Before the birth of the previous postnatal period and effort to restore the body , today everyone is moving along with the famous artist, Pei Zhen, to fight obesity, eliminate the meat and eat meat, and greet the beautiful curve with pleasure, perhaps even more beautiful than before.

Sitting on the belly of your stomach
Sit up and sit back to keep your belly peppin ' best. However, you can use some assistive tools that don't get hurt if you use some assistive tools when you finish your entire life.

I often do two kinds of ways: one is to use a pillow or a quilt cushion behind the waist, and then to sit on the back, and the second is to make use of fitness equipment.Either way, the emphasis is on the waist when it is hard to get hurt, and it can protect the waist and compact on the abdomen.

Base action (as shown):
1. The back of the waist clings to the chair back of the body, and the legs are straight and hold the handle with both hands.After a deep breath, the gas is breathable, and it is stored in the abdomen, making it hard.
2. The slower the better, the better, the better, the air, the air, the air, and the air, until it is not able to take a deep breath.
3. At the same time, the two hands and the abdomen are hard to sit up, and the body is sitting up, and the body is slowly spitting, and the slower the time it is.Effect of
: If you do so repeatedly for five to ten minutes, the abdomen will feel sore (meaning effective). As long as it lasts only a few days, the belly will become very tight.

Rolling back action
1. The two hands pull up the two feet, firmly support the height, and show the back arch type. At the same time, the two hands cling to the air and holding the air, and the abdomen is tightly stuck on theStay back, slowly and slowly, slowly and slowly. When you lie back to the floor, you let the air throw up and hold up your breath until it isn't able to take a deep breath.
2. At the same time, the belly is slowly sucked, and the air is kept in the belly for longer and longer.Effect of
: If you do so repeatedly for five to ten minutes, the abdomen will feel sore (meaning effective). As long as it lasts only a few days, the belly will become very tight.

Flat action
1. Lying on the floor, both hands are easy to release, with a pair of kneecap, and a deep breath and a breath of air.
2. The abdomen and the hand and the head are supported by the stomach, slowly and slowly and slowly, slowly absorbing the rhythm, keeping the body and thigh like a wooden board, and maintaining this idea and breathing and posture until it is not able to resume action 1.
Effects: You can do more than five times a day for five minutes each time, so that you can have a quick and quick effect on your belly and your hips!It's hard to be skinny, too!

Peaney whispering
ask the moms to remember that when moving, they can wear the shape of the body, or the plastic waist is the best, and the effect will be doubled.If you feel uncomfortable when you move, I suggest you always wear it.When you look at the waist, the harder it becomes, it will know how much sense of achievement it will be!

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The trumpet is convex to the child's posture.

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