French author Sophie Fontanel recently introduced a book of autobiographical novels, called "A Good Sleep," (" Compiler").The content describes how she spent twelve years of her unsexual life in the best of her manner, and found a way to live in peace with herself in her own time, enjoying the freedom and happiness of one's own sleep.Let's take a look at what she herself has said, and it is worth her not to stop and rethink the good times.I hope that after reading it, we can understand that it is not so scary that it is not as scary as it is, because it is the decision of the people who have to live their lives.Even a person can live better than two people!

" I realized at the age of 27 that I didn't want sex anymore.Before that, I had a boyfriend who had been in steady contact for five years; he was going to wake me up in the middle of the night, just to discuss some things with me.No matter what I want to do, he is very strict with me, so both of us are often going to be a little bit of a little trivial thing about chicken feathers, to break up with nothing.It was at that time that I suddenly realized that I was eager to be alone .But one of the things that surprised me was that I miss a man's sleep.

After breaking up with him, I felt an unprecedented relaxation; this was the first time that I felt freedom for the first time in so many years.Within a few days, the whole of me seemed to be better, and the eyes were shining, and the mood became more stable.After returning to Paris, my friend asked me if I met with a new object, because they all fell in for .But the real reason for my gloss is that I decided to start living a human life.

This kind of mood transition is actually a very big relationship with my past.When I was a decade old, I was very much longing to be surrounded by the arms of men, which made me feel like I was really a woman.Not long after, I met a man in the club, and I wasn't able to wait 24 hours, and I couldn't wait to get to his hotel where he was staying, I wanted to see .But at that time, I had a little understanding of the nature of the sex, so when that man said he wanted to have sex with me, I was really scared.I tried to explain it to him, because I wasn't sure I wanted to. But in the end, I was half a half-tweet and I was in bed with him.

This experience has unwittfully influenced me.And after that, I spent a few years of my life, but 14 years later, I decided to go back to a world that was no longer being held in order to contain, safe and free. In there, "Sex" was just in my dream.But my friend won't let me go so easily; to ask them not to ask more, I decided at the outset to lie, saying I was talking to my Australian boyfriend in a long distance.

From the beginning of the time, it was the first time I spent so much time with myself, and I used 100 % of my heart, and I got so much joy.It feels like, after all my senses finally wake up, I no longer feel lonely , and I enjoy the life of no one being tied up.I'm going to go to the movie theater by myself and see · Redford, and he's the ideal partner in my mind.But I know that if there's a naive encounter with him, I don't want to have anything to do with him, because that would only ruin my fantasy.

After a while, I decided to be candid and admit to my friends that I was living a human being.Of course, their first reaction was to help me find the next man.They continually bombed me, told me not to pack them tightly, and switched to a short skirt, but also asked me to find the feeling that men and women were discharging, and at the same time, they couldn't do too much clever, too far away.They even took the initiative to arrange me to go on a date, and if I didn't cooperate, I would lose my temDuring that time, my emotional state became a favorite topic at the table.If you ask me if I'm gay, B will say, Is it a bit of a sexual cold-feeling?" Then there is no ending gossip and endless continuas.I don't understand why I have to say, I'm happy to be happy, " and that's a vicious cycle that makes me uncomfortable.Because I don't like to ask my married friends to live in sexual life. After all, it is difficult for the Qing government to interrupt housework. Why is it that they can be so aggressive towards me?But I know that these are all transitional emotions, not really me.

Now looking back, I've been waiting all the time.And waiting to meet that man, who can make me believe it without reservation, and he is sincere in trying to bring happiness to me and work hard for me as my Prince Charming.But what I want most is that one day, I can really put down my bad sex experience, and I will not think of myself as being in a very difficult time when I think of the night.

At first, I was only a single month for me; but it was only a year later that I realized that I could always be single.Sometimes I get depressed, but it doesn't make me think that it's because the sex demand isn't being met.Even if men no longer flirsay with me, I still feel deeply feeling sexy.

12 years have passed, and I have been happy these days because I have been with me.But then something changed, and under one shot, I met a man.I quickly fell into love, because he made me feel a sense of security that I was longing for.( Extended reading: women's sense of security, men's free heart ) Before we had sex, I was worried that I was a little ridiculous because I almost forgot the steps to make love.But what surprises me is that after a long period of sexual life, my instinct for sexual needs was left to the memory of only fragments, close to blank. But when that happened, I realized, actually, I didn't forget anything.

While it was a brief romance, I continued to wander between single and non-single.I think that when I was an old lady, I was sitting on a rocking chair and thinking about my life in my head. It was definitely the best single moment of my 12 years, because if I didn't get through this, I wouldn't have loved me so much now.Even today, the society still has a lot of misunderstandings about the single thing, and I hope to let more people know that single life is the same as romantic love , and as long as it is love, it can still be rich and wonderful.The

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