At first, the term "Blow Job" is a term that many girls may be afraid to avoid, but in fact, oral sex is also a piece of sex that makes two people close to each other.Honey, don't be afraid. We know that you have to take the first step of making yourself struggling, but in the new year, you can try all kinds of possibilities.

How to graceful BJ nine steps:

1. When you start this sacred exercise that almost every man likes, please prepare yourself psychologically. Don't force yourself by asking the other side. The oral sex must be done by yourself in order to allow each other to enjoy this sweet process.Make this move as one of your closest moments, don't force yourself, but use it as your secret killer weapon, making your partner crazy. (So when you eat ice and eat ice, you can make the other side feel passionate about it)!

2. You can imply each other in a variety of ways, and today you have some special hospitality to give to him.So you have to invite a partner to wash the cleans in the private place. Please keep in mind that a clean start is the best first step. The girls must have a principle and know how to protect themselves, and you absolutely have the right to refuse a person who doesn't know clean.In a clean environment, this sweet time is more experienced.

3. It is highly recommended that you drink a few drinks or warm water before you proceed, because the moistening double-and tongue is your biggest helper, and you can put your teeth in the slightest bit as much as you can, as long as you just stay right next to the tongue and do some supplementary friction.

4. To put down your ventricest atrium, you two are the only one who can try to kneel at the bedside, make yourself kneeling before your partner, and many men love this moment, and maybe they'll get a conquest. But, honey, you know your partner is the most vulnerable part of your mouth, and this moment, he's a king, but actually at this moment -- you're a goddess.

5. From the skin center of the thigh to the skin of the private place, the gently lick, the slowly accelerated, and by the outside, with the addition of a little finger to touch the delicate skin around the skin, don't start with the private place.

6. When you come to the private place slowly, you have the feeling that the partner waiting and the strong desire is also a little secret of teasing, and that the unintended opening of the mouth is deep in the private place, so that the partner can satisfy the strong demand of the person in a moment.At this point, you can put your partner's hands on your chest or your cheeks to increase the sense of the two people.

7. Don't let him get used to your actions.The second half of the person's skin is slightly lower than the first half of the year, and the second half of the person's skin is slightly lower than the one in the second half.

8. It is not always challenging to swallow the fire to the deepest point of the throat (too deep or too long, and the other person is paralysed by you).In a timely manner, the partner's private office slides out of your mouth, and it causes the next time he wants to put it in. The strength of how to moderate the number of seconds and the strength of sucking is to be studied and observed by each small place.

9. When the partner reaches the climax, speed up the rhythm and speed of his partner, and don't take the time to pull out the partner's private place. Slowly slide out at his speed and make an expression that satisfies his or her very hard feelings.

Finally, you must remember that your own feeling is the most important.If you're not ready, if this person doesn't want you to serve him, you don't have to force yourself.This is sacred, because when you want to give him a different sweet moment, it's sacred.If you want, you can also let your partner love your private place in an equal manner (yes, dear, you can enjoy BJ's extreme enjoyment).

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