Sex Discrimination? In the 21st century, did we, shouting about gender equality, still live in sexism? How could it be? You may have a flash of these words in your head. But in fact, no matter how egalitarian we are now, there are many deep-rooted gender ideologies that are deeply rooted in our hearts. (Does gender discrimination exist?) Google Search engine to tell you )

For example, if you ask a woman whether she has ever been in the street, whistling or flirting with her from a young age, the answer is usually yes. Hey Sister Water. Oh, yes, hot chick. You might think you're not that serious, it's just the affirmation of pretty girls, really? If the gender role reversal, a female student to a male language flirt, how will the public react?

If all this is hard to imagine, actually look at the world of gender role reversal! French female director Éléonore Pourriat directed the short film "The Weak majority" "oppressed majority", in the short 11 minutes of the film cleverly captured the man named Pierre, experience as " Women's Day and the great difference between the roles of men and women, take a look.

The man in the story Pierre lives in the world, women are the masters! Women were jogging in the streets, urinating easily, and flirting with the passing men. with the plot deduction, wearing shorts revealing a pair of "beautiful legs" Pierre all the way to hear not only uncomfortable speech molested, finally was a group of women in broad daylight pulled into the alley, knife threatening invasion. After a long day, poor Pierre reported to the police (in this world, of course, women), with an eyebrow and no empathy, repeated his process of abuse with words. Physical and mental trauma, finally wait until the wife came, two people but quarreled. "The wife said:" You first dressed like this, to see how you are not good, so revealing the coat, shorts, clip feet drag ..., he said somewhat wronged: "I just wear the way I like." The wife then mercilessly throws a wink: "Then you blame who?" "

This short film is actually the director Éléonore Pourriat five years ago works, but until recently caused a topic sensation. Éléonore Pourriat said: "Five years ago, people always asked me what it felt like to be a contemporary feminist , and now people think it's important to raise awareness of women." This is the change of the Times. Five years ago, I felt like a freak, and now this short film has caused so much attention that it can be proven that more and more people are looking at us in a society of gender inequality, yes, we live in a masculine way of thinking. Fear of homosexuality and sexism have always been the dark side of French society. "(Recall France fighting for comrades: the victory of gay rights!) France through gay marriage and Adoption Act behind the scenes of blood and tears )

In this short film, we can find that all women, from female neighbours, female street friends, policewoman, even to wives, are "responsible" for the reversal of the male role. When the missus finally arrived at the police station and found the trembling Pierre, her first words were still herself. "You know how hard it is for me to get away from that meeting ..." "éléonore Pourriat in particular:" When there is such a sexual harassment of girls, the first point of attack is directed at girls. " "Your skirt wears too short!" "You must go first to harass him ..." You don't have to go to Bar at night. "The brutal fact that we have never openly stated is that this society has a low empathy for women, and even women themselves are the perpetrators of women's rights." "(We want to tell you: the dress is so short that no one" should "be violated )

And when Éléonore Pourriat first mentioned the idea of filming the short film with her husband, her husband's first thought was: "Really fake?" Is it that serious? "Perhaps, this is the first time in the community to see this short film, the mind may flash the idea of" really so serious? "But I can't say whose fault it is, when they had never felt the color of the eyes they had to face in the street, had never heard the threatening words with frivolous hints, never felt dangerous in broad daylight, they would not have known the daily life of a woman, but had lived so much and so deeply in fear.

Éléonore Pourriat's short film has been a sensation on the web in recent days, and her Youtube mailbox was instantly jammed with support and moving comments, and of course a radical message like this: "Fuck your feminist bullshit!" Keep complaining, you bastard! "More patronising feminist bullshit, keep whining, bitches" Éléonore Pourriat laughed off: "To be honest, when I read this message, I was more sure what I was doing now!" 」

Now she is filming another satirical video on "Culling pubic hair," and we look forward to a series of short films with Éléonore Pourriat playful and brutal reality, and more and more people are beginning to face up to the world's imbalance in gender rights! (They all want to say: women are not only one way )