Divorced man's true confession: " I am divorced , I really am not a gender expert." But when I found out that the divorce had been finalized, I thought about it all the way through to see the secrets of marriage. I should have been able to do better, but now I have no chance. When the 16 marriage broke up, I saw my beloved woman leave, I wish I had known ...

The day she went away, he knew he would cry like a child. If it had been done, everything would have been a different 20 secrets ...
(Top 10 Secrets: The 20 marriage secrets I want to know before I get divorced: the heart of Constant Love )

I think love can fill the regrets of life, however, make more regrets, but it is love .

Secret 11. Don't be distracted.

Do you often wonder why you listen to her, but she always asks you, "Are you listening?" "Get rid of the seemingly listening to her talk, but the eyes are dead staring at the game on TV bad habits." Absent-Minded is very easy to be seen, no matter how busy the day, remember to leave a point belong to each other's exclusive time. During this time, you belong to each other, only the other side is the most important. (Extended reading: Love Paradise )

Secret 12. Keep the heart and the heart close

You should be the most intimate person in the world, both in emotional communication and in physical contact.

Secret 13. Don't challenge the edge of her collapse.

You don't need to be perfect, just don't challenge the edge of her collapse and provoke her anger. Because we all know that we are not perfect, and of course we all make mistakes. (Of course, you can't make "mistakes that men make" ...). )

Secret 14. Women need space, too.

Men need their own space, women are also not? She always spent a lot of attention to take care of your children, busy, sometimes all day down, not even a breathing time, and often forget that they also need to be well cared for. Be a thoughtful man and tell her: "Honey, take a break and do something you like." "Share some housework for her, let her know this family, is the two of you to run together." (Extended reading: Three kinds of space for creating happiness for oneself )

Secret 15. You're not the invincible Iron King.

You don't have to be the invincible Iron king that never goes down, in front of her, you can be vulnerable, you can admit your fear, your anxiety, your fear, your failure, you can remove all unnecessary atrium in front of her, because you are husband and wife, and she will know how to use a warm hug to smooth your fragile. (Extended reading: In the heart of the Super Real Love )

Secret 16. Don't be a man full of secrets.

If you want your husband and wife to trust each other, then being honest is a big issue. You may feel that sharing is too girly, so you decide to be bored in your heart. But after a long time will be sick, or to try to put the full of worry to say? When you open yourself without reservation, you will find that you feel relaxed, she understands you better, and your relationship is healthier. (Extended reading: Why didn't you tell me?) Taboo, deception and evasion in love

Secret 17. Grow together

If you feel that the current relationship is a bit of a bottleneck, let's learn something together! Find a common goal, interest, or dream, like learning a new language together, exercising three times a week, and agreeing to save a little for this month ... Wait, set up a matter that you all want to accomplish and work together to accomplish it. A healthy relationship is to grow together rather than stagnate.

Secret 18. Don't hurt the money.

Is it better for you to control the money or is she going to charge it? It is not necessary to quarrel about money, but to find a balance that is satisfactory to both parties, or you may consider signing a marriage agreement .

Secret 19. Fight for the night

I remember listening to black fanfan couples sharing their love secret: "Never quarrel overnight racks." "Do not quarrel overnight shelf means not to touch the nose to deal with the moment, but that you should be the real heart of the idea to speak out for a good discussion, sincere listening to each other, and try to tolerate, no longer a grudge." Your bed is used for sleeping together, not for back-to-back Cold War. Then stop again and again to turn over the old account, the past is not happy, well said clearly, mutual tolerance and understanding, you still have to go to the future together. (Extended reading: Actually, it's not your fault. )

Secret of the 20. Remember to love with your heart

Said so much, in fact you need to listen to the most is this one, with sincerity to love. This 20th secret is all the secret leadership that you've just mentioned, and remember the love you put together with your heart, then you can go through it, no matter how hard it is. if love, please love deeply.

In fact, so much so that this is not a married man to the most painful understanding of marriage, rather than any partner should learn 20 secret relationship. We also feel that relationship is not one another, and both sexes have relations, because you love me and I love you. We are willing to understand each other, tolerance of each other's imperfections, just because we want to go farther together, just because I want to grow old with you. (Extended reading: "relationship yoga" that feels the other person's heart)

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