If you want to try and make the other half more comfortable, you don't know how to get started.Then let sex experts teach you the secret of oral sex!

In the sex relationship, it is natural to hope that the other half is happy!A lot of cute women would like to try and serve their men for a little bit of a man.But many people don't know the secret, so long as they imitate the dark throat of A piece A, it's enough. I can't expect the other person to be unsatisfied and uncomfortable. Now come to the sex expert to learn the BJ's secret.

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Men need caress, too?

Women always say that they want a great foreplay, and in fact men are.Men are not what everyone thinks, and when they see the flesh, they are all strong.A man's pleasure is a lot of confusion for a woman, and so it is only when it comes to the sensitivity, how to make you happy, and the best of all is that men tell her themselves.The more men become more open to themselves, the more dense the fondue will be.

The penis is appease, mainly in either mouth or hand.Frankly speaking, both men and women like it, but among women, some people don't like to use their mouth and fondly to fade, that is, oral sex.The reason is no more than psychological exclusion, and there is always a feeling of being puking.

If it is the former, do not force women who dislike them from the bottom of the heart, and the problem of the latter is a solution.There's something in the back of the throat, or the root of the tongue would puke, and that's a reflex action.Have you ever seen a man who has been so drunk, put his fingers in the mouth and vomiting?What happened to these women is something like this.In other words, it is possible for the two men to take a posture that does not go deep down the throat.

Don't just believe in "adult movies"

When you hear oral sex, you immediately think of a lot of men with Deep Throat.This type of oral sex is that women hold men's penis up to the root, so that the penis will definitely reach the depth of the woman's throat, making her feel uncomfortable, vomiting, and so on.This technique, however, is a stage in adult movies.(Recommended reading: An Interview with the Northern Original: An Interview with the US: Trainee the AV Industry to Know the Violence in the Screens, )

But, basically, adult movies are the desire to achieve men's sexuality.In other words, it's like a fantasy, and every time it's been arranged, it's a plot to make a woman feel painful, even though it's a deep throat, but it's a great pleasure to a man, and ...However, this kind of thinking is indeed a big mistake!Even in the deep throat of a woman, men don't necessarily feel much more comfortable.

The most sensitive part of the penis is the lace on the turtle head and the inner side.Men are getting pleasure from their penis, and in these two front ends, it is most effective to concentrate on stimulation.It is only a waste of time to ask women to work hard to contain the roots, to be honest.Deep Throat is only the pursuit of a visual effect. Men are obviously not able to get pleasure, but they need women to do such hard work. This is really not a good thing to do.

Rest in front of orgasm is more comfortable

When the penis has a pleasant sensation, the blood flow of the vein increases, the color of the turtle will become deep, and the scrotum will be hardened.At the same time, the waist still unconsciously moves forward.In such a situation, the stimulus will continue, and the climax will soon be reached.

The warmth of a woman's mouth is always a pleasure to have a little more time.If you don't want to "launch" so quickly, when the excitement is about 70 %, the woman's companion would like to pause and caress, and then continue and feel comfortable after a slight recede, and it can continue to be a constant feeling.(Recommended reading: A grid of A slice!Where not to A shot )