I time, is the treasure every woman has the right to have, no doubt. But in addition to spending money to buy happy, shopping stroll to the foot acid, line up to eat dinner, to dance to the middle of the night, in fact, you can have more choices. When you eliminate the temptation and interference from outside, what you get is the most unique beauty. In the first 16 exercises of me time, we shared 8 exercises with you, but Womany wanted to give you more than that. Now, I will present you with another 8, healing Me time proposal; Let us accompany you, find the first easy to be moved, simple to meet their own.

9. Wear new clothes for your room!

If you are in the room now, please look around at this place called "my" room, how many things are to be sorted out, but always have been put off by all kinds of excuses and have not been reclassified? The desk and the dresser seem to be a bit too messy, should the unused bottles and cans be eliminated? The poster on the wall is yellow, is it still not greasy or not at all? The clothes are piling up and moving towards the third Hill; people have been changing, so what they used to like is not always right now. Of course, not that you will everything to zero, after all, each article is inlaid with different traces of memory, but at least the atmosphere of the room to make people feel comfortable. whether it's about cleaning up, changing the style of the room, changing the wallpaper, remember that the room represents you, and your change will not only affect the magnetic field of the room, but also the temperament you emit will be different. ( extended reading: Girls room in the scenery of the world miss the private posture ) instead of using Me time, and their own room to talk about it! Believe that your heart will become wider.

10. Turn over old photos and take time machine to search for your childhood

Although most of the photos are now digitized, the old photos are like a key to the childhood, the memories of childhood awaken again. Sometimes the best thing to do in Me time is to quietly review those days, stained with the dust of the past. During this time, you can cherish the memory of the past, think of the naïve understanding of childhood, ask yourself, this way, whether or not to maintain the original intention. If you're bored with everything right now, or a little confused about the future, don't panic, these old memories will soothe your heart. Every girl in the process of metamorphosis into a woman, there will be a struggle, when you can calmly face the lessons of God, you will know that everything has its good meaning. No matter where you go next, the little girl in your heart will bless you silently, as long as you think of her occasionally, say to her: "Hello?" She would have been satisfied. ( extended reading: Say hello to the dear ones with Heart)

11. Pour out the bag and straighten it out.

Every day accompany you to rush the bag, inside exactly all put what, you can know? Get the extra stuff out of the box, and the random invoice will be folded in one piece, and the change of the wallet will be taken back in the 0 wallet, and the notebook and cosmetic bag should be kept clean. Organizing the package is also a good opportunity to talk to yourself. Perhaps, you will be out of the bag to dig out what magical treasure is not necessarily it! After the bag is clean, the burden on the shoulders is not a moment of lightness much!

12. Write a "Happy" list for yourself

Take out a pen or a phone, and make a note of any little things that will make you happy. Like, always want to go to the taste of the cafe, want to visit the art exhibition, to see the people, want to travel the country, want to buy a single product, want to eat food, want to register sports, like to listen to the song, oneself want to become person ... and more. ( extended reading: Fall in love with your life ) These make you happy smile of the person, the matter, the thing, can help you to regain your life center of gravity, and your dream life. In the process of recording, you will gradually understand what kind of person you are, for love yourself, you will have a clearer direction, and make a truly good choice for yourself .

13. Find the simple beauty of handwritten cards

When you receive a handwritten card from someone, does the feeling of happiness suddenly soar? Whether there is any object to write at the moment, find a taste, can touch your card, now write a letter to the dearest yourself! ( extended reading: We have always been loved ) after writing, read aloud your word, your heart, will feel an unprecedented feeling of being loved, that is your sincere treatment of your own proof. Wait until the next object can write a card, your text will be able to pass more love, so that the other party has not read the first line has been touched by tears.

14. Enjoy the luxurious bath time

A shower or a bath is the most anticipated item in a woman's Me time list! Dear, please do not hesitate to hum your favorite song, the whole body soaked full of foam, leisurely enjoy this set 3,000 dote on a happy moment! ( extended reading: The most intelligent maintenance of the United States muscle!) Bath Beauty Method if the foot skin because of long-term wear high heels and become thicker, for the body to a good exfoliating, after washing, also don't forget to put on moisturizing lotion to keep the body to maintain the perfect degree of moisture. You can pick out the lotion with lavender or rose fragrance, and let your worries and unhappiness be diluted gently by the faint fragrance of flowers. After the bath, is also a brand-new you!

15. A blessing to all

Blessings are the best gifts you can give yourself, especially the blessings of others. Because in the end, this blessing will still find the way home, the good luck doubled back to you. When everyone is blessed by another person, this love will one and wildfire until the blessed one needs blessings. But if you feel a little bad today, first say a word to yourself good Luck, love yourself, must start from "believe oneself will be happy" . ( extended reading: Give love, is the key to happiness ) If you have time, you can do an experiment, after each of the words of blessing to others, with a positive record; look at the day down, how many blessings have you accumulated? If there are 10 in a day, there will be 70 blessings in one weeks! But please do not bless for blessings, from the heart to say, will have the power to shake people! Dear, I wish you all the best today, everything is fine.

16. Before bedtime, make a wish for the night sky

If your Me time is before bedtime, it may be possible to open the window without catching a cold, to feel the breeze, and the beauty of the quiet night. If you are feeling lonely or feeling a little frustrated, remember, look up at the night sky, it one-woman, never abandon the existence, all for you. ( extended reading: We are always loved ) Now, take a deep breath, thank what happened today, and make a wish for the sky. When the heart gradually calmed, go to sleep well! When you go to sleep smoothly, it is the time of the Me time perfect ending.