Busy days, perhaps we can not say go away to fly to another country, but who said we do not have to take the MRT on a small trip? The warm sun in winter is so comfortable that it's sunny, and this weekend don't sleep enough to take the MRT trip! Take a look at the Womany carefully arranged Xinyi line MRT One small trip to give you a good idea of holiday travel!

01. Energy Man You: a day trip of Xinyi Line

Design route: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall-east gate Station-Daan Forest Park-101-Xiangshan See night view

First stop: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

From the beginning of the Memorial Hall, to the Adventure of historic monuments, visit the vast expanse of Freedom Square, but also in the way of the history of the past lesson, whether you are dozing off or with the side of the Friends pass notes ...

Second Station: Dongmen station

The early morning history of small adventure may be a bit of energy, at noon to the legendary food Paradise East Gate Station: Yongkang Street report it!

It is full of Japanese style of Yongkang Street, but also gourmet food to the dazzling food path! Japanese-style, Vietnamese-style, desktop, American, let you pick, whether it is located in the alley between the authentic Japanese ramen noodles, fried rice is not to add soy sauce top Taifeng, adhere to the daily fresh fish Table Table fish Restaurant, or the popularity of the Yongkang Street Mango Ice, the East Gate station everything, must be able to meet the gourmands of every customer tricky stomach! (You can also come to the secret kitchen of Yongkang alley 4F cookingHome)

Third stop: Daan Forest Park
Eat well in the afternoon full belly swell , do not comfort yourself to get up and move how to do? At this point you can take a station MRT, or walk to the neighboring Daan Forest Park, riding U Bike enjoy the city's rare good air.

Fourth Station: 101+ Xiangshan

Evening continue to sit free Lutheran line came to 101, dangling charming 101 business circle, or in the United States, the artist in 101 square design of love to come to this day of the souvenir photo! Late at night, or energy Man you, might as well climb up Xiangshan to a nocturnal adventure, from Xiangshan saw the Taipei night is first-class Oh!

02. Greedy Little Wenqing of you: Play with BMW Music Lutheran Line

Design route: 10,144 nan cun-Xiangshan-dongmen station-Xinyi Ann and station

Have you ever heard of BMW? It's not the BMW you're thinking of, it's a very popular combination of cycling (Bicycle), MRT (Metro) and walking (Walk) city travel in foreign countries at present! (Come to the city of U bike Adventure Bar)

First stop: 10,144 nan Cun

In the morning! 10,144 a variety of cafes around the surrounding, personalized shops, second-hand market, irregular simple Market suitable for like old new gadgets you to dig treasure Oh! After digging the treasure, the nearest to the nearby good mound to a Bong fragrant fruit.

Second Station: Xiangshan
After eating we start from 101, handsome ride on U Bike with a happy mood to Xiangshan climb the mountain! Out of the compact city frequency, take a good deep breath, in the breath between vomit, find their life rhythm .

Third Station: Dongmen station
Whirring Today's exercise seems a bit big, do not eat quickly how line! After the mountain, directly to the East Gate station of the gourmet Paradise, looking for tonight's gourmet soul mate!

Fourth station: Xinyi Ann and Zhan

We all know sometimes is greedy, food can only see can not eat is too painful, if always feel a little eat not enough, Xinyi Ann and station near the Tonghua night market is also a good choice for you to continue the delicious adventure Oh!

03. Save time: Xinyi Line transfer strategy

"Xinyi Line Preferential period"

Preferential period:

From November 24 (Sunday) to December 23 (Monday).

Preferential measures:

1. The mileage of the newly-opened road (Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Station-Xiangshan station) is not discounted and the remaining mileage is maintained at the current charging mode.

2, from the central and the line, the power station and the ancient kiosk station in and out, to and from the freshwater line Tai Hospital station north to Beitou station (including the new Beitou station) of passengers, holding a leisurely travel card concessionary fares from 80 percent to 70 percent.

"To grasp the core of the seven stations, Taipei City tourism is very simple"

01. Dongmen Station: Xinyi Line, China and the new LU line intersection station, the people in Yonghe area whether to Xinyi District or Vaseline, Beitou areas are more convenient.

02. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Station: Fresh water new store line, the small South Gate line intersection station, the new area people only need 1 times to transfer, can direct to the Xinyi Business Circle, save more precious time.

03. Gouting Station: Freshwater new store line, the Sino-San Lu Line Rendezvous Station, for the Yonghe, Xin Dian area visitors to Taipei City, an important interchange hub.

04. Daan Station: Wen Hu Line 3rd interchange Hub, Wenshan, Neihu area people in the future whether to go to the World Trade Center, 101 building, Xiangshan, Daan Forest Park, or Taipei station, Vaseline, Beitou and other areas, can be in the Daan station interchange.

05. Simon Station: Western Flip axis, Xinyi line after the opening, the small South Gate line extends to "Simon-Taiwan Power Building", and the grid will also be from the current 10 minutes, a substantial reduction of 6-8 minutes, new stores and the east-west, Banqiao, Tu-cheng area will be more convenient.

06. Taipei Railway Station: Regardless of other counties or cities or Banqiao, tu area of the people, in Taipei Station Interchange Lutheran Line, a lift only 13 minutes to reach the Taipei World Trade Center, 101 building.

07. Beitou Station: The key to the convergence of freshwater, Xinyi area, the Xinyi line after the opening, Beitou station for the Lutheran line North end terminal. Fresh water, Beitou, Shilin area and Xinyi business district, greatly shorten the distance and commuting time.

Life is busy, dear you, how long did not stop to appreciate the scenery around it? How long have you never noticed the subtle changes in the city? How long have you not noticed this city is actually very beautiful? This weekend, you might as well visit Taipei with a tourist perspective , plan a small MRT trip, and look forward to meeting you in the city on the Lutheran line:

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Author: womany Editorial office/Audrey Ko

Reference data: Taipei City MRT Bureau
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