"All the grown-ups were children, but most of them forgot," said the little Prince's author, St.

Hey, do you remember yourself like a little kid? Remember the one who was always curious about everything and wanted to ask why everything? You open your big eyes, you took a small step, so began the adventures of you and the world, and then journey all the way, from the good fresh, into good habits, and then become tired and tired ... (Dear, maybe we all fall into a busy trap )

This year we have worked hard, and will continue to refuel together, let us start from next year, together remember the children of their own, with fresh eyes to see life! New life is also the heart of life, at the end of the year from Disney's annual blockbuster Snow Frozen began, let us invite good miss him or her, together in the cold winter, into the theater when a real little child bar. (also can pick a gift, give good miss him or her: "Christmas gift small Helper" 10

Let's take a look at the super cute leading movie that was first made public before it started to stir:

Synopsis of "Ice and Snow romance"

The coldest world, will boil the hot snow

Allendale Kingdom has two different personalities of the princess-Aisha and Anna, sister Aisha Frosty, graceful and appropriate, Anna nature lively impulse, love adventure.

But the seemingly icy Aisha actually possessed the magic to point people into ice, so they never dared to approach the crowd, especially afraid to close to Anna to hurt her dear sister. One day, Aisha must take the responsibility to dominate the kingdom, but a quarrel between the two sisters let Aisha repressed emotions, anger and left home, but the magic of the moment to make the entire kingdom into a frozen snow country.

In order to remove the magic, Anna had to risk the snow to find her sister, on the road to meet the adventurous climbers and his like the personality of the reindeer and the naïve funny snowman snow Bao, four people together to embark on a great journey, they must challenge the icy snow-capped mountains and all the dangers of the way to save the kingdom facing extinction ...

"Ice and Snow" adapted from the adaptation of Anderson's fairy tale Snow Queen, is Disney film "Magic" and "Invincible Destruction King" again produced the adventure comedy 3D animation, by the production of "Invincible Destruction King", "Taishan" Jennifery and Chrisbach jointly directed, will see the perfect combination of classic and innovation. "Ice and Snow" will again subvert the tradition, bringing a combination of adventure, humorous animation comedy.

The snowman who loves to bask in the sun v.s like the carrot Elk

In an animated movie, there are always some good supporting actors, such as Shrek inside the shoe cat, and even the last to usurp the same out of their own exclusive film! Although the film did not show, the inside of the snow and elk have attracted a lot of loyal fans, both are "ice and snow" inside can not or lack of soul characters, love to bask in the sun of the Snowman, and you like which one?

01. Sun-loving snowman: Snow Treasure

Snow Treasure is Aisha created by the light snow people, innocent and lovely he has a sense of joy with the body. Most love and people hug and do the day dream, more longing for the summer lying on the beach chair to do sunbathing, bubble hot drink hot cocoa, such a lovely snow people, you have the heart to tell it the truth?

02. Elk like carrots: the Skiff

The skiff is a sled-pulling reindeer with a personality that is as tame as a dog. Although I can't speak, I can let the Acme know his idea by exhaling with his nose. Personality unswerving cute, see favorite food-carrots are always unbearable to bite a mouthful.

"Ice and Snow" notice