Beautiful, smart, warm, friends say you are recognized as a "good dish"; wondering, you're always the only one with no company at the party or the wedding. Clearly feel that they have a desire to be pursued by the breath, why still do not get the favor of Eros? ( extended reading: The conditions of happiness: a person is also very happy does not mean to refuse love )

Dear, if you are still single, then I think, not because you are not attractive enough, or you in the wrong place desperately to find the right person, your mistakes, perhaps even yourself did not notice. The mistake here is not to wear the wrong clothes or to dye a bad hair color, but to "inadvertently" actions that are tiny and can greatly shake the pheromones . Now womany to tell you that before looking for a new love, in addition to have seven things to do , there are seven other, must know love blind spot! Take a good look at your love view, don't talk about a superficial blind love, untie the blind spot, love is no longer distant.

1. Always low head to dodge the eyes of the object

The most common mistake women make is that when they are in a place with a man who is interested in the eye, they immediately skim over or turn their eyes away, pretending they are not looking at him. Women are, of course, eager to be treated well, to enjoy the feeling of being pursued, and, paradoxically, to expect men to find their affection without any hint, and to come to a conversation.

"The problem is, really good men, not too dare to pick up a seemingly not interested in the woman." 」

Anyway, a good man's skin is not bad man's thick; they certainly do not want their kindness to be twisted into a woman will only play the mouth of the daredevil. But this is not about you starting to practice thick skin, take the active mode to attract men; what you have to change is that the next time you have a man with the right eye, don't rush your head away. Try to turn your eyes to a tiny little, with a gentle but firm eye that intersects his four eyes for a few seconds, believing that the other person will feel the kindness you have shown. If he has a crush on you, he will have the courage to come closer to you. ( extended reading:"Science teaches you to fall in love" in the Eye )

2. The type of boys you really like is still not clear ....

Before the goodwill brewing into like, please rationally consider the men to contact the first scan once; This will definitely be better than finding a disagreement and causing a "avoidable" heartbreak.

"Before a relationship, when you find that the other person does not meet all of your expectations, let him work toward the direction you want." 」

This does not mean that you force each other to completely take away your personality and become what you think it is, because once it does, he will become unhappy, and this relationship is doomed to not be long. Before socializing, try to chat with each other in a friend's way, take the time to understand the difference between the two, and confess your expectations and mines to each other in the beginning. Whether in the present can accept each other's different, at least can give both sides a fair chance to think. If he is willing to improve in the direction of expectation, it will also be a change from his heart. Of course, no one is perfect, so we should not give each other too harsh standards, as long as he is sincere to you, some small shortcomings on the perspective of appreciation to tolerate it! ( extended reading: The condition is temporary, get along with is a lifetime )

3. Often forget to take their charming smile out of the door

"A smile can affect a lot of lines, especially the one that leads to happiness," he said. 」

When everyone is most attractive, it is definitely not a face, but a confident smile. When a person smiles, they look more intriguing, while allowing the other to feel their own sunshine. When you smile at someone, they notice you because they want to know why you are smiling, and this moment is the key to your intimacy with each other. ( extended reading: Smile to see the world, the world will smile to you )

Release your best smile and become someone else's sun! Not only to keep people around you happy, you will increasingly have the reason to smile. A good man likes a woman who has a beautiful smile.

4. What do you want to pursue, is it a kind of enthusiasts or a steady?

Before you put in a new relationship, you have to ask yourself, what is your expectation for the next love? is want to talk about a marriage as the premise of love, or simply know friends, cumulative love value, or want to pursue a "enthusiasts" of the heartbeat feeling? No matter what kind of expectation, you have to be honest with yourself first.

"The bottom line is that you can really start believing what he's saying and doing, until you're sure the other person has the same expectations." 」

Before intercourse, although do not say anything is too clear, after all ambiguous beauty is also worth cherishing, but if it is the general direction of happiness, or can not too simulation of ambiguity, lest the last injury of the deepest or own. When you say you want to talk about a stable relationship, and the other person does not give you a positive response, you should immediately recognize the other person's mind. It is the best policy to confirm that you can afford it, not to try to convince yourself after a relationship. Knowing each other's motives for love, no matter what kind of loving model you set this time, can greatly reduce the feeling of being cheated afterwards.

"After intercourse, what can be changed is only you." 」

5. Total Love has not been read back, but who has so much patience to wait for you?

Want to shape themselves into a "difficult to chase" woman, in the end just to give themselves trouble, especially when you really meet the target. Women are reserved, understandable, after all, we do not want to be mistaken for a person who has not seen the little flower; but if you have always been naïve when interesting, whenever the other side of the message, like to drag late or even not back, the other side for a while to feel your passion, those who have a thin or do not want to play childish with you boys, I won't be dealing with you anymore.

"No one wants to be a hungry beast, but love can't only be analyzed with the brain, but also listen to your heart." 」

Put down love suspicion personality, not for each other default too many positions, learn to pass to each other's concern simplicity! If his newsletter makes you Laugh out of the heart, let the joy pass back to him. When we no longer take the time to guess the heart, engage in an ambiguous, we also have more time, can well know each other's mind. ( extended reading: New start, heart start ) Your feelings will make this journey smoother because of your "pure Love". In this cold day, even if just a short thank-you, or a sweet smile expression, will immediately warm his heart, he knew that you are holding him firmly in mind.

6. Compliments to each other are always missing some memory points

My dear, actually men are more eager to hear praise than you think. Sometimes, "This is too manly!" "," I didn't think you were quite stable. "Small praise, can make them feel self-confidence high." But in addition to the general compliment, let the man feel that you are seriously worship him, then try to make the praise more concrete.

If you see him wearing a nice dress, in addition to saying "you are particularly handsome today", you can also say that "the original blue and you such a good match, see to make people comfortable", so that the content of praise become more targeted, the other party will not listen to forget, but will firmly remember every sentence you have said.

"Make every compliment from the heart and give it the meaning it has." 」

7. A little timid to show her feminine charm

In addition to the intrinsic character of female traits, including gentleness, understanding, considerate, playful, sexy, you can also integrate their feminine charm in life. For example, the way you eat, your eyes, your blinking and your walking, every move is a good chance to embody your feminine qualities at any time. Of course, it is also important to keep your original appearance moderately because the other person may love your informal and sexual attitude. ( extended reading: trouble for Life!) )

But life is a bit of a surprise to be interesting: even if you and he are only friends above, you can inadvertently let him find your sexy, let the other side know that you are actually more than he imagined change. Men are competitive, in the face of a rich and varied women, they will be more desire to conquer.

"Good men like interesting women, so don't be afraid to show off your fun." 」

Slow down your movements, breathe evenly at all times, keep your energy-loving elegance in your heart, and you'll fall in love with yourself! Bless you deeply, the next love will be more beautiful.

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