Our life, in order to dream can sacrifice several times? Once, two times? Or don't you have the guts to take the first step? Today's dreamer, and Christopher Crystal, a small red-box designer, wants to share with us the true story of her quest for a dream. The road is not easy, it may fail, but it will also get up. Through a lot of obstacles, in front of us is the eyes flashing light, toward the dream of the nearer closer to the crystal.

Not just the illustrator, but the dreamer.

I never think of myself as a illustrator, I am a person who likes drawing.

Christopher's water color pencil painting does not have a complex composition, or too fancy color techniques, some are deeply touched by the human heart, so that portrait is planted into a warm hug .

Asked about Christopher is not a child like painting, she touched rub embarrassed to say: "In fact, I am halfway decent, you must not think of actually my university is to do entrepreneurship, but also wanted to test the Financial Research Institute ..." All the way is a good baby's Christopher, University of the school is the Department of Entrepreneurship, after graduation, not much think, He set about preparing for the research institute. "Not particularly like, also not particularly annoying, but at that time never thought there is another way to go." "If not for the accident in the Institute of the Arrow, now she may be living a very different life."

But the setback in the present moment is actually a turnaround for the future. Sudden frustration Jencriston lose center of gravity, for a while do not know where to go, so she set foot on the trip to Japan. After leaving Taiwan, Christopher discovered that the outside world was fine, but there was no need to tie himself to the expectations of the traditional system. Japan advocates the "professional spirit" gives her a different thinking logic . She said:

To do one thing continuously, and to do it step-by-step, is a simple happiness.

Instead of going to the formal path of the institute, Christopher found another way. Because of this blank period of not knowing where to go, she had a chance to get something intuitive back to herself. Perhaps all the way to the books in the drilling of us, and sometimes forget, "originally, a lot of things in the book can not find; Originally, a lot of roads, we have to walk ourselves to death ." 」

From Japan back to Taiwan, Christopher, like full power, she recalled that she was very fond of art as a child, but also the beauty of the affairs of the special feeling, all the furniture design, architectural design, painting and other beautiful things, always attracted her attention. "Then do art design !" he said. "Christopher secretly decided.

It's important to do what you like

If you find something you like, do it.

Everyone said: "Find something you like, do it!" "But more realistically, what if you find something you like and don't do it?" Christopher said firmly: "It is more to work hard to learn!" Christopher, who decided to go on the road to art, also found himself ignorant of art at the same moment, and now she decided to reset herself, everything to zero, and run to the printing house to learn from scratch.

Such a decision, very romantic, very brave, very worthy of their own, can be imagined, she also encountered a lot of questioning and opposing voices. Friends laugh at her silly, put the background of the business is not, other friends are working gradually on the right track, she wants everything to start from scratch; family worried about her, such a bad environment, also mention the dream of the people have not much, will starve themselves? There was a lot of noise outside, but Christopher's inner voice said, "no matter!" Go and try it again! "Perhaps it is such a indomitable" to say "and adhere to the ideals of caprice, so that Christopher can be very pure only listen to their own heart real desire." (Extended reading: Throw it all !) The real world outside of the comfort zone

Think of yourself as a sponge, try to learn, because neither, so more to learn.

During that time, Christopher packed his schedule every day, web design, programming language, interior design, computer graphics, and she wanted to fill herself with thirst for knowledge, and then one after another outsourced case to hone her own. When everything finally slowly began to start, Christopher looked at the table full of cases, but the heart is not expected excitement, followed by the loss, she felt more and more like a cold robot. She could not help but start to wonder: "Is this really what I want?" Dream, how is not the same as imagined ? 」

Life is not the wrong way, every step closer to the dream

Life is not the wrong way, every step out of the road, all guide you to want to go to the scenery.

found that the original dream and imagined not the same, Christopher did not panic, but thanks to this attempt, found that do not like the more brave change. In this somewhat vacant day, Christopher did not stop, but more eager to communicate with the world and himself. Christopher smiled and said: "The dream is to find the right one ah, if found wrong, then change a dream!" 」

And the meeting of crystal and water color pencil, like the hero and heroine of the idol play , is doomed to not wipe the body. "At first sight of water color pencil, there is a feeling of electric shock!" Christopher's eyes reveal the happiness of the Little woman. Like water color pencils, warm strokes, Christopher, like at first sight, decided to put his whole person into.

The decision to start hand-painted crystal, although full of ideals but empty pockets, only the ability to buy their own 40 color water color pencil. She looked at the 120-point expert water color pencil, and clenched her fist and decided to bring home the group of Dreams some day. In the process of chatting with a couple of friends, she accidentally mentioned the small dream of her own heart, perhaps the sparkling eyes touched the husband and wife friends, they secretly bought a 120 of expert-grade water color pencil, to Christopher. Christopher thought it was full of emotion: "I really feel that there are so many angels around me to help me!" (Extended reading: A woman's dream and hope before she is 30 years old )

Painting is the basic element of my life.

Painting for me is like boiled water as the natural, but indispensable existence.

Drawing is a part of Christopher's life, Christopher Winked, cleverness and playfully said: "I am very fond of observing the life of the people, as well as the color of life, when taking the bus, the most like to observe the scenery outside the window." "Small things enlarged to see, there is a charming charm." The fragmentary fragments of life, which were seen by Christopher, became the source of inspiration for her creation .

Some people use words to record the life of the track, someone picked up the camera frame life moved, for Christopher, pick up the brush, is the most intuitive way she recorded life.

Perhaps because of halfway decent, Christopher's paintings are polished and healing , giving people a warm atmosphere of falling into her paintings. This rare innocence, but also soothe all the journey in life, the same stumbling soul. "People often say that my paintings are warm, and I think it is because I project the feelings of life on the paintings!" 」

Little red box, let you meet the little girl in your heart

Like her hand painting, Christopher is a very warm person, and in her, we see a rare tenderness . Most of the time people meet, it is probably fate! The warm Christopher, met with the same warm womany, together doubled the gentle birth of the Little red box .

No matter how big, every woman will always have a little girl in her heart who is looking to be cared for.

Mention this and womany cooperation of small red box plan , as the packaging design of Christopher, the heart of the little girl seems to be released out of the moment. "I expect everyone who opens the Little red box to open a fairy tale like that. "Small red box inside, in fact, is also a woman deeply buried for a long time longing, look forward to someone understand, look forward to a feather-like soft care." So it's not just the box, it wants to be full of intimate and love.

Mention the small red box design concept, Christopher said hope that everyone from the inside to feel full of surprises, so special with the fairy tale small Red Hat for hair, by the small Red Hat and butterflies intimate interaction, metaphor women can with "Little red" happy to get along with. Menstruation is actually part of our body, has been affixed to our meridians, with our gentle coexistence. Although menstruation comes a bit naughty, but after the trouble, also took away the body of toxins, left a light to us, also let us be proud to say: "Yes!" We are women. "So in fact menstruation is a woman's best gift, and small red box , is let us with menstruation at ease coexistence of small helper."

Christopher smiled and said that he is very thick, often clean cotton used up but forget to fill, she spit out the tongue said if there is a small red box every month intimate report, that is really a girl savior. So say, and small red box report together, probably will be small red best friend. Think of two Little red one before the report of the screen, we can not help laughing.

Dedicated to Womany, dedicated to women

Finally, Christopher wants to tell you a dream, but you have some scruples:

Dear, Don't be afraid of failure , as long as you believe, you will become the person you want to be.

Christopher said softly: "If you really like it, remember to give yourself a chance to try." Because if you don't take a look, you'll never see the scenery behind you. Don't be afraid of failure, life is so long, failure several times, really nothing. 」

Finally, remember to your own gentle, gentle strength , you can prop up, you will find that in fact, they are very strong.
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"Womany said quietly."

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