You know, the first battle of the box office of the United States and Taiwan at the box office: Is there really a close relationship between the five and the first businesses?

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How do I redefine a Series Films?As long as there is an emphasis on creativity, leadership, and powerful teams, and the opportunity for crazy fans to talk about their craziest aspirations.Doesn't it sound like a story of a successful entrepreneur?(Recommended reading: Entrepreneurship is the courage to create difference!The Five Heart laws for Business Starter )

When a series of films enters the fifth episode, it is usually a disappointment (for example, the "Star Wars") and a major sell (such as the "Christmas Vacation Crazy"), but now there is a special case of — —, "X-Men: First War".The

" film series, though always profitable, has been criticized by many people, since the , which was released nearly a decade ago, has lost its creativity.The public is often blamed for the sequel, but only to make the mutated characters appear, including the Battle of Brett Rattner, the "Final Campaign" and "The War", which does not appear to have any new creative ideas or plot developments.

Last week, the "X-Men: First Class", which snatted the box office title for the United States and Taiwan, sounds like an American Airlines-sponsored movie (with the same name as first class), but is considered the best picture ever made in the "X-Men" series.We can see from this trend that this film has already begun, and the box office of the optimistic view shows that the market doesn't treat Start of Rethink Self )

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We note that there are five features of this piece that are closely related to the cause of innovation:

New leader

What we're talking about here is not Professor X and Professor X, but the director of this film, Matthew Vaughn, who is the director of the film.The X-Men's series of films is the subject of a debate about the — of the "evictors" — are being expelled from the society.The first two directors, Bryan Singer, used his personal care as a homosexuals to create a struggle between the mutants and the traditional society to shape an attitude that was shared by the public.

The next director, Brett, and Gavin Hood, transformed this kind of humane caring attitude, and moved to a more nervous action film.And Matthew Venn transforms all action scenes into a conspiracy and a dangerous atmosphere.New leaders can change everything.

Independent creation, not redefinition

Technically, the first battle is still part of the series, so it's not really a real redefinition of the theme.Set the story back in 1962, so Venn could not only use an entirely new perspective, but also to combine the X-Men with the historical events of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and to add value to the film.In the past, Venn avoided the confusion caused by Reitner and presented a fresh result.

Reduce and not enlarge

At the Battle of the Warring: the Battle of the Last Campaign and the , there are probably one million different varieties of people!Perhaps some exaggerations, but there are more than 30 of them in the "Battle of the Battle" of

This means that there is simply no way to allocate time for the relationship between the King and the Professor X.

In this way, the Battle of the Battle of the Battle of the Battle of the End of the Battle of the Battle of the Battle of the Battle of the Battle of the Battle of the Battle of the Battle of the Battle of the BattleAnd gives you an important lesson — "less — more".

It's important to find the right team

You know what happens when you ignore the first, second, and best two characters in the movie?You also ignored the two best actors in the X-Men's series: Ian McKelen and Patrick Stewart.Since the "Battle of War" is the first in the series, McLen and Stewart can no longer play the roles of the two.

Venn was very clever to recruit Michael Fasssender and James McAvoy to serve as Erik and Charles.These two actors are like this big silver screen, so a lot of character traits have become a later idea.And their two wonderful partners also almost let you forget McNCompany and Shi Hu-hua's performance.Just like starting a business, finding the right person is very important.

Stele, Stele, Stele

There are a number of topics that have already been thought of. For a good movie, it can be passed on from one ear to another, bringing in a box office performance.

Even Venn, who once wrote a picture of the original, said, " When I see these pictures, I think, my God, what is this?Fox tried to figure out what was going on.So, yes!It's best to have a good mouth flow.Just like a new career, what you need is a good word that makes people like them.