Xiao Liyang, a former member of the popular group K One, is now transformed into a creative singer, a setback and difficulty behind this. Let us listen to him!

Was one of the members of an iconic group that had been a young girl, how, after the stars had retrein, how did they face the loss and emptinness of the conflict?How do you find your own positioning?Today, we interviewed Xiao Yang to share his passion for music and perseverance.

I saw the guitar playing with the guitar, and in front of the public, it was easy to sing. It was hard to imagine that he was an introverted child as a child!His first contact with music was in the first year of elementary school. At that time, he was actually forced to go to the music class to learn the electronic organ. He was unable to adapt to the class class, but was unable to perform in class, but thus opened up his lifelong fate with music and performance.

Many people have a star dream, and when they ask about their creation, do they have a long way to go, and have a long way to go to show business?He shook his head and said, in fact, he had never thought of being an artist before.When I was in high school, I started to study the street dance because I liked L.A. BOYS.At the time of the university, when the technology industry was developed, he was the master of the electronics engineering project, and he planned to graduate to work at the technology company.If you don't want to be a dancer, you'll be interested in a

Later, under the circumstances of fate, the two partners who first danced at the dance company joined the brokerage firm, and joined the company with the creation of the new company.At first he refused, but when he saw his companions and agents take a serious attitude, he thought, let's try it out!From then on, there was a "KONE", which was the group of the time(Recommended reading: Dancing Milk: From students to Dad, who says the street dancing is not working?))

Not giving up the show: "It's the sky!""

In a family that grows in a strict family, it's very hard to get into the entertainment circle, and it's hard to get the support of the family.At this time, he couldn't help but reveal his lost face. He said that in the first few years, the interaction with his family was really not good, and that the family saw the results of his efforts before he began to accept it slowly.Speaking of this, he smiled at the Sunshine Boy, and said, "The walls of my house are full of my pictures!""

He's always a good boy. How can he, despite his family's opposition, want to step into the entertainment circle?He wanted to tell us, "The decision to be an entertainer actually didn't think too much, just decided it was decided, and then we did it."Perhaps unconsciously, I have the feeling I want to stand on the bench!"The seemingly randomness of the decision also shows what he has in mind for the music, his love for the performance."(Recommended reading: [Miss Sport] Three iron is like life: When you don't have a sprint, life will surprise you )

The elimination of the entertainment circle was fast, and the transition was fast.With a growing number of new generations, the star of the KONE is quickly redekable.Of course Tatang feels downfall, and will complain about not being paid attention, and once felt that there was no face to his family and friends.When asked, " What are you doing?Why don't you just see you on TV?"Let him not know how to answer," he said. "It's very sad."He said that at that time he was very closed, so he wrote all his emotions in songs and used songs to express his feelings in his heart.

I can't help but ask him, even under such circumstances, didn't you ever think about giving up?"I've been in contact with the performing arts or creation since I was a child," he said without hesitation. "I think maybe that's the end of the day!"So I never thought I'd change my way, and if I give up now, then the effort of these years will be wasted.And so he found another way out, and we saw a different kind of Hsiao Lian.

Be honest with yourself

Everyone always sees the bright side of the stars, but the hard work and the effort behind them are often unseen by the people.

In a few years of entertainment, there will definitely be ups and ups, and at the top of the show, there will be a drop in the valley floor.One of the most impressive impressions was the fact that when he went to the Golden Meloxing, he thought that he was already prepared for it, and that he did not have such a bad performance, but he was still being eliminated.

chose to be honest with himself. He knew that singing was not his own advantage, but that he could not only use it as a weapon in the music, but also to be more convinced that he was going to make his own style.(Recommended reading: dormant for seven years of music strength!)The Orange Ensemble: Creation, Self-Anatomy Process )

A different type of singer and singer from an idol, who is a singer, must learn a lot of things again.What is the most difficult part?"It's hard for me to do it," he said. "It's hard to say that live performances must be self-singing, and you have to practice constantly, so that you can perform to make people feel what they write.""

Creation, that is, I hope you can share your thoughts and thoughts with everyone, and you can make a bit of a drop in your life.The same is true of Liyang's creation. From the experience of the past and present, it is the inspiration for creativity and the sharing of the bitter and bitter emotions of life in life.He hopes that his own music can give you the idea of "life is like this, and who won't work hard and have to be happy."

of his first tasks, "I Love Variety," is to write the ecology and characters of some variety shows in Taiwan. In the song, the work of the upper class is very tired. If you open the program, you can have a hard day's ease of release." There are lots of things that make yourself happy. There are a lot of people who are more difficult than their own conditions, so don't be too pessimistic.He said so.(Recommended reading: Interview with Li Jiaying: If you want to be a hero, you should also know how to embrace vulnerability )

At the end of 2009, he and several friends had the idea of orchestras, named "The Ensemble".What is the special name?It turned out that one of the members was less honest with respect to emotions and had learned a lot from the experience. Therefore, he was deeply impressed by the fact that he had to be honest and not only to be honest, but also to be honest with the ten.I also hope that in this retenable world, you can honestly face up to yourself and honestly say what you want to say.

In the future, Lian hopes to be able to develop in all directions, not limited to creative singers, but can only play guitar or piano, or because it is an idol singer, and can only dance.After two or three years of hard work, he thought he was ready, and he was also actively seeking opportunities for performance. He wanted more people to hear their own music and send out the songs that were created with ulterior motives.

Enrich yourself, know yourself

A lot of young people have a star dream, how can we stand on this cruel dance platform, and we also invite you to make some suggestions.

"If you want to know clearly whether you want to go long or short, you really want to be in the show business for a long time. The first step is to flesh out its content and strength."If it is only an external table, it will not exist in one or two years."It's easy to get away with it, and it's a lot of serious," he said. " In addition, you have to know yourself and choose a road that best suits your own.Third, you don't have to follow popular myths, don't take the idea of what stars you want to learn, and how to learn. You can only do the second thing, not be better than him, so you have to find your own special characteristics and style."

"The optimism is that there is a person who does what he likes and doesn't regret it when he lies down."It was the last sentence that was to be shared with everyone.Because he is such a personality, he has always been using this kind of human life to work and deal with others.Without a proud attitude, there is no celebrity personality, no celebrity shelf, and we see him as an optimistic and optimistic attitude, insisting and conscientiously doing what he wants to love, walking out of the sunlight that belongs to his own road, warm and big boys.