Dear you, again on the time of the month of the meeting, the theme of this [Sharon] is travel > > [Woman: Sharon] She talks to him: travel Church our business.

A writer once said, " For me, the focus is not on where to go, but on the journey, I travel for travel, and the best thing in travel is to move forward .I don't know what the trip means to to leave, to find yourself, to completely empty your mind , or if you're traveling, you want to travel, or you're planning on your next trip, womany would like to talk about the trip and tell us about those trips!

Before the lecture begins, we invite the speaker, "She" and "He", to talk about the attitude of the trip and the preempting of the pre-salon to visit ."He" was a young man's traveller's first meeting with a backpack senior traveller, although it was the first meeting of the Miss Ma "and" Cheese , but the two quickly discovered that they were similar in background and had a passion for education and travel, opening the chatbox and making a happy night of the trip.What kind of sparks did she encounter with his first meeting?Let's take a look!

He said, "Travel Change Life", she said, "Travel is like absorbing nutrients"

Each person's travel has its own meaning.Speaking of the significance of travel, " travel is the process of life change" , said the plant's skin.Travel is more extensive than you think, and for me it's more like a lifestyle lifuestyle.We often think that travel is limited to "moving bodies", but it's a pity if travel is purely "physically moving."On the journey, I would like to ask myself to magnify the senses, to feel myself as to what to travel, because travel can give more than just physical movement, but a different view of the world, the way of looking at life, and looking at life.Like the growth of life, it's going to be metabolized and metabolized, and traveling allows us to put ourselves in another place to reflect.(Extended reading: What can you get from travel?)

The horses are busy nodding and their point of view: " Travel is the absorption of nutrients, and the more nutrients I get from travel, the more look at things at the point of view, and the perspective of the angle of view.It often seems to be a pity that many people want to go home to help themselves and to keep up with the tide of the current trend of self-help travel.But they didn't ask themselves what the most wanted travel was, so from that "copy" other person's travel pattern, it was hard to get to their own nutrition."

The non-replicable travel memory

trip is a non-replicable, what we've been through before deciding on our current travel attitude, and the nutrient that we have now, which affects our future choices.

Smile in the world, and the world will smile at you

The horses are then saying that travel is the process of getting and digesting, and when we need the nutrients, it is also the time for growth.And when we know what we're traveling, even if it's pure and empty, it's a gain. For travel purposes, it is to satisfy their own travel purpose.If it is satisfied, it will be a travel memory that only belongs to itself and is not replicable.

Travel is: Unusual thinking logic

Travel is the usual comfort circle , and is an unusual logic to think about.As we enter a strange country, we go deep into another strange way of thinking, like role-playing, and we have suddenly a foreigner in the eyes of a local person. the same time as the identity conversion, we can also jump out of the ordinary and look at yourself in a different way.

The horse and eggplant are very cute. They say that if you don't have time to travel, you can start with the usual thinking logic in your daily life.Each of them has put forward small exercises that they have often done.The horse says that if you used to go home from A Road, you might as well try to ride on a U Like ride home today.With different ways of moving and moving away from different paths, it's actually like a trip!The logic of jumping off the usual logic may also be a novelty for the people who see different things.

Eggplant skin invites everyone, on a flat road surface, to try to walk in bare feet!In the beginning, it might be a little bit shy, but really did, and it turns out that you put yourself in a different way of life, and the other parts of the sensory experience will open up.Or try to use a tourist's perspective to see this familiar city.It's a practice that you can do in your daily life.

Travel begins with an ordinary life.

Chat one's travel , About Self Service Travel

When talking about a person's travel, eggplant skin, and horses are strongly recommended, and feel that everyone should have tried to travel alone once and for all their lives.

people in this generation often feel that they don't have a sense of direction, because our environment and ourselves don't let us be responsible for ourselves."We may not even think that it is important to be responsible for ourselves, because we are too used to the suggestion that we are the best option. A person's journey begins with the easiest life and goes to to learn to be solely responsible .From the moment the plane lands, we have the responsibility, and we have to make a choice for ourselves, choose what kind of journey you want, choose some kind of bed, choose what kind of transportation to travel, and choose your own travel purpose.This is the magic of a person's journey. A person's travel is responsible for his or her own of , or good or bad.

The Horse says so: too many people now like to celebrate a traveler, I have to say one person travel is absolutely good or bad.But the real point is that, for good or bad, you have to try and make a decision.It's very difficult for modern people to enjoy loneliness, and loneliness makes us afraid, but I think that the more we fear, the more we feel about the limits of our own, and that one travel is to face up to ourselves and the challenges of practicing and being alone.(Extended reading: Are you today, Me time? )

The horses also mentioned their first self-service, where the destination was Montreal!She said that at the time she was very resistant to English, and felt that "it was good to see the road sign anyway". I didn't expect that in Montreal, everything seemed to start to take root, and it was full of French words that were not understood in the surrounding area.At one point, I felt very scared, but at the same time I had to force myself to open up. Because there was nothing, I had to ask, start to explore the unknown, and thus learn the first French word Sortie (the meaning of the export).For Miss Ma, who was a shy woman, the trip made her feel become more " brave .

Overseas, Meet the United States

When you are living abroad, you often experience personnel in Taiwan. When you share your own experience in Southeast Asia, you see the words "Pingtung County Police Department" in Cambodia. At that time, it was so good and funny.The stolen cars stolen in Taiwan have actually come to this far away from the sea.(Extended reading: National Geographic Recommendations!Bicycle Light Travel 2100 kilometers))

Ma's machine shared a very moving story.At the time, she met an older sister, Mm, who was in her 80s at a nursing home in Leuven, Belgium, where she was more than a man.The elder sister heard her from the Taiwan Strait, and said she had spent more than 20 years in Marzu's life, but she was only 20 years old. She saw an unprecedented death in her life. She saw the local people and saw the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, and had a deep understanding of the culture and history of the island.It's a wonderful feeling, and the horse says, " At this place, we're seeing a foreigner who knows more about Taiwan than you do.Be the miracle in someone's life, on the Mem, the horse machine saw the transcendent selfless love .

You and I may have seen stories on the uniform of the children in Africa in the news. In fact, travel is not going to get us farther away from Taiwan. On the contrary, where we encounter people and experiences, we have a deeper understanding of this piece of land in Taiwan.(Extended reading: Looking for Taiwan Plaza in Europe )

A sentence for the traveller?

Mar machines; "There are no bad places, only people who don't know how to play.""
you want to run away, you want to think about your own travel purpose, and you don't have a good time to play, because you can play the most suitable way to travel.

Eggplant skin: " Travel must be a life attitude." How does
make travel a life attitude?No one is not a friend, and no one is a classroom, and no one can transcend oneself at all times.

Define travel with a word

Finally, the small encoder and the eggplant skin each define travel with a single word.

The Horse is written down by the German Bitte!
said Bitte was the first German word she learned, but could also be an unwelcome meaning, and also her travel companion's name to the bear.The horse says that travel is very much like a language, and the same word, on different occasions, and different people, may have different interpretations.Equally, different people, different times, different experiences, can be interpreted differently.As you can see, New York, not New York, I see a lot of explanations, just like every trip that you can't replicate.(Extended reading: Girls, go travel!)

Cheese write down the text!(Small-series, worried that he would write a Nazi symbol carefully)
Eggplant " refers to the dot of the center of the center. In the traveling, he is the main body, but when we travel, we go through different time spaces, and we constantly extend ourselves.But the most important thing is to return to the main body, because the experience we have accumulated will determine how we can watch it.The most important thing is to learn to digest the experience of travel and experience in life.

Maybe you can see here, you can also take out a piece of paper, write down your view of travel with a word, and share it .

On the night of the day, horses and ketchup also shared a lot of interesting experiences on travel.I was quietly listening to my eyes, looking at the light and sharing the feelings of the traveler, and suddenly felt that the night of the conversation with the speaker was not moving, but it felt like a world of travel.More travel to the people, let them tell us in person when they come to the mini-salon.

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