Hey, dear you,

Lupita Nyong ' O, who won the best supporting actress at the Oscars, told All Black girls in their own experience not to let appearances determine your value ; When the best supporting actor, Jared Leto, said that his success today came from his mother's courage to do his own work . When the best actress Cate Blanchett on the podium: Who said that the women's issues movie is not popular? We see the world's emphasis on women, and women already know how to love themselves. Dear you, do you value and love yourself?

To love oneself is not just to meet material needs, but to achieve spiritual comfort and acceptance of the most original self . Small red Box service is about to enter the sixth month, at first we always say "she" is a gift, is a wonderful surprise, now we want to say to you loudly: small red box is dedicated to the busy you of a mind and care, when you forget I ask is what XI, She will be ready to provide the care she needs in the middle and late period of her life! She's your biological lazy bag!

We have received another girl to share, from friends to their intimate little red box moved, women fascinated readers of the friends around the intimate move also let us very moved ~ ~

( Xu Yonglin , who was a star in the Starlight Avenue competition, also received a sweet little red box from a friend.)

Love yourself first step: the physiological period of the lazy man bag of various intimate care

First of all, you can order your own (or the important side of her) on the small red Box website for this physiological period of lazy person bag, it contains breathable and comfortable health cotton, let the mood good dessert group, with hot water brewing warm drinks, take care of the delicate skin of the maintenance of good things, special selection of Store coupons, As well as the different intimate small gifts!

Love yourself Step Two: Focus on the practical knowledge of the physiological period that is constantly updated

when you come to the Little Red Box website, don't miss the website Physiological period Knowledge Zone , with professional and practical information from a number of physicians, nutritionists and caregivers, as well as the beautiful pictures we have made for you!

Love yourself step Three: Let the Little red box help you remember the important Little red moment!

in addition to providing boxes and practical knowledge services, log into the small red Box website, click on the top right corner of the member Information , you can find out what kinds of days we predict for you that girls will care about.

Because as a woman, women are fascinated to know that women do not want every luxury meal, exquisite expensive gifts, but at every important moment can get attention, each need to accompany the day can be considerate care, each of the days of thinking, can have your company.

Let's take care of you.

The super practical menstrual knowledge replenishment, lets you love oneself well
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