A high salary means money?Lucky for a long life?Do you have to break your life with a happy life if you don't earn your income?

A working group with a monthly salary of $50,000 wants to save $1 million, and always feels that it is a long way to go.

The new community, Jenny, also thought so.She yearn for travel abroad, striving to save money, dividing salaries into "savings accounts" and "expense account", setting a monthly goal of 20,000 goals, with accounting, and writing down the flow of water for each item of expenditure.But the magic of consumption is unstopable, and it is difficult to get income from $20,000 to a savings account.

At the suggestion of a friend, she deposit money into the Insurance, while the principal is not available at any time during the insurance deposit, but once it begins, it has to force itself to expire, and help young people to discipline their savings habits.Moreover, savings insurance has the "money of his own money, travel insurance company abroad," and Jenny put 20,000 in the savings insurance.

that as long as she doesn't need to buy clothes and eat a few high-priced restaurants, and through bookkeeping, she has a loophole in his own consumption. Besides the NT$ 20, 000 target for a month, she has been accustomed to being able to reward her own spending.What is even better is that every year the dream of traveling abroad is paid by insurance, and all of this makes him very happy!Instead of reducing the quality of life, Jenny does not feel that the quality of life is reduced. Instead, it spends money on its own blood, while the money is so adorable on the mouth of the knife.

the new person ever been living in the moonlight ” the “ of the month of the sun? Is it supposed to be like a computer disk and re-examine and update our Financial IQ?The key to understanding money and ability to manage money is the ability to make money flowing into the book, which mentions that "only poor heads, no poor pockets," have enough financial intelligence to understand money and ability to manage money.

saving, investing, and so on, is the pursuit of additional interest or compensation to make life better, as in the book of Poor Dad, to help us work, to create a system that allows money to flow through, and to create systems that make money flow through. It's a wonderful thing, but everyone's approach is different and needs time to build up.
Many people want to get rich overnight, and ignore Wang Yung-ching's reminder that the basic merits of the family are "making a dollar a buck, not a piece of money," and "saving a dollar a dollar."Financial planning is most basic in terms of saving money. If even the money is not even known to be invested, it is easy to look like an unstable foundation with a roof over the foundation, with a day of collapse and collapse.Those who are really rich will pay attention to "flow" and "stock", and those who want to get rich overnight tend to pay too much attention to the flow rate, ignore the stock, and continue to be excessively remunerated and become "rich in paper".

Is it a "Starlight" or "Pay Light",
it is positive, conservative, 20, 30 generations, as long as it does implement 451, 40 % of your life, 50 % savings, and 10 % risk protection, even in times of recession, you can keep your life in the first bucket of a million dollars.

womany ’ s sweet tips:

You, high income earners, or you want to have your first bucket of gold, you want to have your first bucket of gold. Don't forget that once you have a market god, "endurance" is even more dramatic than reviewing!As long as the word "patience" is strictly followed, letting oneself go first and get rich first, then it will never be a dream again!

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