since the film director Graf Zeppelin put him from 2009 to 2013 during the four-year period, from the height of Taiwan's beauty to capture and present in the film "See Taiwan", there are more and more photography enthusiasts began to imitate this type of aerial photography, hoping to use a more different perspective and perspective, recording the average person did not stop, or the body in which but can not feel the shock of scenery and picture. (About Taiwan's beauty: see Taiwan: Not Ghost is a treasure Island to protect )

But to talk about the seniority photographer, the photographer Alix Marklin, who took a master's degree in architecture at Harvard in 1973 and began his aerial journey, was definitely a master-class figure to be mentioned by the empty-shot world. He has not only published 11 of the award-winning empty works, but also March this year in London's Independent gallery beetles + Huxley exhibition from 1990 until 2013, across the United States, Africa and Europe shot a series of aerial photographs. (For you who love to appreciate the sky: photography captures the beauty of the Sky)

Has many years of professional and unique vision of the experience, Marklin let him every photo in addition to a magnificent colorful colors, but also everywhere visible fine composition and creative ingenuity, not only to see the transfer of eyes, more profound feelings of the story and the artistic beauty of photography. (There are moving stories behind these photos:2013 reviews, 32 of the most touching selected photos ) Next, let Womany first take you to enjoy Marklin spent 24 years, painstaking records of one of the 22 master works it!

American Chapter

1.2011 "Pirate Flag Amusement Park", Maryland, USA

2.1999 Florida "Pool Swimmers"

3.1990s American Montana State "Marias to Sea"

4.1990 Ohio "The Garden of tomatoes in the countryside"

5. The Floating Chrysanthemum Wharf, Chicago, USA, 1990

6.2013 California, "The Bright Drop of flower sea"

7.2011 U.S. Virginia "Shipping Container"

8.2009 American Las Vegas "Desert House Division"

9.2009 American Las Vegas "oasis of Golf in the desert Hills"

10.2012 Massachusetts "Pool Sunbathing"

11.2005 Arizona "Large opencast Mine"

12.2013 California "Beach Cliff"

13.1994 B-52 bomber to be beheaded in Arizona, USA

14.2013 Tidal Beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

15.2013, Massachusetts, Cape Cod with cable vessels

European Chapter

16.2010 Italian "Full color of the house"

17.2010 The territorial demarcation of the umbrella of Italy

18. In 2012, Germany, "The Ebb of William Harbor Sandbar"

19.2010 French Central of the Seine-et-marne, Dep. De La River City

20.2011 Germany "Two seals on the beach"

Africa Articles

21. The 2007 African House on the coast

22.2007 Africa "The people who are showering the toilet"

If there is a picture that makes you wonder, or to let you know more about the world, you are welcome to share the message with us!

They all have a pair of artistic eyes

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Text Author: womany Editorial office/Michelle Chang
Photo Source: Alex S. MacLean.