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2013 is coming to an end, and 2014 is about to begin . January New Project First notice, January we will take you to step out the most courageous step together, but also together with the life of the most rare first experience, looking back at the past, looking forward to the future, we will be full of energy! And this time Womany recommended film "Singing Your Mother's song" Is such a brave step out of the unknown first steps of the story, this group of women bravely sing the heart of the song, let this movie accompany us to greet 2014. (Sometimes it takes courage to give yourself a reason to pursue it bravely. )

"Everyone has 15 minutes to be famous," Andivoho said. "Sequential evolution, the ever-changing media platform, more famous pipelines than before, Andy Warhol's prophecy is no longer just unreachable dream, fame is no longer just a minority of the patent." The question is, when we come to the 15 minutes that make us famous, do we have the courage to accept the challenge and glow on the stage? The Israeli film "Sing Your Mother's song", is such a group of small people Yong Chuang big stage courage story. They are an extraordinary group of ordinary people, brave dream, loyal to their own singing the most beautiful songs. Their 15 minutes have arrived, our 15 minutes are waiting for us, let us first look at their dream of chasing the story! (same field Gayon: 15 minutes of Eternity, Andy Walton Shanghai retrospective )

"Sing Your Mother's song" synopsis

The marriage of the baker Anna, the goddess of Israel, Jacob Elle, the dress-handsome Goover, the minister's little secretary Dana, Wenqing singer, the house female blogger Karen, such a combination to sing a song of the bravest.

Anna Baked Zizi and colourful cupcakes all day, but she was depressed because her husband ran away from home. TV Live European Cup singing contest "good European Voice", sister friends gathered to watch the show, with the rise of coax to comfort her, did not expect to love wearing skirts of the handsome neighbors, secretly put everyone wonderful chorus of fragments sent to the registration contest, let them accidentally elected as the Israeli national team!

The former beauty pageant of a lawyer, busy coping with gentle's political assistant, the naïve most popular male teacher, the blogger who longed for love to fall from the sky, the less popular singer in the singing, and her husband who ran away and her son did not like her bake-Shop owner Anna ... These 6 ordinary men and women, an instant incarnation into the national hope, the most embarrassing is that the 6 people inexplicably composed of three-legged cat choir, whether it is possible to sing a big stage with a song, dance the World, for the country glory, grasp this life only have a chance to bloom light? Even, let the heart long-awaited true Love, fall from the sky ...? (See also:25 will make you believe that the world has a true love story )

A name you should know better: Fox Eytan Fox

You may have seen his wonderful work, "bubble apartment 4 people line", an apartment, three men and a woman, not just lust, more true feelings. "Sing Your Mother's song" is the latest masterpiece of Israeli director Fox! (Blushing small weave force push the lust of French film "Beautiful Temptation" Gift ticket hot! )

Fox Eytan Fox was born in New York in 1964, and his family moved back to Jerusalem, Israel, at the age of two. Masterpiece "My Yossi & Jagger", "Men's hearts Only Men" (Walk on Water) and "Bubble Apartment 4" (the Bubble) and other films, not only laid a place in the international film, but also have been online in Taiwan, Is the most famous Israeli director of Taiwanese audiences. he had a "man's Heart Only Man" shortlisted for the French Caesar award Best Foreign Language Film, has also been "bubble Apartment 4" selected in the Berlin Film Festival, won the Durban Film Festival Best Screenplay and many other awards.

This time "Sing your Mother's song" to the European Cup singing contest as the main axis, inspiration from the director as a child of the game fascinated. He had heard his mother say: "Israel is so small, the enemy is in the ring, even in Asia, when the Europeans invited us to sing, as if we have a identity." "This complex mood in the heart, this Fox with the joy of musical comedy, a Song of Laughter and Tears, in addition to the film can see the small people to dream, but also reveal to the Israeli situation comrades, women and other ethnic groups full of caring attention."

Fox Main Works Chronology reference:

2012 Goodbye, The Military lover (Yossi)

2010 Mamma Mia Marylou (Mary Lou)

2006 Bubble Apartment 4 people line (the Bubble)

2004 men have only men in their hearts (Walk on Water)

2002 My Army Lover (Yossi & Jagger)

Sing your mother's song preview: Sing the hope and sing the Love

2013 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Word-of-mouth Works,

2013 Kan City Film Festival

The Jerusalem Post commented: "Watching this movie is like escaping from reality and spending 90 minutes on a wonderful holiday. Who doesn't need such a good thing? 」