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When it comes to physiology, Womany has helped you organize a lot of information! From menstrual cycle weight reduction method , physiological period diet key , menstruation before and after the beauty muscle cycle , to break the good habit of menstrual pain. Don't forget to take care of your Little red box on time every month! Today, I want to tell you more about the physiological period of small knowledge! We asked you for a professional pharmacist who graduated from the Department of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University. She's coming to talk to us today about the reminders, the physiological period of the relevant information Oh!

We have a lot of questions about menstruation. Menstruation, is our most intimate also most does not understand friend. In order to better understand and our intimate coexistence of it, womany specially invited to the Department of Pharmacy graduates of the professional pharmacist for us, talk about the physiological period how to take care of their best, menstrual volume too much too little how to do, menstruation can have sex, as well as the related issues of reminders. (More menstrual knowledge, all in your physiological period of knowledge area )

Q1: What is the impact of PMS when severe?

In fact, there will be any situation. If the mood swings, some people may be more irritable. But some people can be irritable to have no way to live a normal life. For example, when she commutes to work, the mood has been irritable to a certain stage, it will affect life. Some people have a headache before menstruation, may be a slight headache, may also be painful to endure. Any symptoms of PMS can be large. (Beware of the wacky behavior of PMS!) )

Q2: Menstruation is not normal, what should eat adjust?

Parts of the diagnosis and use of drugs can be given to a physician. Each Chinese medicine will also be in accordance with each person's physique, use different formula to help recuperate the body. If it is normal conditioning, to health food, that is, we generally say that the Omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids things, such as the month saw grass oil, lettuce glass oil. ( to four kinds of ng food say no, menstruation can also be water when )

Q3: Why sometimes menstruation, the first two days of menstrual volume suddenly become less?

May be the blood circulation in the womb is not good. Just like we would say we can't drink cold drinks and so on. Like if your menstrual period, you eat some ice, you will find less blood, this is the menstrual stasis. Because of eating raw and cold food, menstrual blood can not be as normal as smooth line out, it is possible to report the next menstrual will be more painful oh! (There are four kinds of food in the period must not touch!) )

Q4: Can you know what the problem is with your menstrual status?

Basically, usually can only guess inside the uterus because eats too many raw and cold food and blood circulation is bad. If you want to know the other state of the body, or to consult a physician, through professional diagnosis to know the situation in other parts of the body Oh!

Q5: Why urge the classics?

First, some people want to come early in the physiological period , she will not be affected after the holiday. Second, some people are very disturbed by PMS, she is not afraid of the period of time, but she was afraid of premenstrual syndrome that time will affect the exam, or vacation, so she early let physiological period. Or, some people may have a long period of time has not come, her menstrual cycle has been irregular. So she's going to want to use the reminders to get the physiological period back on the set. But basically, we still want to diagnose the doctor more suitable. Whether you want a push or a warp today, the reason we want you to see Obstetrics and Gynecology is because, first of all, diagnosis is their strength. Furthermore, they can use ultrasound to understand the extent of endometrial thickness and then adjust the medication as appropriate.

Q6: What is a push-through drug?

The drug is to take a higher concentration of hormones, eat a few days later stop, let the body feel a concentration difference. This is to imitate our physiological period to come before the body endocrine of a gap, let the body thought physiological period should come.

Q7: What is the ingredient of the drug?

Basically there will be a relatively high concentration of progesterone in the formula. But some are single prescriptions and some have a prescription.

Q8: Do not know already pregnant condition, eat a reminder to take medicine, what will be the consequence?

There may be a risk of miscarriage. Because of the impact of endocrine fluctuations, no one can guarantee. (Some of the myth is that if you are pregnant with a reminder, is it actually an abortion?) Progesterone itself can be a fetus, but some of the ingredients are not necessarily a single component. Pregnant to eat the fetal medicine is to make progesterone more stable, but the reminder may only be progesterone, but also may be progesterone with other drugs to take. So the two drugs can not be compared, because the choice of the luteinizing pigment and pregnant to eat the yellow body is not the same. (will become a prospective mother of you, to see the pregnancy of the autumn and winter health care bar!) )

Q9: Do you have any side effects from eating health foods like primrose oil?

It's okay. But if you already have fibroids, ask your doctor before you take them. People who have mild fibroids may say they can eat it, but serious people will ban it.

Q10: Can love love during physiology?

We don't recommend it. The reason is because first, more susceptible to bacterial infection. Because physiological period comes, the body PH value (endocrine state) is compared with the usual. So it will be more susceptible to infection, and menstrual blood is very nutritious things, so if there are bacteria or mold will be very troublesome. So, it is recommended to use condoms in your menstrual loving partner, which can reduce the risk of contracting disease. (In fact, love and Love in the menstrual period, but pay attention to health safety Oh!) )

Q11: May I have a physical period of love and love?

It's still not recommended. If the physiological cycle to calculate, is basically a safe period. But if the original menstrual period is maladjusted, there is no way to guarantee. And some people may only be oviposit period of bleeding, but she thought physiological period came, this time can not be judged. So it still depends on the person, and there is no absolute risk. (Look at the blush , said: " physiological period can also be happy three knowledge )

Q12: menstrual sex , beforehand should notice what? Do you have a suggested posture?

Be sure to clean afterwards. Be sure to clean beforehand, and preferably wear condoms. As for posture, it is all OK! Posture does not affect the risk that you have just said. Basically you just want to clean, you can! Xiao Bian said: "The pharmacist sister, you are quite open ah ..." )

The above 12 questions is not to help you to dispel the problem?

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