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Is there a fear of marriage in your heart? You think about the guy he was right ? Do you think he will be good to himself later? You also think of love, will inevitably have to betray? Dear, we just want to say that marriage is never a person's business, not just for you alone, but about the person you love, about two people. (Extended reading: The 20 marriage secrets that I wanted to know before the divorce: the heart of Constant Love )

I am a just married 1.5 men, in this 1.5 of the marriage life, I want to sum up with a sentence to share: "Marriage is not just for you alone." " in your nose to say:" Only married 1.5 of men have what good comment ah! "Listen to me and go on."

I met my current wife, Kim, at the age of 15, when we were only 15 years old. We have been friends for ten years, like Li Daren and Green , until we finally decided to face ourselves, no longer just as friends. I strongly recommend that we all fall in love with good friends, you will definitely be very happy. (Extended reading: a lover: the possibility of finding a pink confidant )

Being in love with your best friend is undoubtedly very happy, but honestly, it didn't reduce my anxiety and fear of marriage . When my relationship with her became more and more serious, my heart was filled with more and more powerless fear. I kept asking myself, "Am I really ready?" Is this the right choice of marriage? My girlfriend Kim is really my real life girl ? Will ""kim make my life happier? 」

Me and my wife, Kim.

So I ran to ask my dad with a full of doubts. For me, it was a night to change everything! I think perhaps everyone's life has such a moment, that moment, time condensed down, the air is still, all around like in slow motion play, that is our life will not forget a moment.

And the night my dad gave me advice, that was the moment. Dad smiled smile looked at me and said: "seth, I have to say that you think it is too selfish. Let me use a very simple words to tell you: marriage is not just for you alone , you marry not to make yourself happy, you marry is to bring the other half happy. Getting married is not just about you, it never is, it's about being married to make a family. Not legally binding or other responsibilities, but for your future children. Who do you want to work with to take care of the baby? Who do you want to hold the baby with you? So I said that marriage is not just for you, the point of marriage is not you, but the person you marry . 」

And just as my dad was saying, I was thinking of Kim, and I was so sure she was the one I wanted to marry. Because I want to make her happy, make her smile, I want to see her smiling face every day. I wish I could be her family, and I hope she is a part of my family. I remembered the wonderful moments she played with my nephew, and I was sure she was the one I wanted to share a family with.

My dad's advice was shocking and inspiring. Although such a proposal strongly contradicts the current society's "unhappy on the return" philosophy "Walmart philosophy", if you are not happy, you can return to change a new one.

Marriage is not so, a real marriage (or true love), what really matters is not the "you" related to those things, not you are not happy, you are not satisfied; The people you love are "closely related, what they want, their needs, their desires, their dreams, marriage is the weight of another person in your spinning life." The selfish person only thinks to want, only thinks "we can get what from here", only thinks "other people have not met my demand", the true love is ceaselessly asks: "We can give the person which I love." 」

To be honest, after getting married, there was a time when I was gripped by a feeling of fear and remorse, and the pressure of work and family overlapped, and I gradually felt numb and very selfish, and I did not want to ignore anyone. But my wife Kim didn't choose to be indifferent to me, she filled me with full of love, she tolerant of those I brought her pain feelings, she chose to open her hands to give me a warmest hug, like holding a helpless child, she supported my hesitation with love.

Thank you my wife Kim, I admit I was selfish, but I want to be a better man for her.

Then I realized that I had completely left my dad's advice behind. When my wife's attitude towards marriage was "to love the other half well and to listen", my attitude towards marriage was "I only think of myself". When I realized the moment, I like a child cry, and then I promised my wife, for her I want to be a better man .

Strange to say, when I have paid more and more love from my heart, I have received the same love gradually increased. Like the force and reaction, I not only feel her love, but also her friends, her family and her world. (Extended reading: One plus one, not just two )

With just the above personal experience, to all of you who are reading this article, whether you are married, you are going to get married, have a stable relationship, single, or swear to be a bachelor or single girl forever, I just want to tell you: "Marry, not just for you." There is no real love relationship, is only for you alone, true love is for the people you love. Because of love, we no longer only think of ourselves, we put on the heart of another person's weight, and therefore happy. 」

Because love, is never just a person
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