Hey, very happy, Little Red Box service to enter the third month! For the first time in the box, we worked with Super healing illustrator Christopher, who drew a story of a pink forest (now if you want to buy only the exclusive box for Christopher, you can also click on the link to buy it.) ) Christopher said:

"No matter how big it is, every woman will always have a little girl in her heart who is looking to be cared for." I expect everyone who opens the Little red box to open a fairy tale like that. 』

And this December, we are once again working with a cute illustrator, the bread tree! Her paintings, very fairy-style, we feel super suitable for Christmas and the festive atmosphere of the year, light to see the box (if you want to buy a simple box can also be OH), can feel the strength again.

A Little red box with a lot of different stories behind it.

It may be hard to imagine how difficult it is to launch a monthly physiological-related box, but it's really not as simple as you think! To take care of the basic physiological needs, and hope that each month can give you a number of different surprises, I hope to give you more intimate more caring, we always prepared a box, and then opened their own, imagine when they received this issue of small red box, will be a little more happy.

These two months, we are most happy, is to see a lot of people seriously come back to write experience ( October experience , November experience ), or call, or write to share they received small red box (or send out the mood story of the Little Red box).

Little Red box: Boy Considerate Girl

Boys know how to be considerate of girls because of their little red box .

There are boys who say:

"Thank you, yes!" Otherwise I don't know the original girl menstruation , need to prepare so many things to take care of her! 』

" Long Distance Love we, sometimes really very upset, feel unable to take care of her around her, but order this thing, really let me feel relieved a lot, she also felt my intentions. Thank you! "

"If there is no such service, every month not only her physiological period to bad mood, I will follow the mood is not good, will want to say to flash away a little." But recently decided this, the girlfriend whole very happy, rare her menstruation does not quarrel, ha. (also come to see: Why menstruation will want to cry )

The newest intimate function: Have the girl said: "I hope my he knows menstruation comes, I good need small red box oh, can you help me secretly tell him?" "Your needs we hear, say need, let the other half know how to be intimate you will be better (please click on the right side of the Little Red Box website He loves you, little button)!"

Little Red Box: intimate intimacy between girls

Girls Because of small red box, know how to dote on themselves, also like to give their girlfriends sisters, a girl said:

"I really think it's nice to have a company like this, because it's a very busy day at work, with night shifts and big nights, and it's really fun to open the present, because you and I know how to take care of myself." 』

"There are a lot of things oh, there are masks, Valkhof, vitamins, scented tea, cups, warm bags, as well as my commonly used tampons and pads brand Yes!" It's amazing! Originally thought is the card white small card, turned over unexpectedly has writes ~ To see the whole mood all Bong! I began to look forward to the next physiological period! Today I have a box for my sister to share as a birthday present. 』

"Received a small red box today ~ everywhere is a surprise yes!" and sent a box to my dearest friend.

Little Red Box: conveying the deepest love

There are also moving mother, not familiar with online shopping, so call to step by step to ask how to study for the daughter of a distant purchase. She said:

"Thank you for your help. Let my home baby received a surprise to her and touched the gift. And once again feel the love of her parents (your card message). Although our family has a 3-mouth hug. Chat.. But rarely love the message .... Thank you again. 』

"In the past to call the daughter to drink Valkhof, she will be afraid of fat not to drink, but your little red box inside the Valkhof , she is willing to try, know Valkhof really is a good thing for girls. Thank you very much. I also continue to help my daughter to order ... "(Because mother Love, always the most tactful feeling deep )

See these messages, see everyone in their own blog on a variety of open box text, really give our team a lot of encouragement. In fact, when we receive the box, we know that everything inside is solid, regardless of the cost of put into our many intentions. (also take a look:"unpacking gift" November small red box to accompany me that five days )

If you have ever ordered a small red box, do not forget to return to the site to see, click on the right corner of the member information, you can see our special preparations for your physiological calendar, to help you calculate every next time! Let you make plans for the future, there is a bottom (intimate small calendar, and secretly help you calculate well, your gold slimming , breast enhancement, safety or crisis OH ~ ~)! (Dear, there are more physiological periods for you to prepare )

Of course, we know, we can always better (woo, is to force the death of whom!) , for example, hope that after the small red box can be more than the whole Taiwan can be general discount (please help us a lot of publicity and recommend to the local girls love shop AH ~) also such as hope that you can enthusiastically order long-term plans, let us have more understanding of you, Directly to help you plan long-term care (there are three kinds of free shipping of the intimate subscription program, one months, half a year, is not reconciled ~ ~)! For example, I hope you can share with the other half, let the other half know how to be intimate you will be better (please click on the right of the small red box site He loves you, little button)!

December, the small red box seized the happy Candy Christmas gift Box activities

Also because really good want to know more your idea and experience! From now on, just order the December Little Red box, and return to the website to share the experience +tag a good friend of yours said, "Come and try the intimate physiological surprise Little red box", you will have the opportunity to smoke from the quality of the sweet candy gift of the super exquisite Christmas dessert box!

Activity time: Immediately up ~2013/12/20 (the last few days of friends, sorry!) )
Winning places: 10 members
Event Prizes: Super French and delicious taste of sweet sugar special Christmas Moose Machoron (market: 380 yuan)

The Little Red box activity to participate in the action four steps:

1. Order Small red box (not limited to plan)
2. Back to the small red box website to write down the experience
3. Remember tag a good friend said, "Come and try the intimate physiological period surprise small red box"
4. We will announce in 12/20 in women, you can not be the same fan group + email The lucky winners list, you will get a set of code, directly to the store to exchange the lovely moose macarons (you can enjoy the delicious snacks before Christmas!) )