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At the end of the Oscar for the Oscars, Jared Leto, dedicated the Little Kim to the world , Lupita Nyong'o, who won the Oscars' Little King, this year.When she gave you a speech at Essay Black Woman before Oscar, she said she had once hated her black skin, and she prayed to God in order to make her skin "white".Then she discovered that the so-called beauty was not what we wanted to change. America, it was the way we were going to become the same. Let's listen to her moving speeches (with the same place: Please, give us our outlooks )

Lupita Nyong'o, who won the 86th Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the "Free Heart" of the Oscars, has been interpreted as a black female slave who has been called Patsy Patsey, who has been fighting for the perseverance of the times.Lupita Nyong'o's main film and drama research has been a self-guided documentary, and the "Heart of Freedom" is the first step she made in the first stage of her career. The first stage of her career was a recognition of the film's film awards and awards.

As a black horse, Lupita hopes to have more blacks in Hollywood, in addition to thanking it.At the time when she gave a speech at the Essence Black woman before Oscar, let us rethink the definition of "beauty".As a beautiful black actress, in front of the public, she admits that she was undisgusted with her black skin and spent some time before she could accept the most authentic self.

The other night, Lupita took the smile to the bench and first shared a letter from a black young girl." Dear Lupita,


I think it's a very lucky one, and in a star-studded Hollywood, you can shine so bright in a black woman's posture.I originally intended to buy a bleached agent to dye myself, until I found you, and I knew that the dark skin, actually, could be pretty, but it could actually be a recognized ...

I think you ’ re really lucy to be this Black but yet this successful in Hollywood. I was just about to buy Dencia ’ s Whitenician cream to lighten my skin when you appear on the world map and saved me.

You hear this, and maybe all of us are heartache like Lupita.When you turn on the TV, you see people who are different from your skin, and this person is defined as "beautiful", what do you think?Lupita then told her story, and she had a time when she did not agree with her complexion and skin.She was slow to tell her story ...

I didn't think I was pretty.I turned on the TV, and I saw a white girl with white skin.In real life, people make fun and make a mockery of my dark complexion, like the night.I still remember every day that I prayed to God, " I hope that after I wake up, I will see myself in the skin."

I pray every night, but every morning I look in the mirror and look at myself and see black, black, dark skin, and I have endless disappointment with myself.I even talked to God, and I swear I would listen to my mother, and I wouldn't forget to forget about things, so long as he was willing to make me "white."

When I come to adolescence, what I want to see is that I rise to a very high peak in my aversion to myself.Even though my mother kept telling me, "You're beautiful," but I'm not going to do it wrong. She's my mother, and she always thinks she's beautiful, right?

Until her appearance, Alek Wek, a stunning black model, we saw her on the front and on the cover of every magazine, and people were talking about how attractive she was.I couldn't believe that a woman who was as "black" as I was, was a beautiful woman.My skin color was always my favorite place, and all of a sudden, I was rather confused, and I've been wrong all the time.(This is also her beauty: Africa's most famous actress Miriam Makeba review )

supermodel Alek Wink.

At this point, a flower blossoms in my heart, and when I look at Alek Wek, I see myself in the same way as the one on her body.And now, every step of my way has made the black skin more visible, more appreciated, and more widely accepted by the "beautiful definition" of the media.But, again, we must recognize that the public's thinking about "whitening the skin" is still deeply ingrained, and that it will affect them even before the television.

What I want to say is that beauty is not what you have to do to fight for, to change your own.Beautiful, it's what we're going to be.

My mother always told me, "Beautiful, can't eat, don't feed yourself with beauty."" I also want to say that never use your looks to define yourself, your appearance cannot determine your value. truly immortal beauty, love from you and the people around you, your heart, your heart, your soul.I am reminded of my role in the free heart, west patsey, until today we still remember her, even though her beautiful body was already rotten and long in our hearts, her beauty was her beauty.

Just as Alek Weik had a major impact on me, I was able to give myself a positive influence on all of the black girls.Young girls, please believe in yourself, like yourself, and the black skin is beautiful.Apart from the beautiful external, you have to work hard to explore your own internal energy.The beauty of the outside will die, but the inner beauty is immortal.

Lupita's comments, not only for black girls, but also for every woman.We have more or less looked at the TV screen and feel that they are so beautiful on the screen. We look forward to ourselves, and we are disappointed to see that they are so trivial and unbeautiful.

But, dear, when the world is eager to evaluate you, you should know that only you can judge you; when the media is giving the so-called "beauty standard" to the media, you know that you can make the most real beauty of the pursuit of reproduction, and you can be fearless to become the person you really like.

You can pursue beauty, but it should also be understood that the value of human beings should not be simply reflected in the beauty of the outer surface, and should be reflected in the immortal inner strength of eternity.For the women of the whole day, to live on your own, you are so beautiful.(Recommended reading: One day for a man to experience a woman in person, the result will be ... )

Honey, live your beauty
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