When it comes to Paris, it's probably going to refer to Hemingway's famous saying about Paris: " If you're lucky enough to be here. Paris , it will always follow you, Because Paris is a floating feast. ""If you are are lucky enough to have lived into Paris as a young man, then wherever your go for the rest of yo Your life, it stays and you,for Paris is a moveable feast. " ---hemingway,1950

Please invite me to Paris, invite me to the country that dares to hate, invite me to the city that respects life . The art of Paris is in the air, and the literati never leave, and you seem to be able to catch a sip of tea in the corner of the flower god or the old man's Café. Paris is so simple and complex, I know Paris is not perfect , it is not completely romantic, it has the world's highest purse theft rate, and the most proud of the Paris residents. The beauty and evil of Paris are complementary to each other, creating its fascinating, eccentric ecstasy. (Extended reading: My eccentric capital, the lovely and hateful of the French )

Whether you have ever traveled to Paris in your youth, look at the Paris photography collection to feel the magic of drifting in Paris! (Extended reading: 33 things that Paris taught me )

Drifting in Paris

Photograph: Sofia Verzbolovskis

In the square of the center of Pompano, there is a man who is blowing a bubble to amuse the child and adds a magical atmosphere for all.

The mysterious firelight in front of the Eiffel Tower

Photograph: Roger McLeish

As we waited for the sunset, my girlfriend next to me and I found the smog around the Eiffel Tower. The smoke grew thicker and the alarm sounded in my ear, and the fire seemed to be getting worse. It's hard to imagine what scars the fire would leave under a Paris landmark, thanks to firefighters ' emergency fire suppression, but it also made me take this fantastic picture.

Street artist in front of the Sacred Heart Church

Photograph: David Bacher

Last summer at the music Festival (Fete de la musique), I pressed the shutter at Montmartre's Sacred Heart Church. The street artist had only done some juggling on the roadside, but immediately climbed up the street lamp and scared everyone. (Extended reading: Matt meets Emily in Paris )

The Sacred Heart Church

Photograph: Tiana Clain

Such a beautiful scenery, such a wonderful summer, want to go back, good hope can not go.

Stroll art in the Orange Garden Museum

Photograph: Zheng Chi

Before the huge Monet painting in the Orange Garden, there was a girl who quietly admired the painting. So quiet, so beautiful.

Snow Paris: Montmartre

Photograph: Peter Crane

It's not often snowing in Paris, everyone says. I was fortunate enough to see the beauty and record it in camera.

Disguised as a Parisian.

Photography: Dan Lai

Forget about the popular sights, the tourist guide, and come to Paris, you should savor every street, every corner, every building, every person who has passed by, and these little details make Paris beautiful. In the most Parisian way, walk in the streets of Paris .

A fragment of Paris

Photograph: Emily Rose Waite

I used multiple exposures to write down my memory of Paris. That fragment, stop in my mind, also like life.

To be a stranger in the most familiar country.

Photograph: Karine Ardault

I was a Parisian, and I moved to Africa six years ago. Every year when I returned to Paris, I felt like a curious traveler, and I looked at this beautiful place with a vision I never had before. This picture is taken in the black area.

A scar on the face of Paris?

Photo: Julie Qiu

The Louvre's entrance to the transparent pyramid was just built, many Parisians dislike to say it is a scar on the face of Paris. I think the Louvre, the elegance of the old building, and the pyramid of modern art like a cool and hot and wonderful, very charm. Whenever I visit Paris, it can always amaze me in a paradoxical way.

The night in Paris is like a dream

Photograph: Kimberly Wang

I love the night of Paris, Paris at night is very psychedelic, at the same time noisy and quiet, there is a very conflicting beauty. That night, I wandered around the centre of the Pang, and saw many confused faces, like the young man in the picture, who made a part of the beauty.

Paris Outdoor Coffee scene

Come to Paris, the experience is not only the scenery of Paris, but also to experience the philosophy of life in Paris . The woman in the picture embodies the spirit of Paris, beautiful and not obscene. In the months I stayed in Paris, I felt so strongly about Paris that I was slowly accepted by Paris.

Paris is not perfect, but always fascinating. What do you like best about the Street view of Paris under the photographer's lens? Also welcome your message in the article below to share with us Oh!

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