Is this how you arrange your child's life in school exams, school buxibans?The proper upbringing of the people in the education process is that it is appropriate for the child to be left blank, and they can even think about their future.

The famous penitentier, who has spent more than a decade in advertising planning and boutique fashion, has focused on job performance and performance revenue brand managers, without brush mascara and wearing three inches high heels, and she never leaves a busy professional woman.

In 2008, with determination to leave the workforce, she now enjoys a small, happy life with her husband and two daughters who are studying in primary school every day.Emboditions of Gender Marital and Parenthood are successful, and are favored by the publishers, and are about to launch the first study of the penitentis the penitentian-from the company to six classes of independent penitentis - >

Special First Name

Currently, with the pen name of the flower, the blog is published and released to share her experience in marriage and parenting in her marriage and her children's education.Why is it called the hankor?"We're curious to ask," Because I like to cook and love plants, and it's also edible, and it can be decorated with decorations."Whether it's taste, color, or shape, I like it, so it's a pen name.She smiled and said.

She herself is like a red flower, so graceful, charming, and so tender and gentle.

This is a choice

What are we curious about? What are the reasons why the super-elite, who had been in fashion for many years, left the job of the job of the job market, and were willing to devote their efforts to the family?The workplace environment and overtime culture in Taiwan's advertising industry make it hard for professional women to maintain family and parent-child relationships. They can often only ask their parents, grandparents, or family members to take care of their children.And there are too many children who interfere with their children's homework, which is undoubtedly stifling the ability and independence of the child's self-management.Thus, the great significance of the flowers in the society is: " Because the children we are bringing up will affect the development of society in the next 20 or 30 years, and you can't just ignore it lightly.She says with ease.

Because of this mission, at the age of eight, she gave up her busy work and was determined to be a full-time mother to accompany her child together. After all, the child's growth was only one time, and she couldn't miss it.As the flowers say, "childhood is different, childhood is only 12 years!"A childhood missed a childhood that was missing, unhappy, and unable to make up with a happy middle age. In this life, we will never be able to fix a childhood defect."

upbringing path is a curly and curly small intestine. Occasionally I can get tiring. You can always have a white, white, white, white, white, floating with a breath of breath, a breath of breath, a sense of simplicity, and a sense of simplicity.

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Eating, a part of upbringing

Safar flowers are mentioned in the in the book: "Never leave the last one, the most uprooting food, to the child."Sometimes you let the child know that he has to sacrifice his devotion to the table, and that other people's dietary needs should also be addressed. When I grew up, he would have thought about what my parents, classmates, colleagues and friends might like to eat, and I had to take into account the happiness of others, except when I was happy.In the Chinese culture, adults are always accustomed to keeping the best and the most delicious foods to their children, so that they can always be loved and loved, but they are also prone to spoiling.

Unlike most parents in Taiwan, in the area of upbringing, the students are always working on their children's academic performance, or have a talent-to-art class, with their own unique insight.She focuses on food, food, and food, and this seems to be the most important part of the parents, least of the least concerned or neglected, perhaps due to the flourishing of Taiwan's foreign food culture.(Recommended reading: Be careful with the red light of your body!The Health Risk of the Outfood Nation

"I think that if you just focus on school performance, it's a low level, and that's what kids are responsible for, and don't have to keep staring at it."The school has already given meat, I should give it to the food, " she said.Therefore, focusing on the development of children's lives is better than the performance of the schoolwork. It likes to eat every day, because she recognizes that this is the best way to maintain the family.

" Diet is a manifestation of the taste of life!Life is about happiness!The child, he knows how to understand his taste, and he will also take care of himself.In addition, the food is more directly related to emotions and intelligence.She says firmly.In her new book, the first study of the children's life, it is mentioned that the table is the best place for guiding children to set up "empathy". This is a living, everyday time to learn, and should be held in a tight grasp.

By the heart of the heart and the desire to understand the child

The problem of bullying that has stirred up in recent years is naturally one of the issues that we have to ask for the passion of the flower.Now that school bullying contains all sorts of verbal, mental and physical violence, we can only do nothing to think that children are helpless in the ground, right?

fact, children grow up and face pressure from their peers because they want to have friends around, want to be recognized, and choose to follow their peers, regardless of whether they are right or wrong, so that bullying is actually a result of the child's desire to be a peer."

So the solution to the passion flower is to help him understand the various aspects of the relationship and the problems they are encounted by interacting with children, chatting, and talking about their innermost thoughts, rather than focusing on the "homework".

Ask the Guan Anchor for her view of corporal punishment, and she will only choose this method unless all kinds of methods of persuasion are not valid.

" However, corporal punishment is also to be adjusted for years of age, and when the child is very small, it helps to establish rules.Doing anything is always the right kind of flower, the flower of the flower."So I don't reprimand, because I know that in the past, when faced with bosses' censure, they were obedially obedially, but inside was another thing. ..." She always envisioned all kinds of effective upbringing methods.(Recommended reading: Believe in your child!Five of the Happy Communications of a Good Friend of the Child

More time for children

the era of their own growth, they did not share the experience of life with their children. In addition to the current media's flourishing development, children tend to mature early, so they hope to share their experiences in life, and hope that they can also solve the various aspects of their lives.

In addition, the flower is not like a regular parent, and always fills the child's daily schedule with the various classes. " I hope that the child can enjoy loneliness, that is, to get out of the way. Sometimes it's really boring, it's going to be okay!She said it was easy to say, "Many of the great artists or entrepreneurs, their great works are not created only at the same time."I hope that my children will be able to establish such an attitude since childhood, and do not need to be fully lined up." The flower is always a long way to go, but it looks really far away!

There is no need to make the child's resting place tight or in the hands of one hand, and the proper way to grow them is to cultivate their independence and responsibility. Now, the child is so full that he can't live with loneliness without being able to live alone.Thus, the passion flower advocates a little bit of life for the children, so that they can do what they want to do, "Leave the white as the most important!"She said.

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My lord also wants to grow up.

The passion flower is a man who keeps on seeking self-growth. "Only by letting myself become a woman who is both successful and moisturizing will I be able to help my children and give them a happy life."" This is her philosophy.

She constantly improves and introspections herself, and recognizes that she is also a wrong and imperfect moment.Even when faced with children, their parents would easily or unintentionally treat them as an escape tube. "Parents and mothers will inevitably have an emotional state of mind, so our parents have to consciously avoid them."She says firmly.(Recommended reading: A small love letter to a child: You don't have to be a good child, I don't have to be a beautiful mother

The purpose of correction is never to hope that the child is more intelligent, but rather that the child is pure, bright, and large.The sincerity of the empathy and the hands of the people, which is the noble civilization of humanity, is the value and function of the parents who should give their children the nurturing of their children.

Finally, the flowers want to share a saying with the women's fans: " Just do it right, don't just think!From the super-elite working women, to the mother and wife of a full-time home, the attitude of the red flower is always the same, and it is right to do it, and to make it the best.

Corrections of the culture of flowers

When you always leave the best for your children, you don't have to leave yourself a little bit. Your body or your mind will inevitably be depleted, and the lack of good things will be a good one.