The old people are convinced that "The Phantom" is an evil force that has developed a fearful remedy for the treatment of the compulsiest: the sling ash stew and the skin of the foreman's forehead.

" Add a little more!The old man yelled, begging for himself to be crushed to death." Add a little more!"

The site was in the summer of 1692, in the village of Sérén (located in the current state of Massachusetts).The broken ribs of the elderly were broken by one and several hundred towns around the criminal scene, and the fractured sound of his ribs was clearly heard.Despite the elderly's demand for early relief, the rocks on the chest are still slowly increasing at the same speed.A full two days, six big Han Chinese, slowly put rocks on the old man.

This is Gus.The old man of Corli, who died in Ningdies, would not plead guilty, and only asked to die soon.The sheriff was impatiably standing behind him, waiting for him to plead guilty, and pushed his tongue back into his mouth with a truncheon.The last stone fell on the Corley, and finally he lost his voice.What did he do?Cooley is accused of "The Phantom of the Phantom", which means that the victim is unable to resist.The grand jury ruled that the villagers' mantra, hypnosis, and hypnosis have prevented the villagers from thinking and resisting his thoughts.

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The concept of "phantom, fan" does not begin with the execution of Gus from the village of Sailun.Cooley.Ever since the civilization of mankind, every culture in the continent has studied the effect of "The Phantom" behavior.“ "phantom," "", "fasciinare ”, meaning" curse, application of witchcraft ", is a source of" magic."(Recommended reading: < witch's gavel > and witch: witch, fear of the woman's sexual nature )

All the world's ancient languages are the same, and are fascinled by the need to confuse.The Romans believed that the "Phantom" was an evil curse, and was one of the oldest of the Latin gods to be protected by the Phantom of the "Phantom" of the "The Phantom of the Phantom" (Fascinus).

In the former Mesopotamia region, the Persians believed that the glare may lead to death.In Constantinople, people painted the verses of the Koran in their own homes to protect their family from the curse of the evil eye.Fortunately, in the year 2000, the country's first poet, Teikritos, seemed to have found an amulet: the old woman's salivator.

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Renaissance, bookstore shelves across Europe have been filled with heavy books on the subject matter.The "Phantom" defines "The Phantom" as "the open trade with Satan ... ... the witchcraft of the eyes or the words ... ... the loss of liberty and the loss of reason."A hundred years later, the " Phantom Resolution > warns us not to wear a nightcap in the morning (that is, the sleeping cap), the first meal of the end of the fasting, and no peas (that is, the pea).

How do you prevent, treat the phantom phenomenon?In many cases, the prescription may be even more fearful: the skin of the forehead, the mule, the mud, and even the soup, which is stewed by the hanging rope after the execution, and so on.These things can be found if they're not going to hang around in the afternoon.If the forehead of the wolf is not found, the forehead of the lick children seems to be as effective as it is.

If these sounds like herbal remedies, let's ask a doctor who may be familiar with the case-Freud.(Recommended reading: Freud Talks anxieties: Anxiety causes us to sting, and let us act )

In 1921, Freud characterized the relationship between the therapist and the patient as "Phantom", which was one of hypnosis.He even says that love is also a type of hypnosis, because when you are in love, people will be fascinled by their own objects, so that they are compelled to sleep, lose their mind, and become slaves to love.It is clear that Freud is not the only person who likens Phantom to hypnosis.

The 191st edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica was defined as: "A type of hypnotic state, characterized by muscle contraction, but still conscious mind and memory."

Even the modern < Wee Dictionaries "has to relate to witchcraft:" The power of applying witchcraft, the underspell ... to affect the emotional power of others, unseen and unimaginable.""

But what we will see next is that the so-called "Phantom" is not witchcraft, not hypnosis, and is not related to the sleeping cap and the peas.The Phantom Force is a tool that does not need to be afraid. It can be used to acquire the ability to do so through practice.Phantom starts with intuition and influences others.But the key to stimulating the captivators is the need to fire the seven Phantom forces:

  • "Desired Factor" makes people hungry for sensory enjoyment.
  • Mystery Factor is curious about the unknown, unsolved question.
  • Alert Factor threatens to have negative consequences.
  • prestige factor is respected as a symbol of achievement.
  • Authoritative Factors gives orders, left and right situations.
  • temptation of the "bad factor" taboo has left us out of the track and the behavior of the rebellius.
  • Confidence Factor uses certainty and reliability to reassure us.

Believe it or not, you are already using these seven Phantom force factors.It's just that the question is, is the Phantom of the Phantom force that you choose, right? Isn't it right? Can you achieve the desired effect?With the secrets of the seven Phantom forces, your ideas will be even more impressive, the conversation is more convincing, and the interpersonal relationship is better.(Recommended reading: teach you seven big factors to teach you how to make bad