when the Asian supermodel died in the first quarter, was the contestant from Taiwan finally promoted to the finals in the final? href= "///? Asia supermodel lives and death struggleref = ANTS2 " target="_blank"> Women's To invite the world to witness the birth of the second Asian supermodel looking around the world! (Take a look at Natalie's interview for the second-quarter contestant: Engagement is the most beautiful attitude Natalie Pickles )

supermodels This year ushers in the second season by Taiwan, Japan, Korea, , Hong Kong, Malaysia and other 12 Asian countries compete for Asian supermodel titles. Five degrees below zero, taking photos of crocodiles and snakes, and challenging Kuala Lumpur to take the steps. The program is not only taken 24 hours a day; One of the episode is cut across eight major cities in Asia, to break the Asian TV history record. More important to Asia Daily Li Min and a renowned fashion designer Choo Jimmy Choo World Star World will be premiers every Sunday at 10 PM on Sunday.

Asia supermodel life and death

  1. for the first 24-hour TV
  2. Program's first episode of 8 mega-cities
  3. of the
  4. than 300 costumes and 30 high-profile designer
    a. The most expensive set of apparel is $100,000 (3 million dollars
  5. most challenging fashion shoot task
    a. 5 degrees below zero
    b. Take a close shot with crocodile and snake
    c. Maximum stretch bench step (30000 feet

a look at the highlight video:

week, think who will be the first to be