When you are in love, you naughty ask: " dear, how long will you like me?" then he spoke, and you blocked his answer with a sweet kiss ; After the breakup, you were wandering under his window and asking, " Why Can't You Love Me again?" " in the happy together, after breaking up the heartache helpless , we have experienced, whether this person is not the right person, feelings will stay." Do you remember that love letter of that year? (Extended reading: Four happiness Rules for Couples )

Love is a beautiful trip for two of people, tears and laughter are panoramic, thank you for your love, shining my thin life, growth need some once, break up is two individual self-cultivation, sad practice against the wind forward, even if no fate does not represent the ability to love (have you have these memories), Let go is because I really love you. --- ariel the lyrics of a wonderful trip

Hey dear you, do you remember the first love letter that was shyly handed out ? Do you remember the feeling of remembering someone else's heart before? Have a confession of sweetness, of course, there are fault love sad, once two people walk together that road, now only a person ... Let's close our eyes and think back to the first and last love letters .... ( long distance: Napoleon's love letter )

The first love letter

What was the first love letter like?

At that time we walked very close, although often meet, back home still can't help writing to each other, can not tell who is the first, in short a person to another person, that person back to the letter, this person again reply ... So it's like 18. Two people from all over, write life, write a dream, write travel notes, write reading experience, write everything, is not written I love you. (Hey, do you remember?) who first said I love you )

also dare not say that the export of love , has become hidden in the missing words. It was the first love letter between us. The original love letter, may be shy confession. How to express your enthusiasm and not to go overboard, how to implore you and not to humble peers. I hope you like me long ago, this love letter is just a form of embellishment, if not enough like it, please help love letter, love to fill it. ( Why not like to say export?) )

This love letter, is a kind of timid courage , a very care also very natural gambling.

We went to buy some fancy paper, or a blank book, together to record life. So the above records of our wish, quarrel over the rack, shared the mind, and hand to the place. The two people take turns writing, very cooperative spirit. Above the highest frequency is: Dear you, I love you, I love you, love your So-and-so stay. In short, it is "Love You". They say this is called the Exchange diary, in fact, is the gathering of love letters.

The initial love letter, perhaps the first love affair between the lovers, may have been a letter of repeated confessions, perhaps even before the start of the relationship, it has been written.

The Last Love letter

So, what does the last love letter look like?

Perhaps I still love you, but do not want to love again , or I still want to love you, but in fact already cannot love. Whether you want to or not, the result is a breakup. I will write a letter to you and write down my true confession at the end of the hour. This is a respect for you and a prudent relationship to end. (Sometimes, not loving is the best answer )

The parting letter is the last love letter for you. Even if the choice separates, also has the friendship.

Sometimes, the last love letter is my painful struggle after repeated, for my decision to carry out a ritual, is my formal farewell to you. If we say that the feelings of this life from the lifetimes karma, I hope that in this lifetime repayment completed, the next generation do not meet again, to meet, is also a new relationship. (Extended reading: people who break up are not necessarily cruel )

We started because of love, let us also end in love .

Time flow, one day when I accidentally found that once I have no longer love you, and thus fell a drop of tears, I will thank us in each other's life, has been together with the dance. Maybe I will use you as a recipient, write something, but do not care about the delivery address. (In fact, sometimes, do not love, should not be forced )

The one that is actually written to yourself is the last love letter.

The last Love letter, perhaps helpless's parting letter, may be a ritual for his farewell love, or a sigh and gratitude for that time after a long time.

To love and to write to myself

Whether love or break up, is a long life in a landscape. The process may be deep tempting, may heart crack lung. One day we will find that love is used to understand themselves more profoundly and achieve their own practice.

The first and last love letters, all from the beginning. We originally wanted to give each other, thought it was written for each other, and later found that it is for their own writing.