I'm here quietly, looking at you in front of the fluorescent screen
Those sexy, handsome, charming words can't clearly carve out your silhouette ...
You, is a man can not be defined, even if the brilliant appearance in front of everyone, but in my reverie space, you are the unreserved hug me, always accompany the sexy man around me.

Reverie is not a sin, but a kind of taste, is a kind of comfort, is a kind of only belong to your own heart love small theater. Because have the space of reverie, let our life no longer dull, also because have a daydream, let us feel another kind of the singular feeling that hugs. (Extended reading: more power for British male stars sexy big rankings )

In the end of 2013 will be near, quality love sexual desire site blush Red and women fans womany.net work together to invite you to choose in 2013 years, your heart that the most intriguing sexy male star, with us to share his charming and attractive side.

You can also first look at the blush in 2013 in the hearts of the most sexy and have a sexual imagination of the male star:"He, I Can" 2013 most of the sexual imagination of the sexy male star big public !

Activity time:

First stage nomination time: 11/15~11/30 We invite you to nominate the most intriguing male star in your mind.

Second stage polling time: 12/2~12/22 invite you to vote for the highest voice of the Dream Man Star

The third stage of the assessment vote: 12/23~12/27 by Womany Editor-in-Chief, blushing Small series and celebrities, together to select the last 10

Final stage Announcement list: 12/30 announcement of poll results

Methods of activity:

First, 11/15~11/30 to nominate your dream male star Questionnaire , fill in your mind the most intriguing male star.

Second, 12/2~12/22 please login to the female fan member , to the fan activities to participate in the "2013 Blush Red X women fans invited you to choose the 2013 most intriguing sexy male star" campaign to vote.

Blush Event Award:

To vote, there is a chance to get a blush small series of high textured appeal


Each person may vote for a maximum of three different candidates per day, and the same individual will not repeat the award.

Second, the activity method and list of winners according to this website is subject to publication.

Third, the prize sends the address only to Taiwan area (including Taiwan Peng Jinma area Wenjiang).

Please confirm that the personal data is correct and the winning list will be announced in 2014.1.10.

Five, the website and the member registers the email notice, the winner must return to the winner in one week the data, if does not send back within the deadline, will consider to give up, namely loses the winning qualification, the organizer also no further notice. The participant agrees that the data to be filled out or submitted is true and that no third person's data have been used or stolen. If the correct information is not provided as an invalid ticket, and the person unable to notify, overstay and data omissions when the event is awarded, it shall be deemed to have waived the award.

The winners agreed to cooperate with the organizers to publish the winners in the print, press and event websites to promote their activities.

If any of the activities are due to computer, network, where the telephone, malware or other cause of the organizer is not attributable to the data which is lost, wrong, unrecognized or destroyed by the person participating in the activity, the organizer will be deemed to be invalid and execute the ticket and shall not bear any legal liability, Neither the participants nor the winners are subject to any objection.

The Organizer reserves the right to revise the activities and replace the equivalent goods at any time.

The winner shall be an effective member of a woman's womany.net during the award.

Xi. participation of members over 18 years of age in this activity

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