An Interview with the Design Team — — Two August to see how they can move from a silent, anonymous to an international, humanistic perspective, to create a temperature in the design.

cloud cloud (Cloud) and right-to-cloud (Owen).The studio was taken in two August.

If you're not in the design circle, you probably haven't heard of "two August", but you've certainly heard Hermes, and Hermes has always been a focus on encouraging local culture to design.In the spring and summer window, Hermes invited the two teams to design their designs. Their focus on detail and attention and attention were remarkable.Their insistence on environmental protection has frequently appeared in their design work.This time we have an exclusive interview with one of the August — — " stories, sharing a lot of untold stories with us.

When you hear the name of the design team of "two August", it will naturally remind you of the hot summer in August.Full of enthusiasm, full of energy.When we visited them in person, we felt that the name was too good.Not only the two founders, Owen and Cloud, were born in August, and "two August" were also in the text, making people feel the energy and sparks of a double magnification.

Everything is a choice

The creation of two August was an accident for them once.Owen and Cloud continue to study in Japan after a period of work in the design industry.The experience of studying in Japan for five years has not only allowed them to accept the baptism and excitement of different cultures, but also gave them a chance to think about what they really liked.

At first, they never thought that they would set up a design studio in Taiwan.After graduation, Owen considered that his family was in Taiwan, and he eventually chose to go back to Taiwan to design a Japanese design company.(Recommended reading: Turtle soy sauce is not just a small bottle!)The Japanese designer Yorikuan's humanity temperature )

And another friend who went to Japan to study design was left behind in Japan's packaging design company after graduation. From now on, they have a different course of life.

" I actually wanted to go back to Taiwan, and I'm not sure.But life is actually a choice, and each one of them may be an option.No one will know the final result of each option." Owen firmly says, so after every choice, it's good to do it, that is it.

Before going to Japan, Owen was a student who had a headache for the teacher. He was a bit lazy, and he never had time to make a job."If you don't try again, one day your talent will be buried," said the painting teacher and his tone of voice."This is a good thing for him," he said." The feeling at that time was complicated.Because someone seems to be sure of my talent, I also find myself wasting my time.Only then did I know that my work was expected." (Recommended reading: [100 songs of love] Lost Star: For the purpose of the struggle, not for the affirmative efforts of others )

His eyes flicker, thank the tunnels.From then on, he chose to choose, choose, and choose not to lose.

The rotated coffee cup and the anti-war series.

The two August works are known for their exquisite and gentle humanities.With the effects of the mirror on the coffee cup, the dream of a revolving Trojan horse is projected, and everyone sees it and feels the joy of the amusement park.The anti-war series was a deep reflection of a picture of the war in the Middle East.

Transboundary, formerly a professional

It's hard to imagine that the two August works of exquisite and exquisite works are flat-designed, and that there is no industrial design background.Now their main sources of income are also flat.Then use your own abilities to develop other creations.

In addition to regular annual production, it is more than industrial design and space design.For a while, they were invited to the mainland's 70's, 80's, and a new generation designer exhibit, which surprised — media and industry designers —Owen said, "But also because of the design of the plane, sometimes it's not the same, and we try to make our strengths an advantage."" (Recommended reading: Cross-border musician Su Ziyin: If you have only a salary in your life, there will be no living feeling )

They never thought that they would cross the product to design and develop.At first, he participated in a creative design exhibition in Japan. Their works were astonishing. Not only did they win the prize, they also lay the foundation for their product line.In 2006, a heavyweight art exhibition organized by the Japanese artist invited the only two overseas delegates to the exhibition, the "Rotating Coffee Cup", which led to the exhibition.They use the "bearing" products of Japan's refined workers to excavate the rotary designs hidden in their lives.

Cross-border, it's hard work.This coffee cup caused a stir, but the order came from countries. Instead, it allowed two August to produce this coffee cup, and to make it difficult for them to do so.They spent at least three years trying to make a mistake, he said, " It's just a small amount of work to make, but it's hard to really find out how difficult it is when you need to make a mass production."
of the importance of
detail, the surface of the porcelain cup is used to make a mirror effect, and a precision bearing is required between the cup plates to have a rotational effect.For more than three years, they have been unwilling to give up any possible attempts.Faced with these challenges, he smiled and said, "We don't have a background in industrial design, so a lot of things and materials have to be done before we know."It's not that you don't want to give up, but you always want to try again.There are a lot of barriers to crossing the border, but it is only two August that we know that the border is actually a profession, and the ability to not give up and not to be afraid.

Owen is serious about our business card, discovering the meaning behind the design.

Behind the Creative

The most happy experience over the years is when you see every work done.

The two August design teams are very different, when they get a case, it's not a different case, but everyone in the studio is involved in all the discussions, the process of thinking.Owen said, "We value the discussion, the process of thinking, and we've never been a talented designer, so we have to brainstorm with each other to create, spend and work with everyone in the team, just like talking to a customer, and think about all the details."" What's important is that everyone in the team has the opportunity to let their work be seen and heard, and they don't stifle any creative possibility.

asked what was the biggest characteristic of the two August teams, and he said, "Passion and integrity."" (Recommended reading: Moving forward to find initial passion )

Passion is the only possible thing for them to create, and the core of all design is the moving of life to life.They never have a life zoo to reflect on people and natural and environmental issues, to turn coffee cups to the joy of the people, and to the anti-war series that responds with some kind of quiet power.Every piece of work hopes to resonate with more people." I think the work of the designer is to care about society, care about what's happening in the world."Owen is very firm and says," When you talk through the work, you can engage people and the society in a way that is moving and sensating."
they first came back from
, they were silently nameless, and no one trusted them with their power.For the past few years, they have not given up, but because of the frustrations, they have made a lot of effort.

It depends on the effort, relying on the effort, to rely on the enthusiasm and overtaking of the two August add-on.Owen said that he loved Paul Koerga's saying, "When you really want something, the world will come together and help you."" It's this kind of sincere desire to let us see them now, very different, very feeling, and two August.