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Who says it's too old to be romantic ? Sometimes the romance of the elderly is beyond the romantic tricks of young people! Look at the real world of the wonders of the old couple , now look at this group of elderly in Essen, Germany, the introduction of the almanac, will definitely make you smile! (same field Gayon, you in Taiwan: 2013, how are you doing?) )

Can't you be romantic when you're old? Who said, look at this group of German elders show what is called old-fashioned classic romance! (same field Gayon: to Paris, feel the old charm )

The Retirement Association of ESSEN in Essen, Germany, has recently launched a movie star calendar that you will love! Don't get me wrong, the protagonist is not a big star, but the old people in the Retirement association! Selected a few of their memories of the classic movie clips, suddenly turned, they incarnate movie stars.

This year's calendar shooting to the professional modeling team and the powerful photographer, high standard level, so that they can reproduce the classic scene, but also a round costume star dream! When visiting these lovely almanac models, their faces have a very bright smile: "This experience is very interesting, we have the opportunity to dress up as a favorite actor, but also know the other face of their own, we should try." 」

According to the new German news agency, the almanac now has 5,000 copies, which are sent to the care center and to the neighbors and employees. Among the older people involved in filming, the oldest was 98 years old, playing at the scene like a child. Who says it's too old to be romantic? As long as the heart, 100-Year-old can also be romantic. Look at their super cute urchin performance, and also to review these classic movies, you call out several?

We must have never forgotten James Bond, right?
(Model: Wilhelm buiting, 89)

Inside breakfast breakfast at Tiffany ' s, Audrey Hepburn reproduction
(Model: Marianne Brunsbach, 86)

Titanic, Titanic, when it comes to classic movies, the Titanic must be on the list
(Model: Erna Rütt, und Alfred Kelbch, 81)

Seven years of itching, those years we danced together in the skirt
(Ingeborg Giolbass, und Erich Endlein, 88)

The Blues Brothers of the 1980 are quite a classic musical comedy.
(Lothar Wischnewski (left), Margarete Schmidt, 77)

1972 American Classic Music film Cabaret, the Oscar award for the nomination of Nine winning eight honors record!
(Martha Bajohr, 77)

Highway movie Source Easy Rider, good want to go with them on the locomotive road!
Walter Loeser (left), und, Kurt Neuhaus, 90)

after reading these blood and playful photos, is not also very want to do their own to shoot a group? It is better to invite the whole family to imitate the classic movie plot that you like this year, also can invite everybody to recall together to see the movie, very warm! (Imitation reference:20 years of review time, memories of the surreal )

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