Some people are running for Health , others are trying to break records, others are commemorating the most special days of their lives ( reading: addictive Marathon weddings ); Whatever your purpose, The marathon has indeed become a popular movement for modern people to challenge themselves and improve the quality of life. This time, Womany wants to show you the world's 10 marathon venues that you should be able to see in person. While experiencing this mixture of sweat and natural beauty, you will also find that your life has become more complete and beautiful because of the way you run.

1. New York Marathon

The New York City Marathon, which just finished the perfect period in early November, has entered its 43rd year! This year's winner is also a 2011-year gold medalist, from Kenya's Geoffrey Mutai. The New York Marathon traveled all the way from Stanton Island (Staten Island) through the New York of the five major districts and the terminus at the picturesque Central Park ( extended reading: Central Park's year-round moving photography campaign ).

The total of more than 50,000 participants, so when the contestants ran across the though Verrazano Strait Bridge (Verrazano-narrows Bridges), the deck will be because of carrying tens of thousands of people and shake, the scene is quite spectacular; the beauty of the Strait Bridge can be seen at once. The first time since 42, when Hurricane Sandy last year, has been the first to run again this year, which is quite meaningful for all Americans and contestants.

2. Marine Corps Marathon

The Marines ' marathon (Marine Corps Marathon) will be held in Washington DC at the end of October each year, which is one of the four major events in the United States. The entire marathon is about 42 kilometers away, all the way from Arlington, Virginia (Arlington), and the end is at the Marine Corps Monument (Marine Corps War Memorial). As the marathon passes through a number of national monuments, including the famous Georgetown (Georgetown), National Mall, the race is also known as the National Memorial Park Marathon (Marathon of the monuments).

3. Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon (Boston Marathon), held on the day of the American Patriot Festival in April, was founded in 1897 as the oldest annual marathon in history. The contestants will be headed from Hopkinton, in western Massachusetts, along the road toward the center of the Boston, at the popular plaza near the public library. Unlike other marathons, the contestants must reach their strict speed gate (Boston qualify Standard) to compete, and this will allow marathon runners to compete to break the record!

The famous attractions of the marathon include the Big Bell tower, the Framingham railway station (Framingham Train station), Moores Tam, the Wellesley shouting tunnel (wellesly scream Tunnel), and the heartbreak Slope (Heartbreak Hill). Although the tournament was interrupted by terrorist attacks this year, the spirit of the Boston Marathon is sure to continue. ( extended reading: What you don't know about the Boston Marathon (Boston Marathon))

4. Paris Marathon

The latest fashion in Paris: Run!

The Paris Marathon entered its 37th session this year, one of the world's five marathon marathon. Because it is held in April each year, the most beautiful spring season in Paris, there are many people in order to have a good view of these fantastic views to participate. The marathon route departs from the Champs Elysees (Avenue des champs-élysées) in Paris and ends at Fu Xu Avenue (Avenue Foch) and looks at the triumphal arch. The marathon route also covers almost all the beautiful sights of Paris, including the Concord Square, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the Olympian Art Museum . Regardless of size, route, scenery and the level of running hands, can be world-class level! ( extended reading: This life can not be missed, the most beautiful moments in Paris )

5. Athens Classical Marathon

Run back to Greece 2,500 years ago and feel the first marathon!

In the Greek Marathon Battle of 490 BC (Battle of Marathon), the Persian army invaded Athens, and the Athenian soldier, Phil Pides (Pheidippides), was called, and ran more than 600 kilometres in four days, from Athens to Sparta for help, Then returned to the Athens report, then ran to the marathon village to understand the situation, and then ran back to the city of Athens warning, and finally died because of exhaustion of strength. The legend has become the origin and birthplace of the marathon race, and the annual Athens Classic Marathon (Athens Classic Marathon) has also become one of the marathon contestants ' pilgrimage-life events.

The marathon was set off from the ancient battlefield and the end was at Panasinak Stadium (Panathinakiko Stadium). The contestants can run for the foundation of the marathon, as if they had traveled through time and again to the historical scene. The Athens Marathon also has a special starting ceremony: After the torch is ignited, tens of thousands of contestants will be sworn in before the marathon tomb of the Athenian soldiers who fought more than 2,500 years ago: "I will be honest and not cheat to embody the lofty sportsmanship."

6. London Marathon

Another urban marathon with an ancient history is the London Marathon (marathon), one of the world's five marathon races. The London Marathon will be held every spring in April, starting at Greenwich Park (Greenwich Park) and ending at St James Park. James Park). In addition to its tortuous and challenging route, there are many attractions along the way, including the Tower Bridge of London, the Golden Canary Wharf (Canary Wharf), Big Ben, Buckingham Palace (Buckingham, Tower). Palace) and the Eyes of London (Eye); The famous beauty of the city of London is arranged once! ( extended reading: The girl I met in London. )

7. China Great Wall Marathon

There are 5164 steps in the Huang mouth, equivalent to two trips to Taipei 101!

The Great Wall Marathon (the Great Wall Marathon), held in Jixian, China, is a tourism-style marathon. Because the Great Wall is a famous historical attraction, can run on it, just want to let people itch! and its magnificent scenery and historical monuments along the road, but also this marathon a big eye-sucking place. ( extended reading: 40 Beauty in the United States Asia ) The route of the marathon, which has a Huang mouth, a total of 5164 steps, equivalent to two trips to Taipei 101; The Great Wall Marathon was also included as one of the five adventure marathons because of the variety and challenges of the road.

8. France "Beyond Mont Blanc" marathon

Run to the highest Mont Blanc in Europe, give yourself a chance to challenge the limits of life!

The French "Beyond Mont Blanc" marathon (UTMB, ultra-trail du Mont-blanc) is definitely a trip to the extreme that can change the life of an athlete. The marathon began in 2003 with routes through the Alps and across France, Italy and Switzerland. At the same time, you can see the glacier, gorge Ancient and the series of Blanc Peak Mountain in the road running process more than 400 hills, the picture is really breathtaking. Because Mont Blanc is Europe's tallest mountain, this marathon is also hailed as the world's top road run, which can be said to be the ultimate sport combining mountaineering with the challenge of human limits.

9. Hawaii Honolulu Marathon

Go to the Hawaiian beach and enjoy the marathon without a deadline!

Hawaii's Honolulu (also known as the Honolulu) marathon (Honolulu Marathon) will be held in the second Sunday of every year in December; in particular, about 2/3 of the contestants are from Japan. Because the marathon does not have the upper limit and time limit of the number of participants, how long you run, everyone will cheer for you and encourage how long! The marathon is a starting point from Aramona Park (Alamoana Beach) and is located at the Beach Park in Honolulu (Waikiki ' Kapiolani Park). In addition to being surrounded by the beauty of Hawaii's Mountain and sea, you can meet beautiful fireworks and sunrises, and when you arrive at the end, there will be a hot Hawaiian doughnut (Malasada) for you; it's a super sweet marathon!

10. Everest Marathon

The world's highest Everest (Mount Everest) is also one of the most challenging places for marathon runners. Despite the scale of the challenge, there are more than hundreds of marathon runners each year, defying the rarefied air of the mountain and biting cold temperatures to challenge them. The race was 42.2 km away, starting from the song Lacher (Gorak Shep) near the peak camp (Everest Base camp), about 5364 meters above sea level, and the end point was 3446 meters above sea level in southern Gifu (Namche Bazaar) The elevation of the two places is about 2000 meters.

Along with its rugged mountain path, the route will also pass through Buddhist monasteries, monuments and drawbridge, the world's most challenging track. The 2013 Everest Marathon, which ended in May of this year, was won by a three-month-old Nepalese woman with six hours and two minutes to win the women's Championship; Who else would say that a pregnant woman can't run a marathon?

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