For you, is a trip growing into a luxury of busy life ?Do you often think that you are so lacky, and you're stuck in a little office?Let's take a look at the advertisement from SNCF in France. With modern technology, we can open any door of Little Ding-dong. It turns out that it is so easy to get the national distance closer.But the original focus was not physical movement, but the movement of the soul.

This is the creative advertisement for Europe is just Next Door, co-located by the French SNCF and TBWA advertising agencies, and they put on an painted door in France, with the names of European cities like Italy Milan, Milan, Stuttgart, Switzerland Geneva Geneva, Barcelona Barcelona, … Brussels Brussels, Brussels Brussels, and the people who open the door.Through the convenience of technology, travel is not moving.

Any door to the Spanish Baselonna

Any door to Stuttgart, Germany

If you have such a door, will it appear on the streets of Taiwan, and will you open it before you go?
Or will you be buried?Or you're sliding into your smartphone, so you haven't found it?

The first person to travel to Brussels in Belgium appears: P

knocking on the gate in Geneva, is the buckle being held at home?

Welcome to Milan, use technology to realize the imagination of any door!The other end of the door is a live connection with Milan!

Make Baselonna's passion to infect you through Live Video!
In particular, Grandpa and Basselona are happy with this act."

Come closer, smile!Don't you look cute

" Is the weather in Geneva good?"Life is busy and can't travel?"That's a not moving trip !

Hello!The front, you've rode too fast, and so on, let's

How often do people have not laughed so happy when they think about it?

Make life more interactive:)

dedicated to making my life beautiful, the other end of you

[Open any door of the real world together]

Everyone often says that the society is very alienation, and the interpersonal relationship is getting less and less, and it is becoming more and less true.But in fact, technology is not apathy. As long as there are more than one snacks, technology can bring people closer to people. [Europe's next door to your house] has allowed us to have a lot of life outside the door. The exchange between people in different cities was so simple that the French railways were able to promote European travel.(Extended reading: Locating the Bay Plaza in Europe )

Ah!It turns out that the door is open, and we can see the world.{\fnCronos -Are you in the open door?

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