After production is finished, as it is too good to eat in the process of pregnancy with sitting in the moon , it leads to a pattern.Before the production is completely restored, the body can use some the little gymnastics practice to use the heat control body to study the postpartum period of the , and to have a slim figure of the body.(Recommended reading: stunning and 30 seconds of weight: Three Steps Easily Skindless Thumbbelly Method )

Woman, maintaining beauty is a lifetime thing, yo!Even if a child is finished, she can become a happy, happy, hot mother, like a famous artist,, and share with you some of the effective post-partum slimming of the life of Peggy's pregnancy in pregnancy.

Postpartum, don't be lazy, motivator yourself to lose weight!

A lot of girls once become mothers, they really are "mothers"!What does that mean?Simply put, it was the forerunner of the pregnancy, which was completely changed after the production was finished.There are many factors, but according to my observations and understanding, I'm afraid it is the most important factor for beginners' self-indulmisation and the desire to keep their mouth open.Many of the mothers who have finished production are comforting themselves. " It doesn't matter if the figure is restored to the state of the prenatal period, and the husband shouldn't mind!"Even if you think that you have a baby to make a contribution to the family and become more arbitrary, this is irresponsible!"Girls also need to be self-loving. They can play a little bit of minor sex, but they have to stop at the same time.(Recommended reading: Life's Required: It's Required to Be a Lie, Achievement of Your Own )

When production is finished, it is the fear of being lazy to be fat, and as soon as possible to take care of yourself, restore good air color, and get a better fit. Only then can my husband be more healthy and more confident, and so will you.The most taboo is to take care of the baby and forget about her husband. After all, the child grows up to be independent, and the husband is the person who "takes away" his entire life.

Lower half happiness, one and two.

are many types of skinny sports, but after childbirth, uterine, wounds, and bodily functions are all in a recovery phase, special attention should be paid to the various slimming movements in the event that the lower abdomen is not injured.If
is a natural asset and it is recovering well, it can start moving in a month's time, but if the recovery is not ideal, or a caesarean section, it is recommended that the circumstances permit or ask the gynecologist to do so, so as not to cause damage, and the loss will outweigh the loss.


To feed milk is the most effective treasure of the slimming person!The feeding of milk can consume calories, and it will definitely help reduce weight.However, I should like to remind you that there should not be any deliberate effort to reduce the weight of the milk, so as not to affect the secretion of milk.(Recommended reading: 7 good ways to promote body metabolism and healthy weight )

In addition to a balanced diet, try the skinny and low-fat chicken essence of Phenchen. (If your mother is available, you can also drop the chicken essence!)Just take a big bowl, put a shelf on top, and put a chicken on the shelf and put it on a shelf, and then add three glasses of water to the outer cooker. Cover the cooker with an electric cooker cover. You can press the switch to cook for a second time. You can cook it for a second time!If too much oil can be placed in cold storage first, then the top oil slick will be filtered out, that is, low fat chicken essence!)

Tomorrow, I'll teach you how to get your postpartum lean back to Hot. Heigh-ho: < The Merry Pregnancy Merit. > I'm a Hot Span.