Girl's New Mall: PULL&BEAR Home Survey

PULL&BEAR officially opened yesterday (11/28) at the Taipei ATT 4 Fun, believing that it will be a new battle for girls' blood and blood.As well as Zara , the Pull & Bear brand of the same clothing group, Inditex, was created for 22 years, with a group of dead loyal fans in the European brand name brands.Compared to the Morden fashion of Zara, the Pull & Bear is more young and fashionable in the young fashions, and is tailored to both men and women who are young and young.

You want to be a little street, a little sexy, a little playful, an elusive hybrid girl, giving the PULL&BEAR the exclusive shape of your entire body.If you're curious that PULL & BEAR doesn't lift up like Zara and Uniqlo in the crazy queuing fever, "I've spent four hours queuing up for four hours, but I can't buy my discount discount for the opening day," said a friend of the crowd."

EditOwn: Inditex Group's Zara, PULL&BEAR, and Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home and Uterq ü e, and PULL&BEAR currently has nearly 850 locations in 67 countries!

Pull & Bear to create new stores

Like clothing styles, Panmunjom is life-alive, creating unique and distinct spaces.

The Spanish interior designer, L á zaro Rosa-Violol á inspired by the North American Palm Springs, inspired the legendary California Palm Springs, discarding traditional windows, using classic glass or brick, creating shadows, and providing a warm welcome to consumers.The audiovisual projection increases legal sense and transforms the sales context into a moving, changing environment.

The new store concept brings back the regression of the DIY storm, such as the color painting of cement, OSB, pine, combining the doors, gray walls and other decorative elements from abandoned buildings, creating an environment that is very rich in color, material, and texture.The idea of L á zaro is to create a well-designed but not a baroque store that makes it easy for consumers to feel comfortable and comfortable and enjoy the shopping experience.Past visual technology lights have been replaced by a large number of decorative lamps, creating a unique atmosphere, as living from interior design magazine, is no longer just a .

The unique store concept is designed to be different from the general consumption, which is the age of the community, inviting the consumer experience and sharing it for everyone.

PULL&BEAR is equipped with the most advanced technologies, including the design of interactions with consumers, such as interactive touch screens.It even provides a mobile phone charger.In addition, all stores are designed to build on several environmental principles, such as energy conservation, efficient use of water resources, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, improvement of the indoor environment, sustainable resource management, and increased awareness of the potential impact on our environment.(It's a concept of environmental protection while shopping!)

Hei hei hei?Before we go to the scene to rob and rob a little, let's make womany an exclusive arrangement for this year how to use PULL & BEAR to get out of the orthodox European style!

Knitting: refusing to be a good girl

knit coat or knit item don't be a good girl!""

A mixed-color knit coat with you, I have white plain clothes and black skirt, new and ungreasy girl/woman style!

This gives you a better look at the whole thing: You can use a prime-colored jacket to hitch up your feet, step on the boots, and make the knit coat get hot, hot, sexy and sexy.

A good knit coat is a prerequisite for a hybrid girl, and it is also absolutely full.

This year you want to take a lazy knit coat?The choice is key!

This year is the focus of the fall of this year!Are they also buying wine and monolour products?In addition to giving people more white magic, the wine can also bring adults to mature for a moment!
of apricot is the color of the girl's love, and the pure charm of a person who wants to be caught.

The is a small note: If you're proud of your leg line, you can remember to wear shorts that are shorter than the knit coats, and no one can be more sexy than you!(This is perfect for vampires with twilight and twilight

> This year's selection of knit blouses: Cut too close to fit, use fluffy sterotomy to create a lazy winter flavor.

Looking at knit shirts and shorts, the school models take a portion of the coat into their pants, and the whole person's spirit is up, and the woman's exclusive beauty is suddenly blossoming.

Summer has snowflaked ice, snowflake coats in winter

If only a little dull, PULL&BEAR says, " Hey!This winter, we'll play the knitting style with ash knitting and snowflakups!

The first fan of the snowflake knitting: The snowflake knitting itself is a strong style, and a tight pair of jeans, shorts, and playful BF-sensitive jeans are ideal.
It's just a piece of knitting that doesn't look good enough for a piece of knit.: Snowflake knitting, of course, can be mixed up, trying to get a shirt on a snowflake knitting shirt, so it's super-smelling!Be a cowboy shirt, a white shirt, a shirt, a shirt, and it's a taste of the test.

Do you want to have European flavour?To be true, at least one European overcoat is a big one.

The air field is so strong that a person can change the overall impression of a person, and if she is somewhat bored with his past style, why don't you come and play some new tricks this year?Even though we would like to say that women's wardrobe, like, what clothes would always be missing .... (sibling: Who wouldn't say who would wear a big coat of shoes?)

Who does not need a basic model?
A Line "line of the" A Line "was cut by the cut-off, and the interior of the deep-card was" definitely "a" fixed ".

This is an ancient version of the Ancient flavor: A Line overcoat + totem/gallowe/weeny sweater + boots + boots + weeny glasses are immediately reverted to the 80-flavor.
This is a sexy topic for the following: A Line: A Line's big coat + white silk shirt + gyrus, nine westernsuits and high-heeled shoes. I think we can also imagine our charming look!(Let's also look at: OL's Big Five Wish-In Focus )

The light card is definitely the primary choice for the European overcoat color!The coat style of the suit is cut in style, and it is sexy and sexy.

This is a small token: The model works with the polo wine red shirt and the high waist denim skirt, so that the European style overcoat looks no longer hard on the state, and more women are more attractive.It is suggested that the old shirts ( dot dot , flowers, and grains are all matched) can be used together with a vegetarian dress with a vegetarian dress to play with a variety of European flavors!(Europeans how to wear: Berlin Fashion Week photo: Woman )

Another option of the European wind coat: Ew, where is the coat?

The hair is a little formal, a bit elegant, a little bit elegant, and a little bit elegant. It makes one unconsciously think of the European nobility.

This is a low-key approach: the hair, the overcoat, the curve and the jeans + has a root boot, and perhaps the whole body's attention, but everyone's eyes are on the ground.
Let's use the philosophy of Europeans to wear wool and make casual snitch!Plumbing/denim shirt-knitted sweater + woolen sweater + black/olive green/card skinny jeans + featured boots! (Also, look at: 10 seconds!

Brand PULL&BEAR has a strong cyclone to come to Taiwan this

to the PULL&BEAR to kill the prey:
(a small editor has been preempting this winter season)

Follow the court's mansion to the design of the main axis, extend this year's resurvection.

The 50-year knitting process is passed


Literary milk tea brown x rex green, two colors, four fashion terms, this year's Winter Games,

> [Women's Ball] Medieval Warm Clothing (two)

The Fashion charm
this year
> > [Joint planning] Six strokes!Easily take out the Oversize Fashion Style
> > Ten seconds!Wrongwendong to decide on winning
> > Hot Tengteng Fasher
> > Different skin tone can be used with new

Author: womany editorial section/Aubrey Ko

Photo source: PULL&BEAR Gun