"Miss Universe Pageant", one of the world's three beauty contests, has entered its 62nd session this year, and has been a symbol of modern global culture since 60. And this year, a total of 86, from all over the world, the beauties will compete for this coveted crown. ( extended reading: Woman, you are actually more beautiful than you think ) the final will be in Taiwan time (11/9) at the Moscow International Exhibition Center, this is the tournament since 62, the first time in Russia . Before the final start, just follow womany together to see, at the end of last week (11/3) just finished the national costume show, the beautiful ladies are wearing what is the country's characteristics and eye-sucking exotic clothing!

Because of the large number of people, we particularly singled out, not only wear out the national characteristics, but also dripping out the personal charm of the 26 countries, I hope you will like! ( extended reading: "The Tycoon Biography" is the most luxurious costume in New York )

Miss America, Erin Brady.

Miss Holland Stephanie Tency

Miss Peru Cindy Mejía

Miss Ecuador Constanza Báez

Miss Salvador Alba Delgado

Miss Italy Luna Voce

Miss China Jin Ye

Miss Spain Patricia Rodríguez

Miss Venezuela María Gabriela Isler

South Korea Miss Kim Yu-mi

Stephanie Okwu, Miss Nigeria, West Africa

Miss Jamaica Kerrie Baylis

Miss Japan Yukimi Matsuo

Miss South Africa Marilyn Ramos

British Miss Amy Willerton

Caribbean Heikulaso Miss Eline de Pool

Miss Brazil Jakelyne Oliveira

The Swiss Miss Dominique Rinerknecht

Miss France Hinarani de Longeaux

Miss Angola Vaumara Rebelo

Miss Russia Elmira Abdrazakova

Miss Germany Anne-julia Hagen

Miss Argentina Brenda González

Swedish Miss Alexandra Friberg

Mould Mauritius Miss Diya Beeltah

Miss Kazakhstan Aygerim Kozhakanova

Every woman is beautiful.

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Image source:Mirror,Huffington Post
Text Editor: Womany editorial office/Michelle Chang