I believe that no one does not love jam, and sweet and sweet spiced up in a fresh, roasted toast with a searing tripstick. However, in addition to a small number of artisanal jam and no preservative, the production materials of many fruit jam in the market are mostly edible pigments and pectin, as well as the finished product of many food additives.To protect the health of themselves and their families, fresh and delicious hand-crafted jelly is actually quite simple. Together, it can be done by hand jam, which can be completed in ten minutes!

It's fresh and unaffordable for just one week.


-fresh grapefruit one from the vanilla

-sugar 1/3 cup



remove grapefruit and vanquish pegs, seeds and white fiber.People who prefer orange peel

use fruit juice to make fruit juice, retain pulp, add two keys of water, 1/3 of sugar, salt

from boiling the finished product after cooling to the refrigerator, and it can be eaten immediately, but it will taste better after two or three days.

Jam of Orange Orange is a perfect match for the vanilla creamese cheese!

A friend who likes other flavors of jam can also make strawberry sauce, mango sauce, and more can try to mix different jam, or add fresh roses or jasmine flowers, or create more surprises!

Healthy delicious jam

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