Today is the first day of 2014, through 2013, we are full of gratitude. Thank you for accompanying womany through the wind and rain and sunny, see the scenery on the road, we want to say, because you, we never lonely.

On the first day of 2014, we decided to have a special text party! We have done the first time is also "first" as the theme of the essay activities: to the Womany team, the resident writer, but also to the voice want to hear you invited draft. Womany said: "The first venture, there is no success is not so important, more important is to bring about change." What about you, remember your first experience? Please give yourself a few minutes time, recall the most unforgettable first __ experience (blank space free fill in the blanks), then pick up a pen or open the computer to write your first __ mood, and then send your story to, with words and we tell your story.

For the first time, they say so ... (If you want to read the essay method first, please pull to the end of the article)

The first time I traveled alone, I put your love on my shoulders

A 24-Year-old girl travels to Europe for the first time.

traveling alone for the first time is not the same as imagined. Everyone says that travel is a dialogue between yourself and yourself, I think I would rather make this remark more appropriate, and perhaps more not romantic: a person traveling is a boring dialogue with their own, you have to enjoy and their own boring moment, because any time, you are around only their own. A person's travel, is very free also very lonely.

Freedom, because only one person, the most need to ask only themselves, just need to know what they want, can pull himself to go farther. is free, because you can travel in the most comfortable way, even if you put on the seaside a day of fantasy things, no one will pull you up. And loneliness, is because see what kind of scenery, into what kind of scene, meet what kind of person, in the mind will emerge a few familiar face, think if that who who also in the good, that who who must be like, in the heart so broken read. Turn back, but only oneself alone. (Same field Gayon: The people I met on the trip, the things that taught me )

Actually think about it, also feel this is also a kind of happiness? Those who are thought of in travel, good happiness, in the travel of people who can remember, but also happy. Although not traveling together, but like being carried on the shoulder, was thinking about, was missing, like a lot of scenery together through. We did not travel together, but for me, you have always been like the side. This is the postcard I can not send out, heart of Miss.

Although still occasionally bored, but I want to say: like a person to travel, like and their seemingly boring walk chat, like to see more clearly in the journey of their likes and dislikes, like to be able to travel in the frank think of some people's own. ( she started to search for the life she wanted most )

The first time lovelorn, never again, cherish goodbye

The 30-Year-old recalls her first breakup.

The first time I was lovelorn, I cried my heart out. Are you sure you want to go? Could you please not go? I still remember that I have been incoherent to ask, I have never been a rational person, at that time probably really out of control, it was then I know that I would be so humble love a person, even I do not want to. I think that's probably the closest I can imagine to death. (We all know, for you and you who are just lovelorn )

After countless nights, I lay on the bed over and over, I can not remember countless quarrels, remember you to me growl, remember you put me a person on the street and don't go back ... People's memories are indeed selective, but choose to their own poor, I only remember the first time we hold hands, the first hug, the first mouth overlapping mouth ... Then I kept curled up in the quilt and asked why, the tears had just dried up at dawn. I told myself that when I want to cry, I cry like a child, so my tears always flow, and this rainy city. That is my first love, is also the first time lovelorn. It's sweet and painful.

So many years, think of this memory has been able to say cloud light wind, but in writing the words at the same time, suddenly feel sad, I just want to say: Thank you for loving me, also thank me for Loving you, you let me see myself in love can be more fragile and more powerful, I will take this love to another person, you too, cherish goodbye. (Or maybe you've been looking for, not the person who loves you the most )

Leaving home for the first time, like a daughter who was married.

28-Year-old She remembered the first time she left home at the age of 18

The first time I left home to study abroad, I feel like a daughter married out secretly want to cry. That was when I went to college, the distance from Taichung to Taipei, 180 miles, two hours ' drive, the distance from the girl's home. Not so far, nor so near.

I always think of myself as an independent child, more precocious than the same age, 18 years old, no reason to cry because of leaving home. The day my mother drove me to Taipei, we had a grinning plan to go to Taipei where to play, she sent me to the school dormitory to settle, after, my mother patted me on the shoulder to take good care of themselves, has always been not easy to express the feelings of her suddenly choked, "the original blink of an arm, you really have grown so big." "Yes Ah, the original blink, I have grown so big, incredibly to leave home also feel nothing even excited age, I suddenly nose acid, feel like being married out of the daughter, and the first time to leave home, like a starting point, followed by a large section of the journey away from home, not just once, it is more like the beginning of everything, I am no longer be able to freely in my mother's bosom crying daughter, I was away from home daughter. (and when one day, Mom is old )

Time will keep on walking, many years later, I was a person in a strange city, think of this scene, and then gently said to himself: "Hey, you really have grown so big."

Finally, we would like to tell you that there are three groups of people in the Womany, working on the Womany team, the legendary standing writers, and the power you have given us. You are moved here, your message gives us strength, you let us believe that as long as efforts, can make changes. So also want to say, not only three groups of people, is a large group of people, not just you and them, but a large "we": because there is "we",womany can be full of strength . " on the first day, there is a long way to go; for the first time, there are more attempts, 2014 will have many changes, the first day of this year, let us all take the most courageous first step!

For the first time, they say, and we want to hear what you say.

"The first time __ essay activities"

In life, there are many many first time: the first time to face the death, the first love, the first time to face loneliness, the first hug hope, the first time when the daughter-in-law, the first time their own travel ... His first time, her first time, your first time is certainly different, remember that brave face the first time of their own? We think you must have a lot to hear the first story, you slowly say, we want to hear.

Complete the following three steps, you can get to accompany you through 2014 a lot of the first woman fan of the year Notepad , also have the opportunity to let your mood story by more people see, we will organize your mood, share to more Womany readers! (There's a chance to be Womany's legendary author!) Oh, yes! Tell us your story with your words! )

  1. Pick up the pen and turn on the computer to write down the feelings and experiences of your first time ___
  2. Send word or PDF file to, title please write "first __ essay activity"
  3. Please enclose your real name, contact number and address (or what you would like to say to us) in your letter, so that we can send you a woman's fan .

The first day, the incomparable beauty
〉〉 change, let happiness reappear
〉〉 to break the emotional dilemma, to turn the nasty people like
〉〉 on the road, every step is growing
〉〉 every day is the practice of letting go: relax and face criticism
〉〉 Life is short, go after the dream!