Dear you, do you think you are beautiful?

Do not hurry to steal a peek into the mirror, do not hurry to sigh pinch their belly meat, not to think you have heard that who said that the beauty standard, we would like to use the following series of films to Tell you: "Woman, born and beautiful." "You do not need to live under the norms of society, it is beautiful." (Recommended reading: women, not only one way )

This series from Thailand Wacoal underwear company launched the film "My Beautiful Woman" not the main underwear, changed to three true story adaptation of the film, Strung girls and women grow together memories, for all to offer from the girl into a woman's trilogy, with You see the most delicate and tough moment of being a woman.

Take a look at these three Thai women moving stories, simple and unadorned picture, speak the hearts of all women ....

june:"Dear Jane, I will love you with no reservation.

This is a story about a high school girl, Jane, and the little girl June. Jane, a seemingly more ordinary high school girls, we have all had a high school life, the same as every day to school class, go home to do exercises, but with the general high school girls have a little different things, her side more than a small child June.

At the end of the course, when the other girls were ready to go out to play, Jane hurried to the nursery to pick up little Jane to go home. The students are not intermittent whisper and slander, said that she was young when the private life is too indecent, at the age of 18 gave birth to June.

A newly adult mother, with a child who is only in kindergarten, how hard life will be, the public opinion of society will be more ruthless? Jane laughed, holding a small June began their journey of life ...

To see the story of June and Jane.

June actually is Jane accidentally picked up on the roadside abandoned babies, from that day onwards, they are in each other's lives long lived down, no blood relationship but more than anyone kiss. Jane said: "Rather than let the social attack June from childhood without parents, would prefer to let the weight of public opinion on me, I hope June can grow up without worry." "She was able to endure gossip, and presumably also saw the power of happiness in June."

Woman, born and beautiful, we do not speak loudly, but willing to work hard for the things we believe. (same field Gayon: "The Woman of the Year" mother, the most gentle name in the whole world.

aye:"be a mom, I'm happy anyway.

As a woman, maybe one day we will be a mother, from a woman to become a mother is more difficult than the imagination ...

The film began with a man's mouth white, Aye was his wife, the couple struggled for years, and finally conceived the long-awaited first child. The pregnancy is certainly joyful, the joyful feeling writes in the face, but at the same time wife Aye also faces the most difficult choice in history ...

What are you going to do when you look at the choices Aye face?

Originally in Aye joy, but also was pregnant with the doctor told Cancer News. If you start chemotherapy during pregnancy, it will be possible to cause fetal body deformities; if you insist on keeping a child from chemotherapy, you will have to fight for the extreme suffering of cancer, such as hair and vomiting, during the October.

Aye looked at the baby bed, thought of the unborn child, remember that he is more than expected to become a mother, from the inside gush of maternal power let her teeth survived every illness, children born, Aye know oneself do.

Women, born and beautiful, we are so fortunate to witness the first instantaneous transmission of life, to enjoy the joy of bringing a life. (Recommended reading: The beauty of the non-manicure, embrace the true postpartum stature photo album )

aom:"There's something I'll never give up.

She was the first girl to come into the office every morning, and she behaved well, had a drive in her work, and did things quickly and well, and she always came home after nine, but never complained. But one thing that executives can't guess is that she's always working overtime for the rest of the day to take a five-week vacation, and no one knows where she went and what she did.

Then there was a rumor in the office that she had been given money to a high school child, and that she had been speculating about an abnormal physical relationship with young children.

Gossip never stops, AOM never responds positively. Until one day, she was absent for a week, and people began to gossip about her sneaking off with her young child. The supervisor then followed the registered address to AOM home to inquire, did not expect to find the truth of the accident ...

Why is AOM absent? What is she doing?

Originally AOM also work in the Child Welfare Association, in the workplace meticulous she, in front of the children laugh than anyone happy. Because of her child, she is willing to sacrifice weekdays rest time, also hope that a week can have several days to accompany the children.

"In addition to thanking you for your efforts at work, I would like to thank you for your child's commitment to return," the director said in a letter to AOM. Perhaps you have no reason to share, but I know that your commitment to the child is of great significance. 」

Women, born and beautiful, some things, we are unwilling to compromise for a lifetime, some beliefs, we would like to spend a lifetime of time to protect. (Recommended reading: women, you are actually more beautiful than you think )

After reading these several films, also like the review of the women around the story, they do not loudly preach, does not mean no, they are very gentle, does not mean no power. This group of women from Thailand, but also from the world, they can see me and you and her strength.

In the film, there are moving women's stories, but also let people feel fearful thing, they have borne the rumors from outside, and they wiped away tears, for their own courage to insist. So maybe before we point fingers, what we should do is to have a deeper understanding of each other, and the impact of public opinion can be great, and I hope we don't do the people who put the extra weight on them.

Dear woman, this article is dedicated to you, to tell you that you are born beautiful, and you deserve to be proud of yourself.