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I think we've all seen a romantic scene in a movie where a man kneels on one knee , perhaps also had imagined the future that he knelt down on one knee, handed a ring, with tenderness million kinds of eyes look at their appearance, but when one knee down gradually become a "do not kneel I will not marry" ceremony, Are we getting really "romantic" love? She could not help asking: In love, do you want to be the old beloved princess, or a good love? (See also:25 will make you believe that the world has a true love story )

Do you want to be loved or loved?

Back to the video scene, someone is sharing (in fact, showing off) a "moving" example of the proposal, he said: "A pair of very like Mickey, that is, Disney Mickey Mouse Men and women, men carefully planned the proposal of the campaign, ask a friend to help bring his girlfriend to a park, He himself put on Mickey's clothes on the hot weather (including, of course, big, heavy-eared rat heads) and waved kindly to his girlfriend. At first the girlfriend also thought "the Shanzhai version of Mickey is too ugly", lack of interest. But friends continue to encourage, she finally close to take a picture with Mickey, at this time the boyfriend opened head cover, kneeling on one knee said, "Please marry me?" In the cheers of the crowd, the girlfriend moved to tears, two people hug, from the world more than a couple. (also come to see: Are you marrying "him" or "his background"?) )

In the midst of admiration and admiration, I was astonished to say a word. Asked by the host, I said: "Mitch is not responsible for playing in the Children's Festival or the park to entertain children?" It's also suitable for adult activities--marriage? I really underestimated him ... "

I this "do not support" response, was later show colleagues to tease: "You, definitely not been proposed, so just see others romantic!" 」

"Yes, I did not experience the surprise of heaven and earth," the proposed drama. What's so good about that? 」

"Think about it, assuming that Jincheng martial good, so handsome man disguised as Mickey to propose to you, you will not be moved to cry?" 」

In fact, after that video, see everyone's reaction, I have tried to understand this proposal, but, "Kaneshiro in a hot day wearing Mickey Mouse installed kneeling" picture, not only did not help me understand, but only feel heartache incomparable! I think, all the mature, stable, character of the male friends I know, who would like to propose it? Indeed, one could not think of it.

Most mature men tend to scoff at the dramatic courtship, but many women seem to like it. What does that stand for?

On the surface, this is only a very simple "romantic", but, why do the embarrassment of the men? Which woman is going to show off to her friends, "I put on Minnie Mouse tail and a puffy dress, please come to all friends, jump around to ask my boyfriend to marry me?" 」

Weak and strong domineering

I saw a joke in a taxi, just a comparison:

Xiao Ming saw on the television proposal picture, curiously asked: "Dad, you and mom to propose when you kneel?" 」

Dad: "No." 」

Xiaoming: "Why?" 」

Dad: Your mother said that there are many chances to kneel later, this time will be free. 」

If the wife is in the marriage of equal position with her husband, can be in the husband made a mistake to kneel to him (this is a metaphor, of course), there is no need to propose when the kneeling.

The background meaning of the drama proposal is: A woman's marriage will lose something, so need a man to prove, for her, he can overcome difficulties, to achieve a very task. Pretending to be Mickey Mouse, kneeling in front of everyone, and spending one months on a paycheck to buy a horse lamp, all this means. (also see: father to son's marriage motto: Marriage is not just for you alone )

This kind of expectation reflects a few defaults in the relationship, first, the man must have the initiative full sincerity can hold the beauty return. Second, before marrying, a woman needs to be sure that she deserves a man to do something special for her. As for the special courage, special intentions, special spending, or particularly thick skin, a matter of opinion. Implicitly, this is the inner uneasiness of marriage and some aggression against the partner. When proposing, play once, but if in life always need this sincerity and value of "proof", the relationship between two people easily gradually grudges.

Mr. Li Junzhong, author of a visit to "The Secret of the Nordic perfect husband " In my radio show, describes the equal partnership between the Nordic men and women in marriage, and it is said that a British university in 2011 surveyed 12 of the country's couples and found that Norwegian men were " The perfect husband ", compared to men in other countries, spends the most time on housework, caring for children, and respecting their wives is just basic behavior." Norwegian women responded by saying, "They're just doing the right thing." "Many listeners are envious of that relationship, Ju Youzi, not inferior."

"Norwegian boys and girls are just different bodies, and their heads are almost the same." "said Li Hao. Norwegian girls have been brought to ski climbing, boys at school sewing classes, although the older Norwegians still have traditional ideas, but the Mesozoic has shown the results of gender equality education. It's intriguing to put these things together--women who want to be equal, willing to give up the privilege of being loved by princesses? If you do not give up, you can get a man's sincere respect and equal treatment? (Also see: 10 strokes to tell whether you are a girl or a woman )

Being pampered is a child's mentality. In the world of the husband, the woman will be zhengchong, spoiled, cheat, in the equal relationship, there is no such a pair of places. If the relationship is already very equal, women often ask men to perform special Love play Code, men feel may not be spoiled, but domineering and willful.

Men also need to feel that they are loved by women. A happy relationship requires that both parties have the ability to dote on each other rather than the two of children who love each other. (Maybe you should see: a woman's sense of security, a man's free heart )

To every one who wants to love, wants to love you and you learn. The happiness of being together

Let us, dote on each other
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