Fashion is a fashion for five parties, making you the focus of the whole audience!

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In ancient traditions in the West, a marriage of June's marriage had said that every girl who married in June could be happy forever, so that the girls who married in June were called June brides.Some people choose to believe in this superstition, and many people choose to believe it, so that the newlyweds who married in June made the atmosphere of June brimming with love filled with bubbles.(Recommended reading: Pick out the dream wedding dress of the world!)It is the most beautiful June bride

When you get good news from your friends, what do you need to wear when you're happy?What's the bag?"This type of problem must also be a problem for you!"The brightening body of dressing is respect for weddings, but don't forget a very important etiquette — " — green leaves can't surpass the safflower!Let's teach you how to wear the Africa Party today as the most dazzle star in the party. Let's enjoy the extravagant extravagant luxury!

Vitamins are colourful

summer, it's bright, bright, lemon, grape purple, strawberry red and so on. We'll call it candy, or vitamins. It's a pure color.

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Bling bling is a rebel

As long as you wear a dress with champagne gold, it is not a difficult task to reflect the high level of glossy and high profile appearance.Playing down the natural microfilm, the long hair, the rebellient personality, or the high horse tail, can all show a different style.

You want to match with the gold dress, and you can match with some of the metal and leather elements.Leather-made necklace rings, also painted leather, high-heeled shoes, and bags are all necessary.A bold and backward style of taste, rebellitio, the queens of fashion queen exhare!(Recommended reading: Six Elements of a Fidelin in Winter, Make You Fashion Queen

Soft material is sweet

silk fabric is very soft and has a soft texture, wearing a Western-shaped earring, wearing a dress with a pair of Roman shoes, or a ribbon of high heels, with a gentle breeze and a gentle breeze. The pink is one of the sweetest weapons.

Geometry or pattern of flowers, let girls love their hands, and want to be a sexy, sexy, V-neck style. They want to be sweet but not greasy. As if the sun is in the garden, it gives people a sense of visual sense that they have a heart and mind.(Recommended reading: Geometry of Geometry Matter Matters

White love is good

White is a clean and pure symbol that always gives people a fresh image of a neighbourhood girl. When wearing white dress, shoes can be used in the simplest and fashionable black and white, but it is also highly recommended to use the wooden cuneiform sandals of the earth color scheme.

The more simple the recommendation is, the more natural it is, the more romantic and the naive, but a lazy and lazy, but also smelling of a filament of vanilla.

The black lace is sexy

The diagonal shoulder is a compact and simple line with a simple line that expresses the good shape, while the ornaments can choose a highly elegant necklace, or a short design of a short necklace in English.In fashionable trends, lace has always played an important role in the design and cutting of lace. The combination of the retro tide of lace is a perfect interpretation of the woman's flavor. Besides being sexy, it adds to the mystery of the mystery.