or her friend, because of a good working ability and economic independence, often stumbled in emotions, because it was too arrogable to be arrogable.The sweet reminder that she gives women to her is:

In fact, girls need to pour all the water into their hearts before they can get along with everyone.

She recently read an article about the way she describes singer Chen Ki-chen's way of life. " She said she wanted to make her life simpler and better, and that clothes would be good enough and not to buy designer labels. After all, the only thing that she liked was that.Now young people say that they are "getting more and more rubbish.""I have recently emptied out all the things I didn't use in my family," I have a mug theory, which is that you bought a lot of mug shots, but you would actually use it, and only that one." "

Life is an encounter, and small and small wins over weight, and slim to 49 kilos, and even Ho Shou-cheng feels the perseverance of her perseverance." Before me, I lived in my own world and stuck myself.But now I remind myself that if you want to be good, say good words, do good things, make your life corrections , humility, trust me, good luck will come.

Little Snows feel that after getting married, motherhood becomes more and more intense. "This is actually a girl's nature. Whether it's a child or a child, or a child growing up, a dog, or a friend's child, or a friend's child, will have a heart to take care of."So motherhood is the most amazing characteristic of a woman!

But for half a year of marriage, there are plans for children to return to their nervous system. "I saw my friend's book on parenting and found that raising children was too much of a responsibility to educate. So, in these two years, I still don't think about it."

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