Kano a ball into the soul, let the Taiwanese remember the spirit of the baseball dust-laden in the years. After watching the film many people are moved to say: "I have never forgotten baseball." "Have you seen the Kano of the super blood?" Whether you have seen, to see Womany Kano male actress interview, listen to Yong Lai and Sakamoto really Jamie chat performance mood and baseball spirit, finally they are also super cute and Taiwanese readers to greet with the film! Come and see (more stories you'll want to hear, all in the womany celebrity interview )

Have you ever heard of the Kano baseball team?

The 1931,kano baseball team, an unprecedented mixed-blood team, made up of Taiwanese, Aboriginal and Japanese, represents Taiwan's entry into the Japanese baseball temple, which is the best team in the history of Taiwan's final achievement in Japan.

When Kano in the garden, the Japanese run sway blood, in this team saw the strength of the Taiwanese athletes and indomitable baseball spirit, they for this from Taiwan Ocean from the team sealed the "World Jia Nong" incomparable honor.

1931 to 2014, 80 years in the blink of an eyes, memories of the glorious moment, hidden in the history of the Honghe, the spirit of baseball with a number of disappointing events and betting, match-fixing painted a fatal sign.

In the 2014, the Kano film was born, powerfully swept the dust from the Taiwan baseball, cast a good shot, and led us back to the glorious moment of running in the garden. Kano summoned not only those who have been on the field running on the man, but also has long forgotten this history of us. Watching the sweat on the screen also want to run ahead of them, the mood can not help but with the play of the actors shouted "We are from Taiwan Chanong Ah!" "

Do you remember the spirit of baseball in your heart? Whether you have entered the theater to feel the blood legend of Kano, to see Kano shooting behind the scenes, Womany for your exclusive interview Kano male and female protagonist, Yong Lai and Sakamoto really ji, listen to how they witnessed this Taiwan's glorious history. (Recommended reading: U.S. soldiers with cameras recorded 1957 years of Taiwan Island )

Yong Lai Zheng min: "kano not with the times of the baseball blood"

"Don't think about winning, you can't lose."

Kondo, who plays baseball coach, in the trailer to a "do not think to win, to want to lose" said into many people are forced to tears, has been 30 years of age, the actor of the film is Kano, the first part of the Taiwan film is to play.

Speaking of Kano, he said frankly and with emotion, before the play, I do not know that there is such a baseball team from Taiwan, once in the garden of the Kingdom of the young blood sway, once let the Japanese in turn for this group of unfamiliar faces waving flag shout, once in Japan's national territory to run out of unprecedented good results. But also because do not know, so more thanks to "Kano" film, let him have a chance to perform such a very wild ball spirit story, let that group of wild ball man can in people's memory again vivid.

A chat to wild ball, Yong Lai is sensitive steady eyes inside, flashed a few silk child-like excitement. Baseball is the national Ball of Japan, Jia Jia Yuan garden in the eyes of the Japanese have irreplaceable sacred status, born in the nine continents Gongqi County of the wing Lai, every year to spring training at the moment, watching many professional baseball team into the hometown. In his time, everyone was obsessed with baseball, and he himself had a strong sense of baseball from a young age, but also in youth played green less good. This time in Kano to play the influence of Taiwan's history of the great baseball coach Kondo Tai Lung, Yong Lai Zheng-Min said, his eyes with incomparable respect, watching the role, and then become the role.

Before the start, Yong Lai is sensitive efforts to collect data evil Kondo the background, more dedicated to find the original Kondo coach students, through personal interview, a stroke of outline and restore Kondo soldier Tai Lung's appearance. When the wing Lai is sensitive side gestures at that time, we saw an actor for the role of incomparable reverence, the lens before a wipe eyes, a line, a small action, is after how much of a time to try to figure out and attentively 焠 Lian.

He said with a wry smile: "kano Filming process is very hard, in the mud Tumbling and sun and rain all day, there are several times not to go on, looking at the same hard people around, to tell themselves to more effort. "In Japan has been the winner of his, quite dedicated, his heart to live into the history of Kondo coach, all the play condensed into a soul, that one snapped" don't think to win, To be able to lose ", so can bring a little pain to bring us closer to the space-time tunnel."

said that the wing Lai is Kondo coach upper body, language with a sense of the ground said: "The blood of baseball has never gone with the passage of time, but we need to be such a spirit of awakening." 」

Sakamoto: "kano, a good story to be heard in the world

"I hope Kano's story will be shown on the big screen so that more people can see it, not only the Taiwanese, but also the Japanese and the world," he said. 」

Sakamoto really Ji chatted about Kano, the beautiful face is full of the film and the legend of the legendary baseball team affirmation. She smiled that the first heard is Taiwan's film has been echocardiography, and then heard the theme is their favorite baseball, producer is Wade Saint director, a performance of the actor is so powerful Yong Lai, he felt absolutely to join the film's performance.

"I'm actually a baseball fan, I often stare at the TV set when I'm in the peak season," he said. "We had a little fright and liked her true nature when I heard what it looked like to be a pretty lady," said Sakamoto. Sakamoto True Ji and the same is the father of hot blood baseball fans, always locked the TV channels together, exchanging baseball experience. She even revealed that she had thought of joining the women's baseball team, while saying that she did not forget to dance gestures, baseball soul immediately upper body!

Chat to play the role of Mrs. Kondo, Sakamoto special mention this role is not just everyone's eyes in the plane of "wife", she has their own resolute personality, in order to let the family to fill the belly, for the family to strive for the spirit, the heart than the appearance of a strong many.

At that time, all kinds of materials are quite scarce in the era, when the Kondo soldiers to perfusion in the love of wild ball teaching, is Mrs. Kondo with a very gentle way to prop up a family.

In this view, in order to love, for the goal, the full run, not also is the Noho spirit of an important link? Mrs. Kondo, though not a member of the baseball team, embodies the so-called baseball spirit. (same field Gayon: mother, the most gentle name in the world )

While trying to figure out the role at the same time, she also put forward their own reflection, so now the rich resources of our lives, is not also more and more forget for the family, for the love of things, for the future of their own struggle for the spirit?

Kano, the deep fetters of Taiwan

During the interview with Yong Lai Zheng min and Ban Jing Ji, they embodied the dedication of an actor. Even if interviewed, they are also sat, not showing a trace of fatigue. And every now and then, when they talk about Kano filming, they feel more like their role as an actor.

In the first sight, he may feel serious, but after the details, he finds that he is serious and devoted to his work. In addition to collecting historical data backgrounds, the students and daughters of Kondo coaches were also given a detailed visit to coach Kondo and his family, to live out their roles from various facets and details. People say that baseball is a ball into the soul, so Forever Lai-min is probably a role into the soul of it.

Yong Lai smiled and said: "Think carefully, I and Kondo coach some parts are really similar, if I can become so handsome man, that's good." "We think so in the heart, in fact you are very handsome man!"

Talk about the opportunity to Kano, Yong Lai is said in addition to be the script moved, but also has been to Taiwan, the heart has a very deep fetters. He thought about his early days in Taiwan and his acquaintance with the late director of Yang, who had a warm feeling with the director and stayed in his heart. At that time, the staff was very carefully cared for, he never forget. Wait for many years, finally wait until Kano this opportunity, hope oneself can after many years, use the way of film to give back and thanked the Taiwanese who had cared for him in that year. Forever Lai is very quick, sincerely said: "Let us work together to bring this legendary story of Taiwan to the world to see." 」

then, we invited the Wing Lai and the Osaka Real Ji and the Taiwan readers to greet, talk about their minds of baseball spirit. before the film officially started filming, they also very seriously consulted a few words to greet the Chinese evil to make up some, to listen to what they say!

Yong Lai Zheng-Min said, 〖kano〗 film there is such a sentence: " as long as alive, never give up the dream, as long as the forward, the dream will come true" the spirit of baseball is so, the attitude of life is more like this. Hanshin True Ji said, the baseball spirit is to help each other, forgive each other, never give up, often feel the process of playing baseball, there is a fall of friction, in fact, also very much like our life journey. (Recommended reading: falling in love with one's life )

Let's swing one of the most beautiful balls and run a game with no regrets. To kano!.