Knitting Press: Are you afraid of being alone? Do you know that loneliness is a feeling to keep primitive humans from being attacked by wild animals? And now, a person's time is in fact not a synonym for loneliness , born lonely human beings have become a group of living animals, learn the art of solitude , so that you no matter whether there is no one to accompany, regardless of the person you love is not around , can all have a very happy!

11/11 Singles Day just after the end, whether single or dead you, have been the kind of lonely, longing for someone to accompany the feeling? This feeling is often called "loneliness" by us. But in fact, "lonely" is not necessarily when you are alone will appear, sometimes even if the side of the busy, even in the busy street, your heart is still a kind of lingering, empty feeling.

"Loneliness, is a person's carnival." Carnival, is a group of people's loneliness.

This sentence is very clear: loneliness is not equal to loneliness, loneliness is actually a psychological state.

And why do we sometimes feel lonely? Where does this sensation come from in the body, disrupting your original good mood? Psychologists say that the psychological state of "loneliness" in ancient times was designed to alert humans--the animals that live in this group--the more likely you are to be prey to predators if you get closer to the edge of the group. The result of human evolution is to let "loneliness" scare us not to leave everyone too far, or it is likely that the next second will become whose dinner. And today, without wild animals in the 21st century, why do we seem so afraid of loneliness, even more afraid than before? (Recommended reading: lonely, lonely not good?) )

In the 1980 's, 20% of Americans experienced a long period of loneliness, and in 2013 the lone population grew nearly a full time. Why do we seem to live more and more alone? In this era of network development and community ubiquity, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, we are far from the edge of the community at an unprecedented pace, and everyone can build a network of their own, through tools such as networks and social platforms. But it is also because of this, we are more afraid that one day, we have become a single "Lonely" prey, "a person's time" has become a psychological scourge. Check the phone once in a while, and start looking for a friend on the MRT, or turn on the internet TV and watch a series of Korean dramas. Because of fear of loneliness, so we strive to bow , but also because of this, we missed the way how many beautiful scenery, missed a good chance to look at the stars.

"Loneliness is a social alienation, or an emotional relationship with others is not satisfied."

We all know, in fact, loneliness is very uncomfortable. And no matter who, can not avoid a time with loneliness alone. But in fact, "loneliness" is not to go without a shadow of ghosts, it is often the reaction of negative emotions. When the mood is low, it's easy to negatively interpret the state of solitude, like: "No one likes me, no one wants to stay with me, so I'm here alone." "It is often said that a person's time is especially easy to think about, and when you are in a bad mood, there are thousands of pessimistic thoughts in your mind." But don't worry about it first! Because in fact, cognition to loneliness is not a bad thing, this way we can prescribe the right remedy, the cure of their own lonely symptoms. (Recommended reading: The conditions of happiness: a person can also be very happy does not mean to refuse love )

Enjoy your time alone. Three steps

"I know I feel so lonely because I'm in a bad mood," he said. "If we can tell ourselves clearly why we are so afraid of loneliness, there must be some way to escape the clouds," he said. Here are a few steps to keep us from being lonely and enjoying a good time!

: Tell yourself that a lot of people in this world care about you, they love you very much, but maybe they are busy now and can't be around you.

: Do something you love to do when you are alone. For example, help yourself to polish your nails, or lie in bed and watch a magazine and watch a funny movie.

: And don't forget that sometimes we need to get out of the house, meet different people, and give life some new thrills. such as participation in associations, volunteer work, and so on.

If these methods, there is no way to make us feel better, find a favorite bar , sit at the bar and humorous bartender chat a few!

Loneliness is so common that everyone in the world has felt it before. In the face of it, we can choose a person sit in front of the computer to look at the face book , or watch the phone waiting for the voice of the message. But you can also choose to put on your running shoes, or rent a movie you've always wanted to see, enjoy a person's home time, or walk out the door and enjoy the temporary companionship of strangers around you.

A person's time, can also be very good

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