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Do you remember? As a child, we often like to cut clip paste, everything is good like to do their own hands. There is such a little girl , in the mind there is a little fashion design dream! She particularly likes to use the paper "reproduce" on TV female star costume, do not only lifelike, after a while, imitate the experience, also began to design their own clothes, together to see her design. (Ultra-Divine quasi-tarot: What kind of "little girl" Are you living inside? )

Angela is a professional photographer, Instagram loyal users, but also a four-Year-old girl "small chaos" of the mother. She found that, compared to the outside to buy clothes to go home to play, daughter "small chaos" in fact, prefer to do their own hands.

As a result, Angie suggested that they could make a piece of paper together, and in the past few months, the mother and daughter had been designing clothes together almost every day.

Now, they often use art-colored paper, feathers, aluminum foil, toilet paper, wrapping materials, glue and tape, to "reproduce" the star's ceremonial dress or cartoon-animated character costume. (The idea of a small mess: Oscar after party dress resolution )

This is the dress of country singer Kimberly Perry at the American Country Music Awards ceremony.

and "Little Chaos" is not only in the side to see Oh ~ Angela said they are responsible for half of the work.

This is the Ralph Lauren gown worn by Mexican actress Lupita Nyong ' O at the Golden Globes awards ceremony.

Angela said: "The" small mess "contribution may be more than people think, this is our best place to work, because I can see her every day to learn something new. 」

The nerd version of Snow White.

But the strangest thing is that Angie doesn't feel like she has any artistic work to do.

Angela said: "To be honest, we are just cutting paper and sticky paper, and most ironically, I am not a bit of a fashion sense." Really, I do not know the fashion, I even sew things do not sew when it is difficult. My friend initially suggested that I could use the real fabric to make these clothes, so that I would laugh after listening. Please, I'll just use the paper and the tape, so don't use the sewing machine! 」

Angie wrote, "I knew you were a real hassle when you said you wanted to search for Taylor's costume with Google." 」

Of course, their work must also be the most recent compaction of the " ice ". "Small chaos" also specifically asked to wear Anna's clothes with Aisha hair.

More and more "ice and snow romance." As she listened to "let It go," she imagined herself to be Aisha.

Snowmobile suits. Angela said: "She's been fascinated by the Winter Olympics." 」
(same field Gayon: Corona your Olympic handsome man roster!) )

A "shark suit" made out of an aquarium inspired by inspiration.

"Invincible Destruction King" clothing. "Mummy, I want to be Princess Yunnilu!" Don't forget to have her token! 」

"Superman Attack Team" costume. "Spherical force field! You can't touch me, mommy! 」

Later, "small chaos" know the original "decisive battle fashion Runway" This program, but also very excited!

Angela wrote: "This morning, I finally told her that there was actually a fashion show on TV." After I showed her a picture of the costumes in Google search, she was simply too excited to be herself. After she had finally calmed down, she insisted on making the dress together. 」

"Battle Fashion Runway" contestant Jay McCarroll dresses designed for Fashion Week.

This is a "little mess" completely made out of their own clothes. Angie wrote, "She's really very proud." 」

And the clothes she makes are getting better and cuter.

"Small chaos" of the original Minnie Mouse set.

It's been nine months since the start, but the "little mess" has never lost interest in making these paper fashions.

"Small chaos" said: "Today to all white!" But also with the beautiful headdress! 」

Meticulous tailoring with incomparable creativity, and then catch "small chaos" lively expression, each set is so cute! What kind of new clothes do you like the "little mess"?

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The author of this article: Tony Tsou