A Masa, designed to study leather in Japan, where the design works in the leather world and shave off a gust of wind, as well as a bridge between Taiwan and Japan.

The same craftsmanship of Japanese craftsmen, passing the delicate texture of the washing chain — — — PURE DESIGN

Masa, the first designer to go to Japan for the design of leather accessories in Taiwan.

Masa, originally studying costume design, specializes in 3D modeling, and later discovers that she likes to make more points, and thus begins specializes in the design of accessories, and is a bridge between Taiwan and Japan's delicate leather design process.(Recommended reading: Women at home?No?Australia Process Design Exhibition )

Unlike the hard and solid limitations of the fabric, Masa discovers that leather is an interesting, special material, thickness, stiffness, tenacity, stain, and so on, which can be perfused in the design of the Solid-Stereoform.She decided to focus on the leather design industry and set up a leather accessory brand, PURE DESIGN, which won high attention and appreciation from the Japanese leather design circle, and made a successful trip to the Paris market in the 2009 Zip Zone.Masa's focus on leather design, as well as the Japanese professional craftsman's professional attitude, is a new model for the design circle in Taiwan.

" Beyond the Time, Pure Design, Reintegration into Your Simple Life!"

The creative inspiration for PURE DESIGN came from life observation.It is unique, exquisite, sweet and unique, and this is a unique brand identity.Masa, who went to Japan, was deeply influenced by Japanese culture and insisted and focused on details, insisting that the best leather, such as nume skin, was the material used by the top LV pack. Leather with different characteristics for accessories, produced by various tests before production, and produced by hand-crafted by hand and craftsman, and the dedication of the Japanese workers.(Recommended reading: Die out the good details in your life!Listen to three Taiwanese female artists to talk about creating

Merchandising features are popular, embody, practical, storyness, and a focus on human interaction.Because of the stereotic nature of leather, it is possible to design a new type of new type, a tetrahedral subsidiary, is a classic of the product. This is a work that is being reported by Japanese magazine's magazine, magazines, magazines, and the media.

Because of the design circle in Taiwan and the lack of talent in traditional leather design, Masa has been working hard to grasp the information in leather industry in Japan, hoping to integrate these valuable resources and bring Japan's delicate leather technology into the bay, hoping that it will become the first bridge to be the first bridge. Like the personal qualities of a person, Masa has collaborated with schools in Taiwan and other schools in the fields of science and education, and has introduced leather design courses in the hope that the design of the island will be a part of the design.