How can he be caressed by the
?Many women have problems like this, and each time they think of intimate moments, some men lose their adult movies, and they want women to watch over them. But adult movies are based on incorrect male fantasities. They don't necessarily find the most comfortable way to get out of their way.Let's take a look at the secret trick of Japanese sex experts!

POINT: It also stimulates the sensitivity of the penis to penis-scrotum in the penis-scrotum

Man naturally hopes that the female partner will also be able to caress the scrotum while stimulating the penis.Because the nerves are connected together, the scrotum and the pleasure of the penis are intercommunicated.Compared with women, men are less sensitive to men, but they still hope they can pursue pleasure in a positive and greedy manner.

There are two testicles in the scrotum, the adult male testicular testicles are oblong oval, and a layer of thin film is coated out here, and thousands of sperm are made here every day.The average size of the Japanese's nest is about four centimeters in diameter. The weight on the right is 8.39 grams, and the left is 8.45 grams.On the left, the left is slightly larger than the right, and naturally, the location of the testosterone is relatively low.The nest is about 15 milliliters of semen, and the reservoir will have a desire to release, which is the sexual desire that most men have experienced.

A small number of people have a pleasure in stimulating the scrotum than the penis.Although only the scrotum is likely to reach the climax, for women, they really don't know how to caress the scrotum to the feeling of being a penis.Therefore, it is clear to her that she hopes to be caressed, and that is the shortcut to the pleasure.

The caress can use his hand or mouth, and if it is already skilled, you can try to challenge the combination of techniques.When the mouth is contained in the penis, the hand is used to fix the scrotum, or, in turn, when the hand holds the penis to slide up and down, the mouth contains the scrotum, and the stimulation can get stronger sense of pleasure.

The men's nipples and earlobe are also sensitive sex bands, which are roughly the same as women.Don't use preplay as a woman's patent. In fact, men are like the same thing, and they want to be loved by them.

Most men are accustomed to using their hands to stimulate their penis, so it is not difficult to give advice to women's companions."We can ask men to use their own hands to demonstrate, or to communicate the way they hope," the American experts said, adding that communication is the best way to make the lives of people happy.

There is no specific gesture, sitting next to a man who is lying down, and another hand or mouth that stimulates his nipple or earlobe.They can still lie down together, and the woman feels even more intimate when she reaches out from behind the men's side.


With a small circle surrounded by your thumb and index finger, you can also add the middle finger, and then slide up and down with the skin on the backbone of the penis.Note that the action is not disruptive.


In one hand, the extra skin is pushed into the root of the penis, and the other hand slides from the root to the tortoise, and the man can enjoy the feeling of inserting the vagina.This action is best performed when the urethra secretion is secreted in a number of times, so as to prevent friction.


The index finger and middle finger rotation at the bottom of the turtle head, or the turtle head like the bottle cap, can be used to caress the most sensitive tortoise and wraps.


If there is spare capacity, the other hand can rub the scrotum, or kiss his nipple or mouth.A man cannot enjoy a "mixed orgasm", but the more pleasure it is, the more comfortable he will be.

Sweet Tips!

If there is already a climax, the upper and lower slide hands begin to accelerate.The two hands hold the entire penis to slide up and down, like in the vagina, so it's easy for men to orgasm.

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