The sudden changes in life is so unprepared, everything is impermanent, life can not rewind, give yourself a period of time, think of what is your life do not do will regret it?

Every second we write a new history for ourselves, and the small choices and decisions we make at the moment will come to you again some day in the future. Some memories will drift away without a cloud, some, you will inadvertently sink into the "if not to do so, but to do so, things will not be different?" "Thoughts in the reincarnation. But whether it is regret or pity, who can assure you that, in another way, there will be no more sadness? ( extended reading: "The stolen five years" you never, is not lonely ) Perhaps we should do is not to deny the past, but to thank those less beautiful experience, and learn to sublimate it into fireflies, illuminate their own life to be continued.

But are you wondering how careful you are to avoid stepping into a sorry swamp again? Will the daily panic life be too forced to die himself? Perhaps, life can never be perfect , no matter how much preparation, or there will be regrets occur, but there are some things you do not do, will regret life. ( extended reading: Eight assumptions about those years ) this time womany a special consult, experienced the ups and downs of life of the Great Mother and well-known website the good Men Project Senior Editor Joanna Schroeder (Joanna Schroeder), she wants to share with all the less than 30, life has seven things, the sooner cherish, can truly have no regrets of life! I hope these proverbs can make more people's lives less regrettable.

Take the initiative to get close to someone

Life, will inevitably meet some people want to approach, but because of their default too much, but not the first step to meet people. But dear you know, even if the result of the active conversation is not as good as you expect, the result is not the most important point.

The point is, you're finally willing to take the courage to do something that you've always wanted to do.

As long as there is any chance to talk to each other, do not need to deliberately find a special topic, just holding a simple heart and greet each other to chat! If you're too nervous to say the wrong thing and think better, at least he'll leave you with a little bit of an impression, not a whole blank. Next time openly, to want to know the person Say a Hi! No matter what kind of fate, if it does not take the initiative to come over, change ourselves to stride towards it. ( extended reading: Test your exclusive pursuit of Love initiative!) )

Always be honest with yourself

Some moments in life, say really let people very want to "steal step"; perhaps because of the small cheat, lie or not adhere to their own principles will make things more smooth, so in order not to trouble, do not want to let others worry, or consider themselves to be considerate of others, we will not necessarily choose to be honest. ( extended reading: Actor: himself, is the most beautiful treasure Hu Tingting )

For example, on a Valentine's birthday, you tell him that the gift has been chosen to not let him down. But in fact, you have not or have any difficulties to buy, in the dialogue, because do not want to ask others do not want to answer the things, so choose to tell a small lie easy perfunctory, obviously in a bad mood, but do not want to let people worry or exaggerated sympathy, Choose to say that you are very good, nothing, because others think you are very gentle and delicate, in order to win the goodwill of others, you deliberately packaging yourself as the other side of the image. Of course, occasionally open a special case, adjust life is harmless, but in the long run, it is easy to unconsciously lost themselves. This will also be a serious injury to you, not an easy future.

Being yourself is a bit of a hassle at first, but once you become a habit, life will really start to live comfortably.

Keep the character that best represents you

When we are young, we always want to imitate those who go faster than us, hope that in the youth and energy at the peak of the years, the other side of the advantages and intelligence quickly absorbed, to become better people. This positive change is good, of course, but when you adjust your personality, you should not forget that everyone has some character that can't be copied, or thrown away. If you put all the advantages stacked on your body, become a good to too false and no edges and corners of their own, then contact you, it is difficult to become intimate friends with you. Because those people want to make friends with you, because they like your good, not like the most original, flawed but more unique and charming you. ( extended reading: Out of the comfort zone, experience real life and cold)

Do not need to let everyone like you, because you care about those people, a lot of just happened to pass by.

Be gentle with people and animals that are weaker than you.

Although look at the moment of their own, perhaps not strong enough to where, but dear, as long as the ability to pay, you have more than a lot of people have influence! When you meet people or animals that need help, don't skimp on your tenderness and pull them together, because you are helping yourself as you help them. ( extended reading: "12 Nights" director: Gentle overthrow of the world, Hudougou a tomorrow Raye) have not found that when people in the help of the sense of achievement and self-confidence will also be relatively improved? It is a kind of "the original can become the dependence of others" of steadfast self-confidence. Remind yourself to be a good example wherever you go. Because you never know who is watching you silently, learning from your strengths, and even trying to be someone like you. Remember, never underestimate yourself, you are always more important than you think.

You don't just belong to yourself, you still have a lot of things in common with others. Although life is less free, it is more interesting, more warm and more adorable.

Now, open your mind and lengthen the human line! Make your life more abundant and more intimate with the people you love.

Buy a cup of coffee for someone

Sometimes, it doesn't take a lot of money to buy expensive gifts, and inviting each other to have a cup of coffee is enough to make each other's distance from 100 meters away a zero. Dear, really is so magical, when the other party does not pay attention to pay, such a small thoughtful only once, will let each other remember in the heart of life. Although it is only a small matter, but this represents not only the generosity of money, but also a kind of not deliberate intimate action. Whether you are the first time to meet new friends or old friends to catch up, be inadvertently loved, who are very difficult not to give a smile of surprise! ( extended reading: Smile to see the world, the world will smile to you )

If the other party is determined to pay, gently said to him, "Next time you please!" 」

But remember, please don't hold on to want each other's likes to buy it, from the heart of the willing, all this makes sense. If your effort is expected to be rewarded, it will only prove that you are a child who likes to manipulate others and not grow up.

A lot to cherish our Earth

In the natural environment, there is no overpowering-the-nature this matter, nature will eventually take back, the human must strike a balance with nature in order to live safely.

Although we are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, we also know that rubbish should be sorted and lights should be turned off to reduce carbon footprint, but no matter how much you do, there will always be more things you can do to love the Earth. When you walk, bike, or coffee, try to bring a thermos instead of a paper cup in a café; after a pot of water, replace the thermos with a thermos flask, not only to keep the boiling heat warm but also to save electricity; try to make less rubbish, support fair trade and not waste food, As well as more casual but can continue to more life on earth small Things. Love the Earth, love the country, said is very easy, but to persevere in doing that love can be proved. Dear, the earth is so silent love us, who are not qualified for their own selfish desires, and let the Earth bear his undeserved grievances, you say? ( Extended reading: Environmental protection bag Health and safety)

Nourish the mind with music

Not just the guitar, but any musical instrument you're interested in, including piano, ventriloquist, jazz drums, Ukrilli, or cello, and they can bring you a lot more than you expect! Whether or not you have time to enroll or practise, put the goal of musical instruments into your life plan and try to make it happen! Always passively wear headphones to listen to music, rather than play or create music, it will really surprise you, we can create a vast expanse of surprise for ourselves. ( extended reading: Composer: tumbling music!) Wang Xiwen )

It doesn't matter if you're not interested in being a musician, consider it a tool to express stress. Perhaps some people think that learning music requires talent, no talent is not forced, but you need more, in fact, is full of trust in their own. In the final analysis, no matter what interest you want to cultivate, it is important to believe that you can do it, no matter when and where, actively let life become rich and layered, is your life-worthy attitude.

With plenty of inner cultivation, your vision will take you to a more beautiful place.