To see Natalie's first Impression, in addition to the doll-like European and American looks, young and tall figure, is she has been hanging on the face of the smile.

Natalie Pickles, a Chinese-English hybrid, has a refined face in Europe, speaks fluent Mandarin and Taiwanese, and is native to Taiwan. On behalf of Taiwan, she participated in the international schedule of 2nd Quarter Asia's Next top Model Season 2 , a three-month schedule, a 24-hour random shot, and a competition with beautiful girls from 16 different countries in Asia. (1/12 every Sunday night 10 o'clock can see the brilliant show in Star world!) )

When we arrived at the interview, she had just finished her last media visit, and her face was not exhausted, and she stood up and said "Hello" to us with a hearty opening. Although she had already known that she was Taiwanese, we were very surprised. Not only because of her standard Chinese, but also because of her approachable personality. As for the model, we have a lot of imagination, Natalie Pickles The name, perhaps you are unfamiliar, but after hearing her story, you will be proud of her on behalf of Taiwan. (See also: The most authentic window model )

The soul that is not quiet, fills himself up while young

Natalie with his own design butterfly totem scarf photo!

When we sat down, we chatted with Natalie for the first time in Asia's Next top Model Season 2 , and her smile was even brighter. She said she hopes to "walk" every step to the best, although nervous, but the process of excitement more. From the first quarter of American Next top Model, she has been a big fan of her, and has been lying in front of the TV to imagine the day on the runway to walk on the runway. The little girl grows up day by day, the dream is still on the mind.

During the university, Natalie flew to the fashion capital of London, choose the most basic textile design as the main repair, for their own fashion road under a stable stance. This school experience, let her see the fashion industry behind the efforts of those people, and thus make her in many beautiful contestants, treat the fashion team A more considerate, also distributed a different charm.

"I don't like to be confined to one choice, I hope that a choice will bring me more road." 」

Natalie winked The beautiful big eyes said, oneself likes many attempts, when studying besides invests in the fashion industry practice, also flexibly learns, designs the totem to open the board to sell. After graduation, return to the favorite Taiwan, officially began to work in Taiwan's textile days. Despite the hard work, Natalie did not stop to explore more for their own road, every night after work eight o'clock, Natalie again for his other Model of the case, a day down, a few days off, but in her review of the face, see not bitter, saw her smile to say "life is too short, Nothing is more terrible than doing nothing. Was very tired, but also very substantial. "natlie, there is a soul unwilling to stop.

"Busy, always better than not busy" is her motto, leisure does not come down, but also she face their life attitude. Life is limited, Natalie told himself what to do, you have to sprint while young, to fill the time, as far as possible to explore all possible. In a limited life, Natalie challenges themselves without limit, the harvest is held in hand.

It is wonderful that we have seen in the Natalie the hard work and perseverance of the Taiwanese people, and the attitude of living abroad. Yes, who says to enjoy life is to play life? Natalie's "Happy Philosophy" is to leave time to enjoy doing things, because like, so never feel tired. Design is a professional, model is rather not sleep also want to adhere to the dream. The Natalie in front of him speaks of his passion for work, and the heat in his eyes is still not forgotten. (same field Gayon: Young Taiwanese, you're really great )

Break through the fear before you know who you are

The challenge was just beginning after the official break-in to Asia's Next top Model Season 2. The three-month schedule, 24-hour random shooting, is not only a bit of privacy, but every move is likely to be recorded and broadcast all over the world. Blunt 25-Year-old himself has been regarded as "old" contestants, Natalie said actually will be afraid, in addition to fear their own age, but also afraid to face the public opinion. Natalie struggled, but on second thought, she told herself, "Why do you have to give up your dreams to worry about other people's thoughts?" "Yes, we also feel that age is not to give up the reason for dreaming, life but only this time, but also to do their own decisions." (age does not limit direction: The story of the Not-old knight )

Asia's Next top Model is certainly not a regular game, and for the first time, all contestants are required to walk on the water. This is miserable, a professional walk did not pass the Natalie now first panic, then the heart that "fearless" Natalie out, spot, to bite the bullet, the result is better than imagined! Anxiety secretly hidden in the heart, the face is a calm. After this challenge, Natalie found that he really can, also loudly told himself: "This decision is not wrong, never underestimate themselves!" 」

The challenge is also followed by the photo shoot instruction of Asia's Next top Model, often a temporary notice, to test whether every girl is ready at any time. The most feared insect's Natalie, one time received to clap "with the insect Dances" The photograph collection, nearly tears did not appear on the spot to soar. But the whole world is watching, who cares if you are afraid? Deep breath, she took out as a model of professionalism and momentum, learn to conceal the fear of the heart, professional shooting. If you do not encounter difficulties, you will not understand their infinite possibilities. Natalie is particularly grateful for the experience that has taught her to face fear, to confront her fears, and to begin her growth.

During the intensive filming of the three months, sometimes from two o'clock in the morning to seven in the morning, the instructions are often not expected to appear, so 24 hours in fact live in a tense atmosphere. But the thought of every beautiful girl around, is to pursue the dream, everyone has the reason to lose, Natalie eyes also ignited the flames of defeat. Is the competition, is the growth impetus, Natalie said doing oneself likes doing the thing, therefore cannot shout tired, also will not shout tired.

Believe that you are the most beautiful, do have a model of temperature

In the conversation, we also found that Natalie and we imagined the model is not the same. Models are not necessarily cool, handsome, not too fond of people, Natalie's face always with a smile, speech always have laughter, and she talks very happy, because she is a person with temperature. Natalie said that people often think models are distance, she felt that the model posture is unnecessary, no matter how powerful people, do not need to pose high, and she hopes to use a smiley face to convey their cheerful personality. Models, although fashion, does not mean to hide their own personality, Natalie with a smile to do her interpretation of fashion.

So in the group photo of Asia ' s Next top Model Season 2, you can easily identify the Natalie that represents Taiwan. She is almost the only one with a smile, not staring at the camera girl. She used a unique way of interpretation of fashion, the personality into a lively posture, and her smiling face, but also has the Taiwan has always been a warm image of the people, this is on behalf of Taiwan's Girls, Natalie. but do you believe it? Even the Peugeot-Natalie like Pickles in the tournament has been pointed out not to be "beautiful" type. Natalie smiled and said: "Others think I am not beautiful, but I think I am very beautiful, I have confidence in myself." "At that moment, we looked at her in the eyes of the firm, really think she is beautiful."

Others think you are not beautiful, then you? You think you're not beautiful?

Natalie said, "Don't be discouraged by others denying you, or think you can't." Not everyone said you are beautiful, you are really beautiful. Only when you love yourself and feel that you are really beautiful, your eyes will have an irreplaceable luster. "Not because of the negation of others lost themselves, Natalie 24 hours without a break smile, presumably also from her affirmation of their own, believe that they are the most beautiful , such Natalie very charming."

A dedicated attitude is to respect yourself

For Natalie, a supermodel will have to be thick-skinned and believe in themselves, more must have at any time to battle the emboldened. And that's the spirit he learned during the Asia Next top Model.

ready at any time in the state, it is the spirit of supermodel, modeling, in addition to beauty, the more important point is dedicated. "dedication, in addition to respect for others, but also respect themselves" when we heard Natalie said so, we froze. Yes ah, dedication, said that in the end is not respect for their choice of industry, respect and their own closely related to each person, but also respect themselves.

In Asia's Next Top Model Season 23 months of almost endless schedule, optimism such as Natalie also have the idea to give up. But want to escape, she just think about why she came, want to sleep, pinch the thigh to force themselves to wake up, tired, just look at the side of the work team, they are not tired, they did not say a little voice, their own with what tantrum?

Natalie shared her vivid memories of the shooting experience, remember that is in the 5 degree of the ice room shooting, when she was shivering cold, but saw makeup artist only set a simple long sleeve to help make up makeup, dedicated attitude let Natalie now more to their own standards to improve. She looked around the staff, we have been waiting for so long, they have to do their best! Dedication, is to believe in their own choice, respect and work together with their own people, and performance in specific actions. After listening to the story of Natalie, we have a new understanding of our work. (Recommended reading: believe in your own choice )

Recall to participate in Asia ' s Next Top Model Season 2 time, Natalie or straight call incredible. Never have any catwalk experience, to summon up the courage to break through one after another challenge, Natalie dare not say he did it, only happy to say that they have become more different.

Some things do not do now, will not do in the future.

She used her experience to inspire all women fans Womany readers: "Have a dream do not be afraid to do, success is very good, no success does not mean that you are failure." You must be able to learn something from it, and you will become different. After a while, you will feel that at least you have tried, not that I really hope I did, really want to grasp. " Although again hard and tired, Natalie never forget the dream of the little girl in my heart, with every passage and challenges, Natalie is waiting to meet a better self." Cheers Let us respect the brave beautiful Taiwanese girl Natalie.