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Do you like the little bits of travel that are recorded in your photography? Often looking at travel photos, as if all can "jump" to return to the moment of travel, through the photos constantly relive the travel moved. This time we want to share the story of a big boy wandering in Europe , through his eyes, to let each of you in the picture to find their own story. (Extended reading: Design a "heart" trip for yourself )

The big boy said: "Photography is the most direct way for me to share, I try to express the different experiences in travel, thinking about what I would say if I had to use a picture to tell my travel story." For me, if the photo is simply "Beautiful", there is less soul, I try to add more stories in it. I am not an expert, there are many places to ponder, an Iphone, a Instgram app is enough for us to share the world. The five-month trip to Europe has allowed me to get to know myself again and look forward to more people finding their own stories through my sharing.

"The little Girl and the palace."

Now I just feel that no matter the color or the scenery, the little girl and the palace are fully together, so I almost kneel on the ground to shoot all this

"World of Great Harmony"

Love does not divide the borders and races, and their sweet smiles illustrate everything. (Extended reading: The Most beautiful love is to let you find love from yourself )

"The Romance of Prague ."

The most romantic time in my eyes is in the autumn afternoon, when the sunset is about to fall West (read: Love at sunset, the top ten fascinating Sunset beauty )

"Children's Infinite Creativity"

The function of this ditch is to facilitate the killing of wood-making houses, but the little girl has reinterpreted its function of the bed. After the autumn leaves are full of channels, lie down to the abnormal size.

"The greatness of Motherly love"

No matter which country's mother is equally great , willing to kneel on both knees for our sake all

"An old angle."

Like to follow the old people's perspective to see the scenery, a bit more reluctant to the vicissitudes of the

"How long have you been off?" 】

Work, reading tired, occasionally take a break, look out of the window, mood can be completely different.


We'll spend our lives with someone, to see the beauty of the world
(Extended reading: father to son's marriage motto: Marriage, not just for you alone )

"What is the world in your eyes?" 」

Although never know, but always curious about what other people see the world and I have not the same?

"The Berlin Impression"

Berlin is full of conflict and busy city, silently observed in the dark corner of the city, often have different impressions

"The Beauty behind."

There are times when beauty and opportunity are behind us , but we are not aware of it.

"A leisurely afternoon."

It's a good time to put everything aside and sit down for a cup of coffee and go.

"The most innocent of times"

Wearing suspenders pants carefree look at the sunset is 20 years ago, now more is the worry of life choice

"Jewish Monument"

It is not easy to say that melancholy is not, it is difficult to describe the obscure zone of the Jewish monument

"The road is always there."

The only certainty in a rapidly changing world is that the road has always been

Which one do you like best, so many photographs? You are also welcome to leave a message below to share with us your feelings Oh!

Photo Author: Ken Yang

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