Girls,November Little Red box you all got it? These two months little red box received a lot of warm feedback from everyone, some girls said: "Open small red box, feel that their menstrual mood someone can understand, good warm." "There is a girl in the distance said:" Received far from the boyfriend in particular to buy small red box, feeling warm. "There is a girl for their own small red box to feel good like, but also to help friends to buy a box." There is a mother secretly ordered a small red box, to the daughter working in a foreign land, want to tell her: "Even if a person outside, do not forget to take good care of themselves." "We looked, and felt so moved. Feel that the red box is really not just a box, which contains a lot of love, family love, friends love, Lover's love, also have you want to tell their love. (like small red box or want to give small red box better advice to you, you can experience to tell us oh, let us get better!) )

"November Little Red box out of the box"

Every month to open small red box, there is like a holiday to get the same excitement, everyone with me to dismantle gifts, look at this month's small red box surprise! Let's review the Little Red box opening last month .

November Small red Box content Point Name:
- Herdor Herbal tea (containing seven tea bags)
Designed for women, adhere to the Taiwan Hand tea picking
- 2014 notebooks for Women
Give yourself a little more love every month, better life
-"Xiao-sure" caramel chip light cheese Cake Redemption voucher
-"Jing Sung-woo" mountain leaflet black Tea Exchange Volume
- Kang Tian Health Valkhof 3 yuan
Native pure Valkhof, high quality to take care of your physiological period
-Green organic cotton tampon in Britain
Best friend of the intimate muscle, recommended by a gynecologist

-Korea 12 tablets and pads for Chinese herbal health cotton
Womany team selfish love with brand recommendation
-Shun days herbal Hibiscus Four drinks (contains good friends during the special Lotus biochemical drink, good friends after walking also take care of Hibiscus four drinks )
-Coco handwritten little cards every month
A sweet little gift for the girls.

November Small red box content is really a lot of things, the editor changed a lot of angles to shoot them all! (Cantian health Valkhof missing a piece, has been stolen by me)

The five days that little red box was with me

I wonder if all of you have seen the stolen five years? Small knitting every time when the menstruation comes, is simply "stolen that five days" Ah! (howling)

Menstruation, not only the mood is easy to irritable , abdominal pain don't want to walk, the face of the explosion of acne more people feel more depressed, always hope to quickly turn the five days quickly jump off, always eager to quickly the five days of the menstrual period, now has a small red box Accompany me to walk together, let me know to love oneself, originally so simple. (The secret is to give yourself to the small red box to love, sometimes small red box is more intimate than boyfriend)

1. A bit stuffy in the mood on Monday

We all have Monday blue, to fight the blue Blues, we have a good way

Spring God's hug, taste is alishan black tea, secretly said after drinking has been herbivorous man hug shy feeling.

The mood is stuffy, if the body is also uncomfortable, that is bad. Use the three strokes together to fight the melancholy blue blue mood!
1. Open the abdomen dedicated warm bag, lasting eight hours of warm effect let the mood warm up.
2. Soak in a cup of Herdor herbal tea , the mood as bright as the bloom.
I chose the hug of the spring God, the tea fragrant of Alishan tea opens the packing to smell, the back rushes after three times still has the thick tea fragrant.
3. Girls a little flower, drink herdor herbal tea, can also come to a cup of herbal medicine Furong Elite Dew Drink!

After three steps, suddenly feel good mood also not so difficult, good mood bad mood all can decide by oneself:
(Extended reading: menstruation to do more than six kinds of good sports, to the United States will move )

Womany Good sisters chose "the perfume before the date", the taste is the white peach oolong, smells fragrant

2. Work on Wednesdays

Every woman's mind is a little girl who longs to be cared for.

Life is not because of happiness to laugh, but to laugh, will become happy!

Womany want to accompany you for a good year, recommend to girls we also love to use Notepad!

work Modeon:
Get up and work all day, with a good woman 2014 notebook , write down the work and life of the size of the trivial , tidy up easy.

Go home Rest Modeon:
After a long day of hard work, home can finally have a good rest! At this time, lie down with Simply high efficiency bright white film, and then use Swiss Miss Hot chocolate to take care of their tired day of the mood. (this month's Little red box Let girls have a lot of heart drinks choice ah, hot chocolate, hibiscus four things to drink, health Valkhof drinks ,Herdor Herbal tea can also be a day package, seven days have a different fragrance. )

3. Chatting with friends for a night of drinks

Menstrual mood instability and rare loneliness, to the good tea and friends of the warm bar

Girls before and after the menopause, women fans and Beijing Sung-woo accompany you to relax together!

Sweet has a deadline, love oneself do not want to wait, want to eat in 2013.12.31 before Oh!

This month's Little red box opens, inside not only has small arranges very fond tea product "Jing Sung-woo" the high mountain leaflet type black tea Exchange volume, and the "Lucky" Café caramel chip Light Cheese Cake coupon ( scream), give you a little sweet, to meet the girls period to the greedy mood Ah!

After taking: belly swelling mood stuffy, friends and sweets is the best antidote! Small knitting immediately made a phone call about friends: "Go!" Tonight, we come and go to Xiao is sure to eat a delicious, big talk women worry about it! "Cake on the table, exquisite pendulum plate so that we can not help but exclaim, sweet caramel on the delicate soft cakes, uncomfortable immediately thrown into outer space!"

after menstruation take: Jing Sung-woo is the Golden Horse 50 Film Festival designated tea drink, static under the heart to smell the fragrance of tea, sip a calm sweet, let the menstrual period before and after often anxious to burst away small series, the mood instantly soothing down! So the menstrual front a walk, Small series also immediately about a friend, come and go to Beijing Sung-woo drink tea, with the Golden Horse Film Festival Good works, let the mood good relaxed.

Warm drinks plus sweet cakes, in the morning and friends spent the small indeed fortunately:

4. Running the interview work day

Running around, if you have to worry about the leak, it is very embarrassing?

Every month in the small red box there are different tampons or pads surprise! This month's health cotton is also recommended by the gynecologist: the United Kingdom green Cotton Organic cotton tampons (amount of daily, plus night use), as well as the Korean Traditional Chinese medicine tampons and pads! Almost all aspects of the girl's menstrual time to take care of the small trouble.

Although there are girls who say they have the habit of sanitary cotton brand, but like beginning something new small series like each month have different new health cotton can be tried, always feel that after trying to know what is best for their own! The small series of menstruation to try the green organic cotton out of the interview, running around, feel the intimate muscle is very comfortable, not always worry about the leakage of the problem, very recommended girls also come to try, from the inside exudes exclusive woman's charming self-confidence.
(Small series Good Kang inverted phase report: fill in green can test experience, there will be a chance to get green $1,288 organic health cotton Combination Oh )

5. Friday Time of writing

A bubble again, keep rushing back to the sweet time.

Menstruation comes, always especially eager to inject a warm current for themselves, also often feel that menstruation girls are like ants, special sweet (or only me?) , so on Monday five night, while I was writing a character interview, I made myself a cup of Valkhof drinks. This little red box in the Kang Tian Health Valkhof A total of three, rose top iron, rose four things, collagen raspberry! This evening, I chose the top of the rose iron, I am sweet, the same cup back two times the hot water, think it is still very flavoursome, not so "ant" Girls, can also be based on their own taste level. Use their favorite mug, poured into the warm valkhof drinks, such a night, with Valkhof accompanied, as if there is another person with the side, not so lonely. (Extended reading: Five ingredients that are not known to effectively improve menstrual cramps )

And let the little red box accompany you through the tough five days. 〉〉 immediately experience

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